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If you have a 1920s party to go to and are looking for flapper outfits then have a look through our great range of womens 1920s costumes! We have Flapper fancy dress to suit all shapes and sizes and will ensure that you look great in your 20s dress. Our 1920 flapper dresses come in many different stunning colours so you can choose to be bold with a bright red or pretty in a pastel pink. Charleston costumes are very popular at the moment due to the film The Great Gatsby and all our flapper girl costumes could be worn as Great Gatsby costumes.

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1920s Fancy Dress

The roaring twenties were a time of jazz music, gangsters, and the end of World War 1. The style of the Flapper girl was a short bobbed hairstyle, lots of make-up, and sleeveless dresses with sequins or beads. They loved to dance and the popular dances of the 20's were the Lindy Hop and the Charleston. Our 1920s costumes for women include a Broadway Babe 20s costume which is a lovely white tassel dress, a Silver Flapper costume which has pretty silver sequins, and a Charleston Flapper costume which is a beautiful gold dress with gold sequin tassels. We even have a Zombie Flapper Dress costume which would be perfect for a Halloween party! These are just a few of our costumes to give you some 1920s costumes ideas.

Once you have chosen your 1920s flapper dress you can start thinking about accessories. We have a range of 1920s wigs which are essential for getting that Hollywood look. We also have long elbow length gloves, fishnet tights in our Hosiery section, and cigarette holders, pearl necklaces, feather boas, and satin headbands in our 20s accessories section.

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I've just bought the Prom Nightmare Costume- Absolutely brilliant for the halloween party coming up- thank you! Brilliant site for costumes and recommended for anyone. I'll be sure to spread the word- one very happy customer :-)

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