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The Caped Crusader is one of the coolest film characters around, and definitely one of the coolest superheroes. Check out our range of mens Batman fancy dress costumes and you too can protect Gotham from the forces of evil!

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Mens Batman Costumes

Gotham City needs you! Have a look at our range of mens Batman costumes and become the Caped Crusader for one fateful night - or if you like the 'dark side' a little more then pick one of our disgustingly realistic Joker costumes, designed to turn you into a pyschopathic maniac in seconds! We really love Batman. Unlike other superheroes, he's got no superpowers but relies on his honed physical ability to beat crime. And that gets a thumbs-up from us any day. It'll also get a thumbs up from fellow partygoers when you choose to dress up as Batman. So scroll up and browse our range of fashionable mens Batman costumes and start looking forward to your party! We also offer a range of accessories - such as Batarangs - add to the costume experience! Do you want a Batgirl costume or a sexy Robin costume to go with your Batman outfit? If so, we have a great range of Ladies Superhero costumes.


All our Batman costumes are finished to the highest quality and include everything you need to look the part perfectly. Check out all our great mens Batman costumes, and start protecting Gotham today.

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I'm very impressed with the victorian outfits I ordered the other week for the kids and am looking forward to my outfit arriving in the next few days for my friends 40th birthday bash. Thanks for such a huge collection on your website :0)

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