World Book Day Costumes

Book Day Costumes

World Book Day is an event which takes place every year to encourage children to read and show the pleasure it can bring them. This festival of reading was recognised worldwide by the organisation UNESCO. This year the event takes place on Thursday 5th March 2015 and will be its 18th anniversary. Over one hundred different countries around the globe are now participating. Schools can sign up to the event and gain tokens along with activity packs and display material to decorate their halls and get the children all excited! Around 14 million vouchers are donated by National Book Tokens Ltd which equates to one for nearly every child in the United Kingdom! According to the Institute of Education at the University of London children who read for pleasure are far more likely to do better at school then those that don’t. Given that children are reading less and less in this modern generation as was highlighted in a report carried out by the National Literacy Trust, only endorses the fact that we need support World Book Day and encourage children of all ages not just primary but secondary as well, to embrace the joys of reading. The occasion will help children to discover more about their favourite author and introduce them to new authors who they may come to love in the future. As more and more kids are using electronic devices such as Google’s Nexus, the Apple IPad, or Amazon’s Kindle it has become ‘cool’ to read from ebooks which have seen increasing sales in recent years. So whatever your child’s chosen media preference is the world of literature is at their fingertips.

Book Day Costume Ideas

Schools like to mark the day by having kids dress up as their favourite book character. Teachers participate too by dressing as a character from a popular story. Many children get stuck on ideas for who they want to be when it comes to Book Day. Finding a costume to dress up in can soon become a nightmare for parents. Boys and girls both want to look cool and outshine their friends, while mums and dads don’t want to spend a fortune.

To help we have listed for you below some great readymade costume ideas that look fantastic but won’t break the bank.


Horrid Henry created by Francesca Simon consisting of a blue and yellow striped top, blue trousers and a face-mask.

Where’s Wally illustrated by Martin Handford consists of a red and white striped top, blue trousers, glasses and a bobble hat.

Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory written by Roald Dahl including a brown top with black and white striped cuffs and collar, with white dungarees.

Harry Potter invented by J.K. Rowling comes with a long black cloak with a hood.

Peter Pan published by J.M. Barrie has a green top and trousers and a pointed hat.


Hermione Granger again by J.K. Rowling includes a long black cloak with a hood.

Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault features a red and white dress with a red hooded cape.

Dorothy from L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz comprises of a blue and white gingham dress with blue hair bows.

Alice from the Lewis Carroll novel Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland which contain a blue and white dress with a headband.

Rapunzel adapted by the Brothers Grimm which incorporates a purple dress with long blonde hair or a wig.

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