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Picture this: you've got your awesome outfit, everyone at your party thinks you look awesome, but then you open your mouth to take a drink. Oops! You've just flashed your pearly whites, and they don't fit in with your fancy dress look at all. Thankfully we stock a great range of fancy dress teeth that are expertly designed to blend in perfectly and provide a respected boost to your costume experience. From terrifying vampire fangs to authentic redneck teeth, you'll find some great sets of gnashers that'll really impress everyone at your party. After all, for many characters the teeth are very distinctive, so by buying a pair of fancy dress teeth you're showing a real commitment to the character, which will definitely be appreciated by fellow party guests. So don't delay, scroll down and check out everything our range of costume teeth has to offer, then buy today for a competitive price!

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Product Code: 15265
Looking for some Austin Powers style teeth ? Well look no further than this stylish Groovy Baby teeth!

Was: £8.99

Product Code: 888287
Billy Bob Teeth with a Twist- One of the teeth has the English Flag emblazoned on it!


Product Code: 890177
Complete your Vampire Costume with these unusual silver Vampire Fangs. The pack contains one set of caps which fit over your own teeth and a...


Product Code: 890178
Add a gruesome touch to your Zombie Costume with these revolting Zombie Teeth! Included is one pair of adult sized teeth and gums with therm...


Product Code: 14179
These Billy Bob Vampire Teeth ensure your fangs will be in perfect condition when you need a quick snack! Set includes front plate with 10 t...


Fancy Dress Teeth

Fancy dress teeth are a great costume accessory if you're going for unparalleled realism and the ultimate costume experience. We stock a wide range of professional sets that are easy to fit and can be used time and time again. From horrific vampire fangs to pimpin' gold teeth, you'll find a plethora of the best products available online, all at great competitive prices. We're one of the leading online suppliers of fancy dress, so trust us to enhance your costume experience. Fancy dress teeth really are a must-have, so scroll up and see everything we have to offer, then buy today - with same day despatch and next day delivery options, you could be wearing your brand new gnashers tomorrow!

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I'm very impressed with the victorian outfits I ordered the other week for the kids and am looking forward to my outfit arriving in the next few days for my friends 40th birthday bash. Thanks for such a huge collection on your website :0)

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