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Product Code: 892552
This Candy Creator Male Costume includes top, trousers, gloves and socks.


Product Code: 889496
This official licensed Where's Wally Costume includes top, trousers, hat and glasses.

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from £27.99

Product Code: 890479
This official licensed Disney Alice In Wonderland Costume includes the dress and headband.


Product Code: 888342
This Maid Marion Costume includes dress and headpiece.


Product Code: 889962
This official licensed Where's Wally Wenda Costume includes hat, glasses, top, skirt and tights.

Was: £24.99

Product Code: 16697
This Cruella de Vil style costume includes dress and sleeves.


Product Code: 18494
This Dark Adder Costume includes trousers, top, collar and hat.


Product Code: 892551
This Candy Creator Female Costume includes dress, collar, gloves and stockings.

Was: £55.99

Product Code: 890487
This Disney Red Queen of Hearts Costume includes the dress and wig.

Was: £58.99

Product Code: 890022
This officially licensed Disney adult Mad Hatter Costume includes jacket with waistcoat, trousers and hat with hair.

Was: £49.99

Product Code: 18176
This official licensed Disney Snow White Costume includes dress, cape, wig, bag, and headband.


Product Code: 890664
This official licensed Cruella De Vil Costume includes dress, belt, gloves, cape, and wig.

Was: £25.95

Product Code: 890085
This Lady Mad Hatter Costume includes dress and hat.


Product Code: 890218
This Willy Wonka outfit includes jacket with attached vest, and top hat.


Product Code: 890806
This Queen of Hearts Longer Length Dress includes dress with petticoat, and holdups.


Product Code: 10234
This official licensed Scarecrow costume includes top, trousers, hat and belt.


Product Code: 890517
This Victorian Maid Adult Costume includes dress with attached apron, and cap.


Product Code: 892562
This Darlin' Dorothy Costume includes dress with attached apron and headpiece.


Product Code: 18260
This Mens Robin Hood Costume includes shirt, trousers, belt, and arrow holder.


Product Code: 890187
This Mad Hatter Outfit. includes jacket, trousers, bow-tie, and hat.

from £36.99

Product Code: 888025
This official licensed Tigger costume includes jumpsuit with headpiece.


Product Code: 889121
This Knight Costume includes shirt, belt, cape, trousers, hood and boot tops.


Product Code: 888776
This Victorian Maid Costume includes dress, mop cap and apron.


Product Code: 892563
This Adorable Alice Costume includes dress, apron and headband.

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Being a teacher can be a difficult yet extremely rewarding job. Research by the Department for Education found that more teachers find their job enjoyable than people who work with solely adult colleagues. The chance to be able to educate children and potentially guide them towards their future career can be very gratifying and give a real sense of achievement.  The salary isn’t bad either, starting at £21,804 and of course there’s the school holidays including six weeks off in the summer which all other working adults are envious of, although some of this time is taken up with marking! The recent Channel 4 TV show Educating Yorkshire has been a huge success and has even won a National Television Award. It has shown behind the scenes access of how schools run day to day. It also gives pupils an insight into what their schoolteachers are like outside of the classroom environment and that they don’t always wear suits or smart dresses! Most people study at university before taking up the profession and they choose whether they want to work in primary, secondary, college or universities. Each different tier can bring different challenges, from young reception children just starting out, to unruly teenagers.

Teachers often use costumes to interact with their pupils. Whether it be in a drama class, re-enacting a historical event, role play, or a Christmas party, fancy dress can help students to learn in an entertaining way. One of the main occasions when teachers wear fancy dress is on World Book Day when the children dress up as their favourite book characters and the teaching staff join in the fun! Many female staff tend to choose longer length dresses or outfits with trousers to ensure they are dressed appropriately for the classroom.

Ideas for ladies characters include:

Alice In Wonderland : A long blue and white dress with a headband

Wenda - Wally’s girlfriend from the Where’s Wally series: Red and white striped top, blue skirt, striped tights and a bobble hat.

Maid Marion from Robin Hood: Long burgundy dress with a medieval headpiece.

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz: Blue and white gingham dress with hair bows.

Cruella De’Vil from 101 Dalmatians: Long black and white spotted dress and a wig.

Goldilocks: Yellow and white gingham dress.

Ideas for men’s book character costumes include:

The Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland: Brown jacket and trousers with a colourful bow-tie, orange wig and top hat.

Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Long purple jacket with a waistcoat and a top hat.

Harry Potter: Long black robe with Gryffindor badge.

Tigger from Winnie the Pooh: Orange and black jumpsuit.

The Big Bad Wolf from Red Riding Hood: Grey furry jumpsuit.

Peter Pan: Green top and trousers with a pointed hat.

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