Its the School Nativities!

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The School nativities will be coming soon so if you know what part your child is playing get your costumes sorted quickly he at AllFancyDress. The Nativity play is a time for students to learn about the story on how Jesus was born. So we need to make sure we have the best costumes that will suit everyone! There’s nothing worse than a Nativity play being acted out in horrible costumes! Let’s take a look at some of the characters and their costumes.

Mary and Joseph:

We begin with the human parents of Jesus, Mary was the mother of Jesus and was blessed with this child by a Holy Spirit. In typical Nativities she is seen wearing a white and blue coloured dress and holds baby Jesus (Usually depicted with a doll). Joseph is the husband of Mary and were married in Bethlehem where Jesus was born, Joseph is a shepherd so is usually depicted wearing shepherds clothing holding a wooden cane or walking stick similar to that of stereotypical shepherds in today’s society.

The Three Wise Men:

These were elders, kings or people with similar high ranking titles from various places around Bethlehem guided to the birthplace of Jesus by a guide who explained that this child is the child of God and will bless the world, although not actually arriving on his birth night in Nativities we depict them as arriving together either on the night of his birth or the day after.. These wise men are depicted in long cloaks usually of different colour to separate them, they wear crowns upon their head and usually hold gifts for baby Jesus.

The Angel(s):

Some Nativities use a number of angels to guide their wise men actors to the birthplace of Jesus but some only use one, the angels are the messengers who guide the wise men using the stars in the sky, they are depicted in bright white dresses with wings upon their back and a halo above their head representing their good nature. Usually angels are played by girl students but boys have been known to become angels too for the Nativity as angels are not typically set to a specific gender.

These are the main characters there are also a variety of other costumes available for the extra characters like:

The Star:

Although this could be depicted with a plastic star some schools decide to get a student to play the part of the star, to walk around as if to be a guide for the wise men to follow or for the angel to point to. We have a great looking golden star                          costume for those who have been chosen to become the guide of the wise men in their nativity play.

Stable Animals:

Jesus was born in a stable so there are without a doubt going to be some animals around so in response to this we have a variety of animal costumes in styles like onesies, these animals vary from lambs, pigs and many more stable animals!

We understand that Nativities are not strictly done in schools and are also done in small villages so to cater for those adults partaking in the Christmas Nativity near you we also have some adult costumes of these characters too including Mary, Joseph the angels and capes for those becoming the wise men!

It's Chriiiistmaaaas, Actually it's November

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Now that October has come to an end its time to begin preparing for the Christmas time, although it is only November we all know that we prepare for Christmas very early. So don’t leave costumes to the last minute and get them sorted with us here at AllFancyDress. We have plenty of different Christmas themed outfits from snowmen to reindeer and of course Santa outfits perfect for those looking to become the jolly red man this Christmas season.

Let’s start with the big guy himself. Santa Claus or Father Christmas is the face of the Christmas season so no wonder people enjoy dressing up as the jolly man during the Christmas season. We have a great variety of Santa costumes for the men in a variety of styles and sizes including some plus sizes! There are even some different costumes including a tuxedo suit styled Santa costume and even a second skin costume! There is however somebody we also need to mention, Santa could not do everything by himself, who looks after the elves and reindeer while Santa is checking his list? Mrs Claus of course, without her help Santa’s little helpers wouldn’t be a big help and we understand that so we have a great variety of Ladies Santa costumes or as we call her Mrs Claus! They all come in a variety of styles and sizes perfect for those Mrs Claus wannabes out there. Many of our Santa and Mrs Claus costumes work great as a couple so make sure to check out our couples Christmas page to have a look at the bundles we have available! These Christmas
                         characters also have costumes for the boys and girls of the jolly season too!

Has the Santa role already been taken? Now you’re stuck with no idea what to dress up as for a Christmas party or event?! No worries because here at AllFancyDress we have a variety of other Christmas themed outfits, costumes and accessories that will leave Santa Claus gobsmacked. These costumes range from Christmas characters like the snowman to the reindeer and even some more obscure characters like a Christmas Turkey, Cracker, Christmas tree and even a Christmas Pudding!

We even have Penguin costumes for those looking to be a different animal than the usual reindeer.

What if I want some more generic Christmas costumes that fit the scene but don’t matter if there are multiple people wearing the same style? Then look towards our elf or angel pages that will give you a great Christmas look no matter what! The elves are of course the handy assistants of the big man Santa Claus and work to create all the gifts and presents for the children that make them smile. The angels of course come from the idea that they bring messages and festivities to the mortals on earth making people cheerful and filling them with such excitement that makes Christmas season one of the greatest.

We have many different Christmas themed accessories and hats as well for those looking to only dress up a little or just need that extra something to make all the difference to their Christmas costume. Some of our accessories that you might be interested or need for other costumes include the Half Moon Santa Specs for those looking to become Mr Claus and also a Stuffer to make the jolly man’s belly if you need to put on a few without eating a lot! We also have angel wings to go with a variety of white clothes or our angel themed outfits, a range of Christmas themed hosiery including the festive red and green colours and a candy cane themed pair of stockings. For hats we go from the classic Red and white Santa hats to headgear to keep the elves and their pointy ears warm as well as some more “out of the box” hats including a turkey hat (cooked and uncooked) a reindeer hat and even a Christmas tree!

So if you have a Christmas event coming up or are planning to host one, perhaps you should get set for heavy storms of snow and shopping by getting your fancy dress costumes quickly!

If you need any more help don’t hesitate to ask!

Here is a link to our Christmas Fancy Dress Webpage:





We're calling for flammable testing on all children's clothing – not just fancy dress costumes!

clock Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 01:06PM
At we’re welcoming the crackdown on the safety of children’s fancy dress costumes, but it’s not only the safety of this type of clothing that needs further investigation: it’s all types of children’s clothing.
Did you know that ordinary child daywear garments outside of either EN71-2 or BS 5722 safety requirements for toys and nightwear respectivel are not tested for flammability whatsoever?

We’re just as shocked as you are. We’re adamant that more stringe tests should be carried out.

At we carry out our own independent flammability testing on all types of children’s clothing, including our own products. We recently set fire to school uniforms, sports kit and party dresses and found that they went up quicker than the fancy dress costumes you’ll find on our site.

We’ve grown increasingly concerned at the way supermarkets have entered the fancy dress industry, replicating styles of costumes and selling them at knock-down prices.

As an independent fancy dress retailer and one of the biggest online sellers in the UK, we’re firm believers that our customers should rightly expect to buy genuine, branded, quality goods.

Buying cheap costumes can often be a foolhardy thing to do. The last thing you want for your children is for them to wear an outfit at Halloween where corners have been cut with the design and the safety compromised.

In fact, we’ve seen all too many examples first-hand of costumes from online and offline marketplaces and small retailers importing cheap fancy dress mimicking genuine products and styles.

Flammability is no doubt a complicated science. But it’s relevant to all types of kids’ apparel – not just fancy dress!

So with Halloween and Bonfire Night firmly on the horizon, we just want to make parents acutely aware of the flammability issues, keeping children clear of naked flames and safe without spoiling the enjoyment of the spooky season!