As we get closer and closer to that spooky holiday known as Halloween we are going to start doing some daily blogs alongside our Month of Spooks film blogs! We will start by looking into the art of becoming the best queen Vampiress in the Halloween season!

Vampires are mythical beings that exist by feeding on the life essence of various living creatures, they do this by draining the blood of their victims and granting them a sort of immortality. Vampires have seen a decrease in popularity over the years but are still classic Halloween characters nonetheless because of their gothic and posh style of clothing, this was set by a story written and published by a man named John Polidori with a story named The Vampyre but this of course wasn’t the novel that put Vampires on the map as some of the greatest monsters of all time. Bram Stoker and his novel Dracula has grounded the style of vampires in modern fiction for us and has been the inspiration for so many other vampire characters.

However it is not just male vampires that have become popular but female ones have too and are possibly even more popular because of the posh Victorian style of their clothing. The “Vampiress” have become a great couples theme to go alongside any Dracula fans but have become so popular that they are great for people on their own. Their Beauty and stylish looks are what make them so popular amongst the women.

Let’s take a look at some of the great looking vampire dresses for ladies and then we will have a look at some for the little vampires too! The stereotypical colours for a vampire are black and red keeping with that whole blood colour look but there are also some other colours too. Our Curves Vamp Costume and Black Widows Outfit are great costumes for anybody wanting to blend in with the darkness of the night but we also have a great looking Steam Punk Vamp Costume as well, keeping with that dark look but also throwing a little science fiction into the mix as well!

If you want some colour in your costume that isn’t red however as it stands out too much from the style you are going for then try our purple coloured vampire costumes including the Seductive Vamp Can Can Costume for that sexy succubus look or the Countess Nocturna Costume for a more royal look, both are perfect for a variety of Halloween events! If you’re feeling a little bright this Halloween perhaps even try our Steam Punk Victorian Sexy Bat Costume! Its orange style keeps in the fashion of Halloween but still gives that gothic vampire look alongside the wings!

Now we move on to some of the more usual costumes, the Vampire outfits that define the look of a vampire with their classic black and red colours. If you’re looking for something royal for your Halloween event, then the Queen of the Vampires Halloween Costume is a perfect choice especially if you’re going with a loved one in a Dracula styled costume, we also have the Countess Vampiretta Costume for that sexier look. If you are looking for that sexier seductive look then the Fever All That Glitters Vamp Costume is a great pick this Halloween or even the Madame Vamp Costume for a more authentic and sexy look.

We can’t forget about the little vampires who want to be just like their mother! We have a great selection of vampire costumes for the girls ranging from black and red to a simple red colour and even a more Victorian styled costume as well. The Gothic Vampiress Costume is always a good choice, its red colour alongside its gothic and grim style are perfect for any wannabe vampire but our Vampire Queen Outfit is a much better choice if they’re looking for that more royal styled outfit and the Monster High Draculaura Costume is always a favourite with any Monster High fans!