The ultimate guide to student fancy dress for Freshers Week

clock Monday, September 17, 2012 at 02:39PM
Freshers Week is the ideal time to break the ice with the guys and girls you will be living with in your halls of residence for your first year at university. There are plenty of opportunities to let your hair down before the hard work begins and universities up and down the country will be putting on a host of hilarious fancy dress nights at clubs and bars this week and beyond.

The last thing you want is to be caught unprepared and look uncool while all your other flatmates rock up to the party looking the part. That’s where we come in to save the day! At All Fancy Dress we have come up with an ultimate guide to Freshers Week fancy dress ideas to help you turn heads at the student union bar.

Some universities may have a different fancy dress theme for each night of their Freshers Week so you need to be on the ball and start thinking creatively about what you can either make with your own creativity or buy readymade to help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the most popular themes you can expect to see on the flyers of the biggest and best nightclubs in your student town or city in the coming days:

back to school outfitBack to School

We can almost guarantee there will be some kind of ‘school disco’ themed night to welcome you undergraduates to your new place of study! So make sure you pack in your suitcases an old school tie, shirt and trousers or a cheeky skirt if you really want to make an impression. We can also help accessorise your Back to School outfit with our nerd specs or our Harry Potter specs providing the perfect thick black rims and bottle-style lenses that are perfect for unleashing your inner geek!


One of the most common uni fancy dress themes on campus will be superheroes. If you are looking to dazzle the opposite sex with your razor sharp wit and your super human powers then you must take up the challenge of becoming a super hero! Whether it is one of our testosterone-fuelled Marvel costumes or a sizzling Catwoman outfit you’ll be able to find a costume that gives you the confidence to find your own Lois Lane or Betty Ross on the dance floor.


If your student union is taking it back to the 1920s for one night only, you have just one option – to get a taste of the gangster life. With a dramatic gangster costume you will quickly become the godfather of your halls of residence and if anyone tries to cross you, you’ll be able to show them who is boss with our scary-looking novelty Uzis and AK47s just like Tony Montana. Ladies too can look the part with flapper costumes and pimp lady outfits that will not only give you that classic Chicago Town look, they will help you catch the eye of your favourite notorious gangster at the bar!

army outfitArmy

Another popular Freshers fancy dress theme for you to get your teeth stuck into is the army and services. The army theme is a rather tribal theme and resonates well at Freshers Week because you’ve all enrolled at your chosen university and are in it together! Show off those rippling muscles with a khaki camo outfit that guarantees you’ll look like one of the troops. Or perhaps you ladies would rather looking like a true combat chick or an old school military babe? The choice is yours – just don’t forget to don that war paint and get ready for action!


There’s nothing more fun than being the long arm of the law during Freshers Week. If there’s a cops and robbers night at your student union you’ll have to decide whether you want to be the one maintaining law and order or if you’d rather be the playful bad guy or girl! If you have a naughty nature at heart then we can guarantee you will love our Prisoner of Love and Jailbird outfits that will leave the Sergeants spell-bound! Or if you are a guy looking to show the ladies who’s boss our firm but fair Policeman outfits will instantly give you that commanding cop look. No cops and robbers outfit should be complete without taking a pair of handcuffs out with you; you never know who you might find!


If you have been invited to a late night beach party for Freshers Week you will want something that screams fun and colour for when you say “aloha” to the opposite sex! A bright head-turning outfit is essential to show off your personality and make new friends in your first week at university. Men can get away with a bright and garish Hawaiian style shirt, shorts and flip-flops, while the ladies can tackle the beach with luscious beach outfits with authentic shell bras, hula skirts and stunning garlands and leis that will leave you suitably dressed to tackle the limbo!

spartan outfitGreeks

Head back in time to the fascinating world of Ancient Greece. Not only did this age bring about the development of Western civilisation and philosophy, it also gave us some rather stunning and powerful costume ideas! If you are out for a night on the tiles with your new girlfriends why not dress up like a true goddess with a sleek toga designed to flatter your figure! Meanwhile the god of love, Aphrodite is also a wonderful fancy dress idea if you’re feeling particularly romantic. The guys can similarly get immersed in Greek culture with our striking gladiator costumes designed to turn you into an alpha male overnight! With swords and shields aplenty here at All Fancy Dress you’ll look like an extra from the hit-film ‘300’ in no time.

Freshers Week is one of the most memorable times of the year as a university student. You can really let your hair down without worrying about deadlines for essays and presentations and you can extend your social circle with ease.

Enjoy your Freshers Weeks; stay safe, drink responsibly and you’ll have the time of your life!

Andy Murray’s US Open success tops off fantastic summer of UK sport

clock Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 11:18AM
Scottish tennis star, Andy Murray finally secured the first Grand Slam title of his career last night with a thrilling five-set victory over Serbian Novak Djokovic.

Murray has been the pin-up boy of British tennis for many years now since the retirement of Tim Henman and having previously failed in four Grand Slam finals prior to last night’s contest, there were concerns over the 25-year-old’s big-game temperament.

However, Murray dug deep and used his experience of claiming Olympic gold in the men’s singles at London 2012 to prevail in an epic finale lasting 4 hours and 54 minutes in front of the New York crowd.

The win ends Britain’s 76-year wait to find a Grand Slam champion, with Fred Perry the last Briton to succeed back in 1936.

Murray’s success has continued a golden summer of sport, with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games breathing new life into the nation as a whole and raising awareness of the dedication and determination it takes to become a successful Olympian and Paralympian.

Here is the highlights of Andy’s 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 6-2 victory at Flushing Meadows:

It has always been hoped that this summer’s Olympics and Paralympics would inspire a new generation of sporting stars. If you fancy dusting off those trainers and getting out those sweatbands you can dress up as your favourite sporting heroes with our very best athletic attire here at All Fancy Dress.

Our sporty outfits prove very popular for fans to wear at the cricket and the tennis where fancy dress and fun-filled atmospheres are par for the course!

Congratulations Andy, and who would bet against him adding to his Grand Slam tally at the Australian Open in January?!

Last minute Bestival outfits

clock Thursday, September 6, 2012 at 12:34PM
sexy bumble bee outfitAlthough we have said goodbye to summer – or rather the pitiful excuse of a summer we had in the UK this year! – the country’s music festival season rolls on with Bestival the last major event of the calendar.

The brainchild of BBC Radio 1 DJ, Rob Da Bank, Bestival has been pulling in the crowds on the Isle of Wight since 2004, with a host of major acts including the likes of The Prodigy, Pet Shop Boys, Basement Jaxx and the late Amy Winehouse.

This year’s line-up looks equally exciting with the soulful tones of Stevie Wonder set to grace the headline slot along with Florence + the Machine and New Order. A number of emerging acts are also set to star over the weekend with The xx, Two Door Cinema Club and Friendly Fires just a handful of bands that music lovers will be hearing more of in the coming months and years.

Check out this fantastic clip of Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim owning the decks in front of last year’s crazy crowd:

Each year Bestival hosts a fancy dress day as part of its three-day festival and this year the theme of the dressing up celebrations is ‘wildlife’.

The official Bestival website says: "We want you to unleash the party beast from the hinterlands of your imagination, covering Robin Hill with some properly wild things, from fantastic fauna, kings of the jungle and even organisms aplenty to just the outrageously wild… The sky is far from the limit of what can happen when you get amongst the wildlife… And we will also be launching our very own Insect Museum and Animal Tug of War."

If you have left buying your costume to the last minute fortunately at All Fancy Dress we have a number of imaginative animal dressing up ideas that are guaranteed to show off your wild side!

Animal costumes are one of our most popular sections, with such a wide selection of outfits to suit all animal lovers from gorillas and honey bees to laughing cows and frightening werewolves, the list goes on! Fortunately you can still get your hands on a last minute festival outfit for Bestival today as we offer same day despatch and next day delivery for all orders placed before 5.15pm.

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Roald Dahl Day fancy dress ideas

clock Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 04:10PM
Roald Dahl Day is just around the corner next week on 13th September and children across the country will be keen to take part in the numerous events and celebrations for the world’s undisputed number-one storyteller.

fantastic mr fox With kids packing their rucksacks for another school year, schools nationwide will be planning Roald Dahl Day festivities next week. If your children have been encouraged to dress up for Roald Dahl Day at school or at a party with friends you might need some inspiration as to how to dress them as their favourite Roald Dahl character.

Fancy dress days are always a great way for children to understand and celebrate historical days and events. Roald Dahl Day is no different and for grown-ups who need a little advice putting together their child’s costume for next Thursday here are a few little pointers to ensure they arrive at the playground smiling from ear to ear.


Some of the most archetypal Roald Dahl storybook characters were animals. Think back to Fantastic Mr Fox, the Enormous Crocodile and Miss Spider and Ladybird from James and the Giant Peach – there are plenty of fun costumes you can devise for both boys and girls alike.

ladybird Enormous Crocodile

If your child fancies being particularly snappy then dress them as the Enormous Crocodile, with an all green outfit – t-shirt and trousers or leggings. Use a cereal box for the head covered in green material or paper with eyes attached to the top and white card teeth stuck to the edge for the perfect croc.

Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox is just as straightforward with a little creativity. The fox ears are the crucial accessory to get just right. Cut out two fox ears using brown card or material and attach them to a hairband. Make a fox tail using fluffy material or shredded paper in order to pin to the back of their trousers or leggings. The ideal Fantastic Mr Fox look then needs to feature a shirt and jacket with a conventional cravat or tie!


Ladybird is very easy to recreate with black leggings and a plain black t-shirt. Make wings with a large piece of red card and attach black dots to the card. This should be attached to ribbon and worn around the neck/shoulders!


There have been many weird and wonderful human storybook characters in Roald Dahl’s time, most notably Willy Wonka, Miss Trunchbull, BFG and Matilda.

Willy Wonka

If your children love to perform and love chocolate they will enjoy dressing up as Willy Wonka. All it takes is a distinctive purple jacket, a traditional top hat and cane and they are well away!


Unless your child has had an abnormally large growth spurt it is unlikely they can physically look like the BFG, but with a white shirt, a brown waistcoat and a pair of trousers that are just too short they can definitely look the part. You could even find them a small doll to put in their pocket just like Sophie!


Many young girls that read or listen to Roald Dahl stories are often in awe of Matilda, the childhood genius who belies her dreadful upbringing and defies the clutches of Ms Trunchbull, the worst school headmistress imaginable! It is very easy for young girls to look like Matilda. Create that innocent look with a pretty blue dress and a red ribbon in their hair and they will feel magical in no time!

At All Fancy Dress we understand that many of you simply don’t have the time or artistry to create an outfit that your children will love on Roald Dahl Day. That’s why we have gone to the trouble to provide a selection of readymade Roald Dahl dressing up ideas for you and your kids.

From Oompa Loompa outfits and Willy Wonka costumes to Ladybird and Mouse outfits these are some brilliantly authentic costumes that your youngsters can simply slip on and quickly get into the spirit on September 13th.

Roald Dahl’s stories have brought joy and delight to both children and adults over the years and with this fantastic day the legend of his characters lives on in all our hearts.

Tons of tomatoes thrown at La Tomatina – the world’s largest food fight!

clock Friday, August 31, 2012 at 10:32AM
Wednesday saw the return of La Tomatina, the world’s most colossal food fight in the heart of Valencia, Spain. Over 100 tons of tomatoes were thrown in the small town of Bunol as over 40,000 people from all over the world took part in the weird and wacky week-long festival.

The town of Bunol normally holds just 10,000 inhabitants but welcomes four times that amount on the last week of every August for music, parades, dancing and fireworks which all precede the famous tomato fight.

La Tomatina featured prominently in last year’s successful British film ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’, in which Tilda Swinton’s character took part in the festival.

The rules of La Tomatina

1. The tomatoes have to be squashed before throwing to avoid injuries
2. No other projectiles except tomatoes are allowed
3. Participants have to give way to the truck and lorries
4. The festival doesn’t allow ripping off t-shirts
5. After the second shot indicative of ending the tomato hurl, no tomatoes should be thrown

Get a gist of the mayhem that ensued this week from this crazy video clip:

If you are a foodie and love your fruit and veg you could take inspiration from La Tomatina at your next fancy dress party. We have some hilarious novelty food outfits such as our Granny Smith apple costume.

Perhaps you’d prefer to look like ‘hot stuff’? Turn up to the party dressed as a red hot chilli pepper. This silly but totally original outfit is designed to pair up brilliantly with our equally spicy Peperami and hot dog costumes that will get everyone fired up to have a good time.

London 2012 Paralympic Games maintains national pride

clock Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 10:24AM
The London 2012 Paralympic Games began with a bang last night with over 80,000 spectators inside the Olympic Stadium to welcome the 11 days of sporting competition amongst the world’s finest paralympians.

The spectacular opening ceremony starred Professor Stephen Hawking, veteran actor Sir Ian McKellen and a double-amputee war veteran who made a heart-warming entrance to the stadium on a zip wire.

It was all inspirational stuff and certainly helped maintain the national pride and good feeling that has existed throughout the summer. Wednesday night’s spectacle was somewhat more classical and more structured than Danny Boyle’s Olympics opening, but remained a fitting tribute to the moment the Paralympics returned to the city in which it was first conceived some 64 years ago.

Almost 11 million viewers tuned in to watch the ceremony live on Channel 4, logging one of the channel’s highest ever audiences.

Here are the highlights from the opening ceremony, including the arrival of Team GB into the stadium to rapturous applause:

If you are planning on heading to the Paralympics in the coming days to take in some sporting action you may want to display your pride and patriotism for our homegrown talent.

In which case our bold British costumes are the perfect way to get into the spirit of what this great competition has to offer. The Team GB paralympians will need all the support they can get from the stands, so our Union Jack inflatable hands and Union Jack facepaint are a fun, inexpensive way of showing your true colours.

$125 million remake of Arnie classic ‘Total Recall’ hits the Box Office

clock Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 10:46AM
Irish actor Colin Farrell got back in front of the camera this year in his first big-budget action movie for a numbers for the $125 million remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1990-original, Total Recall.

The 2012 remake directed by Len Wiseman, sees Farrell cast as Douglas Quaid, the everyman that lives in the future following the destruction of much of the earth due to chemical warfare. However, unsatisfied with life, Quaid visits ‘Rekall’ a company that specialises in implanting exciting false memories into people’s brains. However, as you can expect, nothing runs smoothly for Quaid as he flees the clutches of the United Federation of Britain (UFB).

Schwarzenegger was always going to be a hard act to follow, but Farrell appears to have pulled it off with Total Recall topping box office standings in Australia in the first week of its release, displacing ‘The Bourne Legacy’.

Quaid may not be the archetypal super hero by any stretch of the imagination but after taking on board the memories of a secret agent he embarks on a quest to evade the clutches of UFB and unite with Melina, a member of the Resistance.

The remake also includes show-stopping performances from Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and Bill Nighy. Get ready for its release on UK cinema screens tomorrow with the trailer below:

There not many bigger shoes to fill in an action film than Arnie and Len Wiseman revealed his reasons behind selecting Farrell from day one to the BBC News website:

“I can’t help but picture somebody when I’m reading a screenplay. I have to put a face and a person to that voice and Colin was that person.

“It was probably some of Colin’s bad-boy persona, mixed with the vulnerable side of him. There’s not that many people that have those together.”

Some of you may still prefer Arnie after watching Colin Farrell in action. If you are a long-time fan of Schwarzenegger fan you may like our Terminator outfit that is physically intimidating and potentially a great outfit idea for Halloween.

Farewell to the world’s first man on the moon

clock Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 10:30AM
The world’s first man to set foot on the moon’s surface passed away this weekend at the age of 82.

Neil Armstrong, commander of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission which saw him become the first person on the moon on July 20, 1969, is being laid to rest near his home in Cincinnati, Ohio later next week.

Throughout his lifetime, Armstrong was recognised with a plethora of accolades, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Congressional Space Medal of Honour and the Congressional Gold Medal.

During that fateful day on July 20, 1969, Armstrong and fellow astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin encouraged over 500 million TV viewers to watch from around the world as Apollo 11 touched down on the moon’s lunar surface.

The duo spent almost three hours exploring the moon’s surface, taking samples, conducting experiments and taking photographs for research.

“The sights were simply magnificent, beyond any visual experience that I had ever been exposed to,” Armstrong once said.

Take a look at this video commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and appreciate the lengths Armstrong and his crew went to, pushing the boundaries of space exploration.

NASA crew member, “Buzz” Aldrin, said: “It is very sad indeed that we’re not able to be together as a crew on the 50th anniversary of the mission… [I will remember him] as a very capable commander.”

Meanwhile, US President, Barack Obama led further tributes, describing Armstrong as “among the greatest of American heroes – not just of his time, but of all time”.

If you were inspired as a child by the moon landing of 1969 or you want to recreate one of the classic sci-fi television shows or movies you can pay the perfect tribute with our fantastic astronaut costume complete with jumpsuit and helmet.

A-Level results day for university hopefuls!

clock Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 09:30AM
exam paperToday is the day A-Level students have been waiting for – results day! All the blood sweat and tears shed over the last two years has culminated in today as thousands of students wake up to their results, hoping that their grades are good enough to secure a university place.

Whether you are deciding to take your studies further at university or college, or you plan to go straight into full-time employment, it is the perfect time to let your hair down this weekend and begin the celebrations!

What better way to enjoy a night on the tiles with your school and college friends than by getting dolled up in fancy dress outfits and hilarious accessories. We have a host of topical fancy dress themes that we know go down well with students. If you are looking for some last-minute inspiration today then here are a few suggestions – don’t thank us, just party hard for us!

Army and Military outfits

Everyone loves a man or woman in uniform. Army and Military costumes and accessories are a great way to stamp your authority on a night out on the town. Whether you want to look like the tough guy or something a little more alluring, we stock a wide range of outfits from fierce front line soldier to sexy squadron leader!

Superhero costumes

There’s a part of all of us that wishes we were able to save the world with our super powers. You may feel on top of the world after receiving your A-Level results so why not step into the shoes of one of our finest superhero outfits this side of Krypton! If you’ve always been a fan of Marvel comics or the latest Avengers movie then you are certain to find something to get those super powers flowing.

Beach party outfits

With the forecast expected to be a scorcher this weekend why not make the most of the summer sunshine with our cool beach party outfits and accessories. Our colourful array of costumes are guaranteed to have you fully prepared for the Full Moon party, ready to tackle that limbo! With flattering costumes for the ladies and bright, loud shirts for the fellas you’ll look great as you dance the night away underneath the stars.

VIP celebrity costumes

Get your very own 15 minutes of fame as you rock up to the A-Level celebrations in an outfit modelled on some of the most famous celebrities on the planet. You won’t need to worry about having your name on the guest list dressed as Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. Or if you are looking to pay homage to some of the greatest musicians of the past, why not strut your funky stuff as Elvis Presley or Freddie Mercury? There possibilities are endless, just make sure you hit that high note!

Musical greats of last 50 years combine for Olympics closing ceremony

clock Monday, August 13, 2012 at 09:10AM

spice girls

A host of the most influential British musicians past and present converged on the Olympic Stadium last night as the Capital bid a fond farewell to the 2012 London Olympic Games at the closing ceremony.

Following 17 days of competitive sporting action and an unforgettable atmosphere across the country and the Olympic Park, Danny Boyle’s closing ceremony production consisted of a host of the nation’s best loved singers and songwriters spanning the last five decades in what was titled as ‘A Symphony of British Music’.

From the newer faces to the British music industry in the shape of Emeli Sande and One Direction, to more established names such as Freddie Mercury, George Michael and The Who, with the latter closing the ceremony with a rousing rendition of ‘Baba O’Riley’, ‘See Me, Feel Me’ and ‘My Generation’.

Not only are the Games likely to inspire a generation of sports fanatics to take up a host of new sports, the closing ceremony may have also inspired partygoers by breathing new life into some of the most popular music personalities.

The evening marked the one-off return of The Spice Girls as Victoria Beckham and co. strutted their stuff on London cabs around the stadium performing debut hit ‘Wannabe’ and ‘Spice Up Your Life’. Catch the girls in action below:

The Spice Girls’ return is likely to create shockwaves among women who grew up with the five-girl group and subsequently Hen Nights and birthday celebrations are likely to be inundated with fans trying to emulate Posh Spice, Ginger Spice or Sporty Spice on stage.

The extinguishing of the Olympic flame that had burnt bright in the Olympic Stadium since the opening ceremony was marked by a moving performance from Take That, as Gary Barlow put aside the heartbreaking news of the death of his unborn child with an emotional performance.

Everyone at All Fancy Dress has been thoroughly captivated by the entire Olympic experience and we hope all our customers share our pride in our fantastic nation once again. As Lord Coe said: “When our time came, Britain – we did it right.”