The First Mention of Christmas…

clock Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 05:11PM

With the Christmas play at the forefront of the majority of Primary schools around the festive period, and the upcoming release of Nativity 3 ‘Dude, where’s my Donkey?’ is kicking the season off.
Taking a turn from its more traditional festivities of the nativity play featured in the first film, and the carol singing competition of the sequel, a far more 21st century outlook – a flash mob competition. Check out the trailer below to warm in the christmas spirit.

The diversity of the Christmas school play is continually growing, meaning much greater choice for some great fancy dress. No longer are the three wise men and the three shepherds the core to these performances, some plays feature the donkey as the main character! Many schools now bring the west end to the school hall, with an increasing trend of performing mini musicals using the great talent with in the school.

Christian traditions are still rife with performances such as Joseph and his amazing Technicolor dream coat still a favourite, modern twists on the traditional nativity still play out in multiple schools across the country also.

If you’ve been given the pleasure and duty of managing this years school Christmas performance, thoroughly search our kids Christmas get-ups to piece together the main characters for your play. Our diverse range will guarantee your Christmas production is an absolute cracker.

Funniest celebrity Halloween costumes

clock Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 01:30PM

It’s always fun seeing celebrities get involved in the Halloween costume game.  They’ve got the big budgets, which is great as it means that they’re able to pull out all the stops.  Today, we’re going to take a look at some of our favourite celebrity Halloween costumes from the past few years.

Neil Patrick Harris as Frankenstein

There’s nothing not to like about the splendid NPH.  He’s lovely, funny, good-looking and he made How I Met Your Mother the show it was.  Last year, he and his equally lovely husband David Burtka attended a party last year in absolutely knockout Dracula and Frankenstein costumes.  Adorable stuff. 

Check out this cool costume here..

Katy Perry and BFF as Daria and Jane Lane

The divine Miss P and her buddy absolutely rocked these costumes last year.  Though it’s still relatively underground, Daria has been getting more and more popular in recent years, and it’s no real surprise that it made its way into such a noted celebrity’s eye-line.  Fair play to Katy; she and her friend nailed the look.

Check out this costume here...


Jason Biggs as Dorothy

Celebs are often afraid to really get into the spirit of things.  Sure, they’ll be in costume, but they’ll be in a hot or stylish one.  This makes Jason Biggs’ epic turn as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz just that little bit more awesome.  The American pie star absolutely knocked this costume out of the ball park, and even took the time to improvise a little Toto. Marvellous. 

Check out this cool costume here


Heidi Klum as an old women

In the list of biggest transformations, Heidi Klums definitely topped the list.  At her 14th annual Halloween party in New York, the stunning ex model managed to completely metamorphose into a scarily convincing old woman topped with wrinkles, spider veins and even a slight receding hairline.  You simply have to hand it to her for the sheer effort that must have gone into this one.

Check out heidi's cool costume here...

Nicole Richie (and friend) as twins

Legend has it that Twins was pitched to the studio simply as ‘Arnie and Danny Devito – Twins’, where upon the money was given.  Whether that’s true or not, you have to give kudos to whichever demented genius came up with the casting.  Nicole Richie and her friend nailed the look, with the diminutive Nicole rather unsurprisingly playing the Devito role.  But much prettier, obviously.

Check out Nicole and her friends costume here...

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Saw I

clock Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 04:30PM

You may not believe us, but it’s a decade since Saw I hit our cinema screens across the globe. In celebration of the film’s 10-year anniversary, Lionsgate has confirmed it is re-releasing the film to cinemas for one week only this Halloween.

The production was the first collaboration between co-creators, James Wan and Leigh Whannell. Since then, they’ve created the successful Insidious franchise and Wan has also gone on to direct high-profile box office hits such as The Conjuring and the upcoming Fast and Furious 7.

This psychological thriller has captured the imagination for Halloween revellers across the globe. The story focuses on two men who wake up in a secure lair of a serial killer, with a dead body lying between them.

The killer, nicknamed “Jigsaw”, leaves them tape recorded messages with details of how to make it out alive. However, the only way for one man to make it out alive is to do the unthinkable. The two men desperately try to find a way out, while also trying to figure out who was exactly behind their kidnapping.

In total, all seven Saw films have raked in more than $874 million at the box office worldwide. In fact, the Guinness Book of World Records has awarded it the “Most Successful Horror Franchise” of all time!

Jason Constantine, president of acquisitions and co-productions at Lionsgate, said recently: “The launch of ‘Saw’ was a signature event in Lionsgate’s history, establishing our first franchise and paving the way for our growth into a global studio.

“We are excited for our fans to revisit the twisted magic that first blew their minds on Halloween 2004.”

There’s no doubting that the Saw franchise has provided the horror genre with a major shot in the arm in the last decade. Blood and guts may not be to everyone’s taste at Halloween but at All Fancy Dress we’re always inundated with orders for our Saw outfits, so if you’re thinking of celebrating its 10th anniversary by dressing up as Jigsaw for this year’s Halloween bash you know where to come!

Watch the latest release trailer here