Vampire Lords!

clock Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at 10:00AM

Last week we blogged about various costume themes like vampires, zombies and skeletons well now were going to go through the same themes but for the opposite gender. Last Tuesday was ladies vampire costumes so today we will talk about some of our great looking men’s vampire costumes.

“All costume names will be linked to their page from now on so that it is easier for you to find the costume we are talking about!”

As we mentioned before vampires became very popular because of the novel by Bram Stoker named Dracula. This is what stapled the Vampire monster as one of the most popular and iconic Halloween monsters and horror villains of all time. We spoke about how stylish and gothic they were but let’s now talk about their strengths and weaknesses. Vampires are beings of unholy energy in which a person becomes a vampire after death meaning they are immune to many different things that would harm a human apart from a variety of weaknesses, these include holy water which can burn them, a wooden stake into the heart and of course sunlight which sets them ablaze.

So now you know what to avoid when becoming a vampire this Halloween let’s look at some of the great looking vampire costumes we have available for the men. For the classic black and red style vampire costumes we have the Transylvanian Vampire Halloween Costume and the True Vampire Costume are great choices for Dracula wannabes and for those wanting their own unique twist on the style then the Black and Red Vampire Costume is a much darker and gothic version of the vampire outfits.

If you want to go far away from the usual vampire costumes then we have some great gothic and unique vampire costumes including the Vampire Lord Costume which is a great looking gothic outfit that deviates from the usual vampire costumes. Two other great looking vampire costumes are the Fever Gothic Vamp Costume and the Gothic Count Costume both are very stylish and work well for a variety of the costumes we mentioned last week!

Boys love awesome looking and gruesome monsters for Halloween which unfortunately leaves Vampires at the bottom of the list as they are much more stylish rather than gory which lowers their popularity, but that doesn’t mean we have none available for the little vampires. The Transylvanian Vampire Costume gives that true Dracula look while the Victorian Vampire Costume allows them to create and become their own vampire character.

Vampires can’t go out into the night without their teeth cleaned however. So make sure to get the right accessories like vampire fangs and face paint kits go give yourselves that true vampire look.

Here are the links to the men’s vampire costumes and boy’s costumes as well as some great vampire accessories!

Mens –

Boys –

Accessories –

Month of Spooks Week 3

clock Monday, October 12, 2015 at 10:00AM

We have almost hit the midpoint of this month already! So with Halloween night looming ever closer it is time to get plans sorted for the creepiest day of the year! This week we will give you 7 mondern spook filled movies for everyone!

 Coraline (2009) PG

 What happens when you find a parallel world thats is better than yours? Would be a dream come true!  Right? Coraline is a spook filled kid's horror movies that follows a girl named Coraline as she discovers a  doorway to another world in her new home. At first things seem better and friendlier in this new world, but  happiness cannot last forever and now she must escape before theme mirror world traps her in for good!