Halloween Party Food

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If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year then costumes and decorations aren’t the only thing to think about. You can add that final touch to your party by making a delicious buffet of Halloween themed party food! You can go for something simple like making cookies with a ghost shaped cookie cutter or you can go all out with some gruesome looking recipes.

How about decorating your salsa dip with a web design made from sour cream and adding a few plastic spiders on top?

Arrange your Wotsits in the shape of a pumpkin, using black olives and a cucumber for the facial features!

Make mummified hot dogs by wrapping pastry around them with added blobs of mustard for the eyes.

Make or buy mini pizzas and use strips of cheese to make them look mummified! Add black olives and small pieces of red pepper for the eyes.

Give your burgers a Halloween twist by cutting out pumpkin faces in the cheese!

No adult’s Halloween party is complete without alcohol! Make a spooky bowl of punch with different coloured fruit juices, cranberry juice is great to make it look like blood, while apple or kiwi juice gives your punch bowl a green swamp look! You can even add plastic eyeballs to float on the top to add to the ghoulish liquid.


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Every October we see various horror films being released just in time for Halloween. 2014 is set to be another great year for horror film fans with the new movie Annabelle set for release on the 10th of October. The story revolves around the Form family, John and his pregnant wife Mia. John buys his wife a beautiful vintage doll named Annabelle as a gift. When their house gets broken into by a satanic cult they are attacked and left for dead. Afterwards as they get their lives back on track little do they know that the cult have raised a demonic entity now living in the Annabelle doll.

It is said that Annabelle is a real possessed doll although in real life she looks like a standard Raggedy Ann doll, she has been given a much creepier look in the movie. She was bought second hand in a hobby store in the 1970s and her new owners soon started to notice that strange occurrences, first of all subtle things like her changing positions but things started to take a scary turn when one of the owners housemates kept dreaming that Annabelle was trying to kill him and would wake up with real scratch marks over his chest. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were called in and concluded that there was a demon attached to the doll which was trying to target the owner’s soul. An exorcism was performed on Annabelle but it failed so Ed and Lorraine made a locked case to store the doll and displayed it in their museum called The Warrens' Occult Museum where it still resides today.

The film is a prequel to the 2013 movie The Conjuring which Annabelle also appears in. This film tells the story of another haunting in which Ed and Lorraine Warren were called in to help and it shows Annabelle in their museum. The producer realised this sinister character really scared audiences and decided to make a film based on her.

Another classic horror film starring a possessed doll is Child’s Play which features a doll called Chucky who is possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. There are six films in total and although they start off as horror, the later films have a comedic twist to them. 



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This October sees the release of supernatural horror film Ouija. It is actually being released on the day of Halloween so take a trip to the cinema for a real scare fest. The film follows the story of a girl who is killed while playing with a Ouija Board. After her death a group of friends decide to investigate the board and find out why she died but they soon realise that they have made a big mistake.

Ouija Boards are used as a way of contacting spirits. The board has all the letters of the alphabet written on it plus numbers and sometimes the words yes and no. A glass or a piece of wood is placed on the board and the spirits are contacted during a séance. The spirit moves the marker to spell out what they are trying to communicate. Many people believe that Ouija Boards are very dangerous as it gives demons a way of entering into the human world. There are many examples of people who believe they have become possessed after using a board. Although this film is not based on a true story it still tackles a terrifying subject that we do not know the definite answer to, allowing your imagination to run wild and letting this film scare you enough to not want to try a Ouija Board yourself!

Celebrities at Halloween

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Halloween is a time of year when everyone likes to get dressed up and get into the party spirit. We usually take our time and pick a costume that we think will make us stand out at a party. If we civilians want to have the best outfit can you imagine what celebrities must be like! With paparazzi around every corner they want to make sure they are going to look great in the next morning’s paper. From sexy costumes to hilarious unique costumes, celebrities have covered it all. Here are some of our favourites:


Katy Perry as Queen legend Freddie Mercury.   Jason Biggs from American Pie cross dressing as Dorothy.   Recently separated Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon as angels.


Christina Aguilera and her ex-husband Jordan as a                         Hugh Hefner and Playboy bunny Crystal Harris poke fun at                  Kim Kardashian as the Marvel character Poison Ivy.

dead bride and groom, was it a bad omen for the marriage?!     Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s infamous VMA performance.




Saw Re-Release

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Can you believe it has been 10 years since the gruesome horror film Saw was first released? Since then we have seen six sequels including one in 3D, video games, comics, toys and even a roller coaster in the theme park Thorpe Park called “Saw - The Ride” which is the only horror film themed coaster in the world.

The main character in the films is called Jigsaw, a man who traps his victims in terrifying situations in which they must hurt themselves or others to escape while learning a life lesson and becoming a better person. Some of the traps or games are truly horrific and make for a difficult watch if you’re squeamish! Jigsaw often leaves a recorded video message for the victim to explain the rules of the game and he uses a ventriloquist’s puppet called Billy to deliver the message rather than showing his true identity. The puppet has a white face with red eyes, cheeks and lips; he wears a black suit with a bow-tie and is often seen riding a tricycle.

The Saw franchise has been entered into the Guinness World Records as the most successful horror franchise ever and this Halloween the first film is being re-released into cinemas nationwide. It will run for a week from October the 31st which falls on a Friday, with some cinemas showing a 12am screening on the Thursday night.

Day of the Dead

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There is a holiday celebrated in Mexico called Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos in Spanish. It starts on October the 31st when it is believed that the gates from heaven are opened to allow the spirits of children to visit their families. Then on November the 2nd the adult spirits come down to visit. It is traditional for the families to create beautiful alters in their homes to welcome the spirits, and they decorate them with candles, flowers, toys, foods and pretty sugar skulls. They even leave cigarettes and shots of alcohol for the adult spirits. It is a holiday to celebrate the lives of lost ones and a period of remembrance in the Catholic faith. Often there will be celebrations and music in the cemetery and graves will be tended and cleaned.

The sugar skulls that are used to decorate the alters come in a variety of sizes. Miniature ones are displayed at the start for the baby spirits or angelitos, and these are replaced with bigger skulls on the 2nd of November for the adult spirits. They are decorated in sparkling gems, glitter, sequins and pretty coloured piping. They often have a flower headband and are sometimes made in chocolate however they are not eaten as they are left as a gift for the spirits. The designs are not morbid; they are bright and colourful in keeping with the celebratory theme of the event.

Recently sugar skulls have become very popular in fancy dress, especially at Halloween which is around the same time as the Day of the Dead. People will wear elaborate face paints or masks along with a colourful Mexican style costume for males, females and children. Sugar skull makeup is created by painting your face white with large black circles around your eye and up to your eyebrow, on the end of your nose and on your lips, and then swirls, dots and glitter in the colours of your choice.





Foo Fighters Reference Carrie in their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is sweeping the world at the moment and rockers Foo Fighters have joined in the charity activity which involves pouring a bucket of ice cold water over your head and then nominating three others to do the same within 24 hours, with filmed evidence being posted on social media. The participant then donates money to fund research into the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or motor neurone disease.

The Foo Fighters have added a little something extra to their video by making it a spoof of the classic Stephen King horror film Carrie which was originally released in 1976 with a re-make released in 2013. Dave Grohl plays the role of Carrie with Taylor Hawkins as her prom night date and they act out that unforgettable scene where Carrie gets a bucket of pigs blood cruelly poured over her head causing the whole school to laugh at her, however this time the bucket is filled with red ice water and the people tipping it over her are fellow Foo Fighters Pat and Nate. Cut with original footage from the film Grohl gives a great performance as the hysterical prom queen in drag but this time she doesn’t get revenge on her peers using her telekinetic power, instead she smiles sweetly at the camera as the film ends. Dave nominated Stephen King and John Travolta who played Carrie’s prom date in the original film.

You can watch the video here:


You can donate £10.00 by texting ICED55 to 70070.

Dahl Day!

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As the new school year approaches, as does the influx of events planned to take place at schools across the country this academic year. A day dedicated to one of the greatest children’s authors of our time certainly feels very fitting to us here at Allfancydress.com and this is why we are encouraging you to get involved on September 13th for Roald Dahl day. 

Born in Wales on 13th September 1916, Roald Dahl was a British novelist, short story writer, poet, fighter pilot and screenwriter. A man of many talents, Dahl went on to write much loved books such as James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The BFG and George’s Marvelous Medicine..

Dahl published his first children’s book, The Gremlins, in 1943. This book was even commissioned by Walt Disney but unfortunately a film was never made.  One of Dahl’s greatest successors is Charlie and The Chocolate factory. A much loved novel exploring every young child’s dream of visiting, and then eventually owning a local chocolate factory. The exciting story follows young Charlie Bucket, a child with very little, and how his warm heart wins over Mr Willy Wonka at Wonka World. The novel was such a success, it has since been made into two films, the first in 1971, and the following in 2005 – produced by Tim Burton and starring Jonny Depp. We supply multiple costumes featured in the film, including the much loved Oompa Lumpa! 

In aid of raising money for Roald Dahl’s Marvelous Children’s Charity, Dahlicious Dress Up Day is being held alongside Roald Dahl Day on September 26th. To help fill costumes with characters, our diverse range of Roald Dahl costumes will turn children around the country into their favourite character.




Guardians of the Galaxy

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Guardians of the Galaxy is another in the massive collection of Marvel Movies! I wasn’t sure what to expect when my friends suggested we go and see Guardians of the Galaxy, having not seen many of the recent movies, but I am very glad I agreed to go and see it. The beginning of the film, I was a bit unsure of the reason it was included, but later on in the film the great importance of this is discretely revealed. Peter Quill, the main character is shown as a young boy, by his mother’s bed side as she is terminally ill with cancer. As she gives in to the cancer, Peter exits crying in hysterics and runs off into an open field where he gets abducted by a spaceship. The film fast forwards as the next scene features Quill, on an unknown planet, this is where he first gains ownership of the mysterious object the film is centred on. The film goes on to follow the story of Peter Quill (Refers to himself as Starlord) who finds himself with a very large bounty on his head after stealing a mysterious, but powerful object, highly coveted by Ronan, a very powerful villain who plans to destroy the universe. In order for Peter to stop Ronan, he is forced to work with a team of very unlikely companions – Rocket, a gun-crazy racoon; Groot, a living tree and good friend of Rocket; Gamora, daughter of the evil Ronan; and Drax the Destroyer.

Things take a bit of a drastic turn when Quill discovers what the mysterious object is and how Ronan can use it to destroy the universe. Guardians of the Galaxy is a very action packed film with lots of fight and battle scenes from hand to hand combat to air warfare, to space warfare! One very good aspect of the film is the way it adds humour, yet still upholds the storyline and manages to keep the viewer aware of the obstacles that Peter and the team must overcome to stop Ronan from completing his mission to destroy the universe and how serious the consequences will be if they fail.

At allfancydress.com, we are in the process of widening our range of costumes and bringing in a selection of costumes including a Men’s Deluxe Starlord Costume, a Boys Deluxe Starlord Costume, and a Ladies Gamora Costume. We know with the recent release of this amazing film, there will undoubtedly be a demand for these fantastic officially licensed costumes!

 I wasn’t too sure what to expect when going to see this film as I hadn’t really looked into it much, however I will say that I personally used to think that Marvel movies were aimed at a younger audience but after watching this movie, and others such as Thor, I now see that they are to be thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages. I would highly recommend you see this brilliant new film and don’t waste any time in doing so!

Frozen's Disney Family - Infographic

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Have you ever wondered how Frozen is connected to other Disney animations? We at allfancydress.com are HUGE fans of the Frozen film and wanted to find out more!!

Frozen's Disney Family


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