Book Week Costumes!

clock Friday, February 5, 2016 at 04:14PM

Are you always rushing around at the last minute trying to find that grade “A” perfect costume? Fear not because have got you covered with a great range of children’s character costumes from a variety of stories ranging from Harry potter to Classic Fairy tales! It’s not all just about the children though as teachers from all the schools also dress up in their favourite characters outfits whether to inspire more children to read or to remind them of their childhood!


World Book day this year falls on March 3th. Since its original launch in 1995. It has grown to be a major event not just in the UK but around the world. Its concept is to aid children’s reading. The United Kingdom created their own variant of this event in 1998 to stop clashes with other British holidays. Book Day always falls on the first Thursday of March so sometimes it’s earlier than you think!


In today’s world with so many computer games, mobile devices and online activities children are picking up a book less and less as time goes on. The Book day event encourages children to celebrate reading and all that's good about literature. Pupils and teachers alike select characters from their favourite stories in literature and more and dress up in costumes. are one the UK's leading online fancy dress retailers. Our staff are theme experts so whether you’re looking to be a storybook character, superhero or dress in a period history costume we can help.


With such a large age range in the company we are always talking about the old and new when it comes to characters from TV, film, comics and more! So make sure if you’re struggling to think of that perfect character to give us a shout and we will come to the rescue. We are always looking at the current trends in the world from the weird to the wonderful.


We are always looking to add new products to our already large collection of book day costumes and accessories by attending various conventions around the world to find the best quality and best looking products for here in the UK. We pride ourselves in offering these quality products at great prices to ensure that your child is not only happy with their outfit but also safe!


What makes a book day costume though? Well it can be anything from the main character to a pet or companion from the story. One of our colleagues here at remembers one of his book day events at school well as he went as a Pokemon Trainer from the Pokemon franchise! Not that it was a main character but it was from the story!


This means your children can become anything from any story! Whether it’s a character like the oompa loompas from the timeless classic “Charlie and the Chocolate factory.” Or any smaller stories. The universe in which Harry Potter resides is also a great setting for your children to create their own characters and stories in the various robes and kits we have available!

Book Day Build Up

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3rd March 2016 is a day that haunts many of the teachers around the world! For that day is World Book Day, where children and teachers alike are to dress up as their favourite storybook characters whether old or new!

It’s easy for children to get into the spirit of dressing up especially for school and there’s two simple reasons for that, not only do they get to become just like their favourite character from books, comics and more but also because it means they don’t have to wear their school uniform.

It’s many of the teachers that struggle to find or get into the spirit of dressing up for a day. It is difficult when there are so many different stories to choose from throughout the years but surely there will always be a story with a character that you enjoy.

Here in the 21st century there are so many stories that are made for films, tv shows, cartoons and even video games that are easily remade into books. Take for example Toy Story, How To Train your Dragon, Horrid Henry and even things like Minecraft now have books written about them featuring the favourite characters taking on a new adventure in book form.

So with that in mind here are some various things to think about if you’re a teacher looking for a great costume for world book day at your school!


There are plenty of films out there based on storybooks or even the other way around so if you have a favourite film whether animated or live action give it a search online and have a look for any genuine licenced books and get a costume based on your favourite character even if it’s a story about somebody in Victorian times it is still a story character!

Disney films are also a great example of storybook characters with all the fairy tale stories and characters all over the place it is always a good choice for any teachers who are secretly a child at heart. Look at characters like Cinderella, Belle or even the more recent Elsa. Not a big fan of the princesses or perhaps you are a gentleman? Then no worries as there’s a prince charming costume for the charmers or a buzz lightyear for the adventurers. Speaking of adventurers.

Let’s also not forget the ever growing popularity of Marvel and DC superheroes who have starred in many issues of comic books before their immediate popularity burst when hitting the movie screen or home computers! Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Iron man and more.

Historical events:

Think about the amount of books based on true events from the past whether inspiring or saddening there are tons of stories throughout the ages with historical figures, why not teach them the story of King Henry VIII while also letting them enjoy their favourite stories. Or perhaps your more of a fan of the stories from the Victorian times similar to that from the story of Oliver!

Video games:

This one is a little bit more difficult as many video game characters don’t actually get a book made based on their adventures but some of the more popular characters do. Characters like Mario and Luigi have been popular since the 80s, and even newer games have characters based on popular storybook characters before them. Nathan Drake from Uncharted is loosely based on Indiana jones and we cannot forget about Lara Croft as well!

It can be tough choosing from all of the different stories and characters out there but have a think about some of the characters or stories that really stood out to you. If your character is very obscure it can be simple to throw a few things that you own together and perhaps even make your own character. You can get a medieval or fantasy costume and say you were one of the knights who fought for Middle Earth in Lord of The Rings and so on.

So make sure if you’re a teacher really struggling to get an amazing costume make sure to check out our range of great looking book day costumes for adults. If you need any help don’t hesitate to call us and enquire about or range of teachers book day items!

Christmas Party Time!

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There are tons of different party games that could easily become great Christmas themed party games for the whole family to enjoy! So in this blog we have researched and found a variety of Christmas party games whether Christmassy or just normal ones spruced up for the snowy season it’s just a little something that you can have going on at your next Christmas party!

Something you can plan before the Party and before Christmas itself is ask people to purchase a present for themselves however they will get somebody else to open it and attempt to guess who had bought that present for themselves, tell them to try and get something obscure so that it is harder for people to figure it out, it will also be very difficult if all the women bought jewellery so perhaps set a few ground rules to try and make things interesting.

Got a lot of wrapping paper left over this Christmas? Then there are two types of games you can play with the family or get the kids playing this Christmas, Of course the first and most obvious one is Christmas pass the parcel, in which you can wrap a small present up in side and pass it around a circle with music playing, when the music stops the holder unwraps one layer of the parcel, repeat this until the present is revealed. There is however another game you can play with the family before the pass the parcel game, Split into two teams and see which team can wrap a present the fastest, put the present in a box first and then once the relay has finished then use the same wrapped present as the pass the parcel prize!

Ever heard of the show “Would I lie to you?” well how about you do a Christmas version at your party where people will name a Christmas gift they received in the past and try to get people to guess if the gift they are talking about is real or fake, other Game shows that you could make a Christmas version of is “Never Mind the Buzzcocks” and get people to guess the name or hum a Christmas song!

Some of the best party games are the simple ones, games like Charades or Pictionary are classics that are always destined to bring the laughs to the party. For Pictionary instead of the usual things to draw switch the things to Christmas themed animals, items and a variety of other things, for Charades use Christmas themed movies, songs and stories like Scrooge, Grinch and various other things.

There are tons of different games that you could easily make into a Christmas themed party game just have a quick think about popular games you used to love playing and then get imaginative and think about what or how to make them Christmas themed. We only gave you a few so if you can think of any more comment below for us and our other readers and give tips on great Christmas party games!