Cosplay. What is it?

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During the weekend gone by I attended a gathering in Southend which was known as a Cosplay Meet. However not everybody knows what cosplay is or what it is about. So in this this blog I will inform you about what this cultural phenomenon is all about. If you search for many fancy dress costumes and people in fancy dress you can sometimes see people referring to it as “cosplay.” Cosplay is the act of dressing up in a costume (Hence the first part of the word “cos”) and then partaking in Role Playing (Which gives it the “play” in the word).

Role playing is when somebody takes a role of a person or being in popular culture such as superheroes or film characters and even characters people have made up and acts like them, recreating scenes or fights from popular franchises. This doesn’t require any costumes however people began to purchase or even build their own costumes to help further immerse themselves into their character.


Cosplay is short for” costume play” and is often seen in meets like the Southend Cosplay Meet or conventions like Comic Con. Cosplay not only needs a convincing costume but for you to also to act like the character you are portraying. Here are some tips to doing a cosplay:


 Character: First of all choose a character you really like both in terms of their character and  what they wear. Watch the films or episodes (if a TV show) where they are present for a lot of  the running time and get to learn their character and voice. If you are not good at impressions  or voice acting simply learn some of their popular quotes and just say them in character.


Role Play: Some find this part easier than others. Simply act out to yourself various situations that might come around to the character you are dressing up as, try to recreate some scenes where your character is from and pretend to be the character yourself. Two good ways are in front of a mirror, just like speeches learning how to act like a character will be based on movements as well as how they speak. Another good way is to listen to music from the show or music that is linked to your character this can get you immersed in the costume and may help a little.


Costume: Once you have figured out what character you want to be and had a little practise it’s time to figure out how to actually become your character. Of course the easiest way would be to purchase your costumes but there are other ways. A lot of fancy dress shops us included have a variety of costumes of TV and Film characters from pop culture but some characters may need a little organising.


For example my next cosplay idea is of a character from a video game named Rook, he wears dark colours and is an archer who uses birds to distract his enemies. I am basing my cosplay on this character and have been purchasing things to put together this costume as there is no full costume for him. In other words if your character is a little difficult, have a look around for different assets that can be put together to make your character.

Don’t go mad: Some of the best cosplays are the simplest. Characters like the various doctors from the TV show “Doctor Who” are simple and effective cosplay ideas. Make sure you choose a character that you know you can do easily without making it difficult.


Southend Cosplay Meet ups are held usually every month and is hosted in Southend-On-Sea and has a variety of cosplayers from around Essex and London that come down to the seaside town to hang out and talk about our favourite movies and shows as well as take a trip to the arcades and comic book store and end off with a few drinks at one of the local pubs.

Cosplay has become increasingly popular over the last few years and has been seen a lot in many conventions such as video game conventions and the incredibly popular Comic Cons! There are hundreds of cosplay tournaments held in conventions like these were the best cosplayers take part in a masquerade.

These masquerades allow cosplayers to show off their costume by walking onto a stage and performing a series of poses that either the character makes in their respected appearances as well as poses that will show of the costumes at their best. Or people can choose to perform a skit using music or a piece of audio they have brought with them to perform in their costume, sometimes the skits have no audio and just allow the person to perform the act themselves.


In the end cosplaying and fancy dress parties are similar. Both have you dress up as your favourite characters, it is just that the idea of cosplaying is to become just like your character in terms of the way they speak and act. Of course getting a group of friends together to go as a group from the film or show is of course a fun and interesting way to enjoy the event!


If you’re thinking of heading to a cosplay event or Comic Con at some point soon make sure you have your costume at the ready. Good costumes are things from popular culture such as famous superheroes or film characters like Batman, Superman, or the protagonist from the hit film Top gun and others.

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It’s no surprise that anybody with a favourite TV show has a favourite character from that show, and with hundreds of hit shows to choose from we have plenty of different costumes inspired by the most popular TV characters from cartoon and live action.


There’s no way we could start listing some of the most popular and well known TV show characters without starting with The Simpsons. Can you believe that The Simpsons have been on our screens for over 25 years! Originally releasing on December 17 1989, the show has 26 seasons giving us over 500 episodes to watch! So without any doubt it can be said that Homer Simpson is one of the most iconic TV cartoon characters of all time! With his caring and stereotypical wife Marge Simpson and his three children. Their 10 year old Bart who brings the stereotypical troublemaker boy into the show, Lisa the eight year old school activist and little baby Maggie who communicates to the family by sucking on a dummy. Do you have a family of four? Perhaps our Simpsons costumes are designed perfectly with you in mind!