Horrific Halloween!

clock Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 10:00AM

We are now so very close to the Halloween night. So now people will begin to think up or look for creepy stories and facts to keep their friends awake at night. This has been made popular because of campfire nights when people had gathered around the campfire to tell scary stories in order to creep out each other to cause them to stay awake. So being so close to Halloween we will now list some really good ways to scare your friends and family.

Things like scary ghost stories, creepy sightings, unsolved mysteries and things like that are all popular ways of giving people a case of the Heebie-Jeebies. You can easily find things like this online such as on various social websites, other blog sites and especially YouTube. YouTube has a huge variety of lists explaining really creepy and somewhat unnerving stories by other people about ghosts, monsters and more! So if you want a good scare or to get a good story to tell your friends and family this Halloween these are the stories to look for!

Of course one of the classic ways and what we have been listing every Monday for the past 5 weeks is to get everyone watching a scary movie, classics of course are some of the most horrifying but have probably been seen by almost everyone causing the scare factor to plummet (Sorry Freddy Krueger). Newer titles especially with the incline of users on Netflix are a much better way of finding scary movies that will deliver the scares to almost anybody. Make sure you have all the lights off and if anybody has a surround sound system make sure to use their system for the films.

PRANKS! Everybody loves pranks, apart from the person getting pranked of course, especially if the prank is a scary one. There are many ways of pulling pranks on your friends such as pretending there was a zombie apocalypse or a werewolf entering the house. Various people have pulled pranks and posted them online such as on YouTube, so now you can pull of similar pranks to your friends!

What’s worse than watching others get into situations against their own will being chased by monsters or scary beings, being put into the shoes of those people of course! Now of course we cannot just make somebody run away from a monster that doesn’t exist (or does it?). So the next step is to instead get them to play a video game instead, there are tons of different and unique games that are bound to give people Goosebumps and a big scare towards the end.

There are loads more ways to give your friends the scare and of course make them wish Halloween would just come and go without any problems from monsters, ghosts or any other unnatural beings. We would like to thank you for reading some of our blogs if you have done and hope you have a great Halloween and we will blog some more after this haunting season.

If you have any ideas on how to spook people put them down in the comments below and please understand that some people take horror much easier than others so be careful who you are picking to scare.

“Please watch any videos, play games or read stories with caution as some can genuinely be very scary and be careful who you scare”

Singing Spooky Songs

clock Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 10:00AM

There are tons of different songs that have been released that are perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit with, whether they are named after something spooky or they have Halloween themes within the song and of course if the music video includes a Halloween theme. (You can already see what song is coming up.)

Many of these songs you may have heard of before or just remember but unfortunately forgot the name of the song or who it was made by? Well we will link a YouTube video with each song so that you can give it a listen.


We couldn’t list this song any quicker onto this list, Michael Jackson’s Thriller to be exact is a 13 minute long music video! The song was released on Michael Jackson’s sixth album which was named after the popular song. We don’t even think you could forget this as a Halloween song especially as it is voted for Top 10 Halloween songs by almost everyone.

The Music video revolves around a Teenage Michael and his girlfriend watching a movie together which scares his girlfriend and they both exit the cinema. Then when they pass a foggy graveyard the dead begin to rise and corner the two main characters before suddenly Michael becomes a zombies and forces his date to run for cover before reverting back into a human and doing the dance number to Thriller. This movie like music video actually won various awards including being chosen for various movie awards making it the first music video to do this.


This is another song we couldn’t leave off the list, especially with the new film coming out relatively soon! The Ghostbusters song has such a catchy tune and always gets people singing along even if it is just for the line “Bustin’ makes me feel good!”

This song is so popular that it was used in the films, the cartoon series the games throughout the ages going back to the Commodore 64 up to the PS3! The song was also in 3 different music games including Lego Rock Band, Beatmania IIDX 14 and even in Just Dance 2014. The video is about a girl who has paranormal activites happening in her house while various people are calling for “Ghostbusters”!

I Put a Spell On You (Remix):

Is it cheating putting a remix onto the list? Probably but we can’t leave this spooky remix of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song “I Put a Spell on You.” It has been known to be one of his greatest songs and for it to get a spookier remix for the Halloween it will defiantly get people asking what this song is! It’s jazzy, it’s funky and it’s awesome!

The screams towards the end really improve the songs creepy and Halloween theme and Mr. Jay Hawkins got the nickname Screamin’ because of this song, he thought that he could destroy any song by screaming it to death but with other music genres like death metal around these days we can definitely see that it is impossible to scream a song to death.

Somebody’s watching me:

A song name with more meanings than one, is it a ghost? A monster? THE PRESS? Who knows? What we do know however is that this is one catchy song and a great Halloween song to add to the playlist the song was his first single and reached massive heights on the charts in the years following its release in 1984.

The music video alongside the music has a very Thriller-esc style to it, this is because Kennedy William Gordy or Rockwell as he was better known as had his childhood friend Michael Jackson assist him in creating this song!

Ghost Town:

We’re not sure this could be a Halloween song as the actual story behind the song is about unemployment but the spooky sounding instruments alongside the lyrics and title of the song gives the illusion or mask if you will of a Halloween song.

The song was released in 1981 which was in the middle of the UK’s riots about recession and has a very dark and serious reason to have been created however it is the hums and the childish “laa” sounds make it a creepy sounding song giving it the feeling of a Halloween song!

We probably missed quite a few of your favourites, maybe this is Halloween or even Don’t Fear the Reaper. So comment down below what your favourite Halloween or spooky sounding song is. If you are instead partaking in trick or treating and want some Halloween themed music for your front door just have a look on google for spooky music mixes and we’re sure you can find a video with tons of creepy music!

"All credit for the music goes towards its creators and channels for uploading the music to YouTube."

MCM London Comic Con!

clock Monday, October 26, 2015 at 03:00PM

Last weekend one of our media team members attended MCM London Comic Con on the Sunday of the 3 day event! We will start by explaining what the event is. Comic Con is an event where fans of various genres of shows and films like Star Wars to various Japanese animations called anime as well as comics, graphic novels and Manga (Japanese Graphic Novels). During the event there are meetups and various photoshoots for people of different fandoms like Disney, Star wars and many more!

There are tons of different stalls selling a variety of different merchandise from all of these different fandoms, things like T-Shirts, posters and so much more! There are many different other stalls as well including people selling old video games and old action figures still in their packaging.

Of course one of the big things about Comic Con is the Cosplayers. These are people who create costumes using various materials and spend months and even years creating their costumes from a variety of games, films, books, stories and other fandoms. Some are put together using various clothing they had from before or even bought from Comic Con and some are made using materials as stated before.

They are then bombarded with people wanting pictures and makes it very difficult for them to actually get around the event and look at stalls as they are constantly stopped for pictures. Our media team member mentioned about how it would be awesome to have a costume that makes people stop and ask him for pictures, but he said after an hour it was surely going to get annoying.

These are all images of amazing Cosplays he saw around the event. These people have spent a lot of time making these cosplays and deserve so much praise for what they have achieved by making these costumes.

Timbersaw: This is an absolutely insane cosplay, this guy took about 30 minutes to an hour to get into his costume and we understand why! Our member mentioned that the waist bit actually spins around slowly and the pipe on the back moves as if breathing smoke. This is a character from the Video Game Dota 2 and is a small goblin like creature in a lumberjack machine. This just shows that by taking time with your costume and building it with materials.

Our staff member said this was one of the greatest cosplays he had ever seen and not because it was one of his favourite games... so he says.

Ewok: These bipedal characters from the star wars franchise are a popular race in the science fiction film, their race was designed to be specifically for something to bring down the technologically advanced empire with just primitive weaponry and thier teddy bear styled looks. This was originally the design for the Wookies like Chewbacca but because of their technology for creating those bow blasters George Lucas, the creator of the franchise decided to make a new race similar in primal design but a lot shorter than the tall wookies. This costume perfectly catpures that primal look and even had the noises they made coming from the suit instead of having to actually speak themselves.

Jawa: These small rodent like creatures live on the planet where Luke Skywalker had grown up, they were merchants finding useless scrap in the desert wasteland and turning it into a profit by rebuilding droids and various other things to help farmers and other people that lived on the planet. They live inside their giant sandcrawler and are extremely passive creatures but can defend themselves if neccessary, This cosplay looks absolutely incredible and our team member mentioned he spotted the glowing eyes before even seeing the full costume.