Back 2 School!

clock Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 04:01PM

As the onset of 'back to school' ads begin, parents almost forget that there are five weeks still ahead of us of the summer holidays. While it's nice to be enjoying the quality time with the kids, it's also nice to be prepping well in advance for the next school year. With the likes of Asda George releasing their bargain uniforms, suggesting lunch box menu's and revealing the hottest stationary on the market, we can't help but think something is missing.
Dressing in the same school uniform five days a week doesn't excite the majority of children, dress up days at school however very much do! And it need not be hassle for parents either, gone are the days where you must fix up an old bed sheet into a Victorian school girl costume, our wide range of historical costumes suitably fit the bill for any school dress up day.

To make matters even better, we are offering 10% off all girls and boys history costumes ahead of the influx of history themed events in school. With an array of costumes covering the Tudor period to Egyptian pharaohs, parents need not worry about the last minute stress which often comes attached with these type of events.

Beat the rush and use the code 'back2school' at the checkout when ordering any history themed child's costume for the remainder of the summer holidays to receive 10% off your order. 
Like all time periods, this too comes to an end on September the 1st so order in advance to get your child top of the class. 

Follow the links below to browse our wide stock.






Virgin Media Festival.

clock Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 08:37PM

Our local festival, Virgin Media Festival is only one month away! With summer passing so quickly, and so many festivals to fit in, we couldnt let the amazing V festival slip away without a blog mention. Set in both Staffordshire and Chelmsford, close to home, V Festival hosts a line up of amazing acts year in and year out. Commencing in 1996, Hylands Park in Chelmsford homed acts such as Paul Weller and Pulp. Since, the festival has grown enormously in size and often boasts a range of American acts. 

This year the festival, which covers two days of music and three nights of camping, brings some unforgettable acts to our home town of Essex. Unlike Bestival, V Festival does not set a certain theme of fancy dress. We however are encouraging you to dress up in a costume which begins with the first letter of your favourite act. Although bizzare now, imagine being the one member of the crowd your idol notices. Plus it'll add a lot of laughs to your weekend and helps excuse the way you'll be looking by the end of it. 

To help festival goers along the way and contribute some inspiration, our employees have chosen their favourite act from the weekend and the costume of which they would strut their stuff in.  

Justin Timberlake...
The man is like a God, so why not dress as Jesus!  

Tinie Tempah...
Keeping in theme with a festival, a bottle of Tequila will go down nicely! 

Lily Allen...
Loopy Lily will appreciate any form of fancy dress, this Leprechaun costume will be sure to get you noticed.


Kaiser Chiefs...
This predicts a riot! King Kong Hand Costume. 

On Ya Bike!

clock Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 11:28AM


The annual London to Brighton Night Ride takes place next weekend, and this year, are getting involved.
Organised by The British Heart Foundation, competitors cycle a grueling 65 miles commencing at Tower Bridge, London. Cycling between country lanes and city skylines, cyclists then descend upon the finishing line at Brighton Beach, the perfect place to relax after such an amazing achievement.

The British Heart Foundation have been organising bike riding events for the past 40 years, and its clear to see they have got it down to a Tee. For such a worthy cause, and such an amazing achievement, our employee, Rob Cook, is taking part in the Night Ride this year. Donning an high visibility jacket and of course a helmet, Rob is hoping to raise £1000 for the British Heart Foundation.  Getting in all the practice he can, Rob has even been riding around our warehouse dressed as his favourite Tv star, The Stig, during his lunch hour.


An extraordinary charity, The British Heart Foundation funds research, care, education and awareness in preventing heart disease. After being founded in 1961, it promised many aims such as reducing the risks of developing heart disease through educating, and improving the care for those who are suffering.


If you are not much of a bike rider, The British Heart Foundation offer a multitude of other ways to get involved. You can donate, volunteer and take on a wild number of fundraising activities such as sky diving to really get the heart pumping! Get online to their website to find out how you can donate and contribute today. To sponsor Rob on his Night Ride, log on to his justgiving page


Independence Day 2014.

clock Friday, June 27, 2014 at 08:08AM

Although it is something not commonly celebrated here in the UK, the declaration of independence for the United States of America in 1776 was a huge turning point in British History. After America had been discovered by British Explorers, they adopted many ways of life and became colonised by Great Britain. However, many Americans then felt that the British way of life, and particularly their methods of playing sport, did not represent true American ideologies such as Frontierism, a hard working ethic to break the frontier and succeed, and Lombardianism, winning at all costs ethic. 
Therefore, after the Westward expansion to colonialise the majority of The USA, The Declaration of Independence was introduced.

In the USA, Independence Day is usually celebrated in praise of the countries heritage, laws, society and people. It is a day that national pride is riveting through America, and a national holiday in every state. Often it will consist of family orientated days, BBQ's, Firework Displays and of course Parades.
The below video shows how Disney World, Florida, celebrated Independence Day last year. 

To keep in theme with The 4th July celebrations, we have some American themed costumes on offer. 
Check out the Captain America Second Skin Costume for a fun and comfy way to celebrate Independence Day 

Or perhaps you like to stick to your British Roots, this Colonial Boy outfit presents how those who colonialised America before independence may have appeared. 

Armed Forces Day 2014.

clock Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 09:36AM

With 10 days to go untill Armed Forces Day, it is important to recognise all the amazing things that those in the Armed Forces do for us all. This day gives the opportunity to raise public awareness fo those serving in the Armed Forces, and to show support to these heros.

The Armed Forces are often not recognised for the vast amount of roles they contribute to in our society. Often on the front line of it all, we think of the soldiers, however it is important to remember the other services covered such as; promoting peace, delivering aid, tackling drug smugglers, providing security and battling terrorism. Currently, there is around 6,000 personnel serving in Afghanistan and it is so important to be showing support through out their journey.

Recently, the 70th D-Day Anniversary celebrations took place in Normandy, hundreds of Veterans headed over to France to celebrate the D-Day victories. One Veteran, age 89, even escaped from his nursing home, and after later being reported missing, was found in Normandy! This quintessentially presents the passion and sheer commitment these Veterans and current serving members of the Armed Forces have towards our country.

There are many ways you can get involved this Armed Forces Day, if you're lucky enough to live near by to Sterling, this is where this years annual event is being held. The day in Sterling includes parades, band performances, displays by personnel and the opportunity to get a first hand look at the equipment used by different services. However, if this distance is a bit far for you, visit the Armed Forces link shown to find your nearest event. 
Or you could even hold your own event, every little bit of money raised helps to maintain the quality of work carried out by our services. To help with the spirirt of these events check out our wide range of costumes, such as the few shown below.





Brazil’s Fifa World Cup 2014 burst onto the scene with a colourful ceremony and wonderful fans

clock Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 09:12AM

The World cup is one of the most well known football tournaments in the world and many change their daily routines so they can either watch on TV or go to experience the magic of the cup. But no World Cup would be normal without any wacky fans dressing up in crazy ways for us to enjoy at home. However it wasn’t just the fans who dressed up as the opening ceremony showed. Hundreds of artists wore colourful costumes to entertain the fans and pay homage to their countries history and tradition. The majority of the performers were dressed as plants, trees and rain to represent the well known rainforests of Brazil. There were also performers who dressed up in costumes to represent footballs. Not only that, there were also performers who wore costumes to represent the different people of the country throughout the past. The ceremony showcased a wonderful amount of colour, entertainment and slight amusement for everyone around the world to enjoy.

The fans at the World cup have also been getting dressed up in numerous and funny ways. Hundreds upon hundreds of fans at each game have worn interesting and funny outfits whilst thousands more wore hats and face paint representing their team’s colours and showing patriotism (and weirdness!) at its highest level. Some fans have taken their costumes to a whole new level of weird. For example, A Dutch fan was photographed wearing a hat with some strange accessories of which the most interesting were carrots.

But that’s not all. A group of Japanese fans dressed up as bowling pins for no clear reason but they look like they’re enjoying themselves.

A Colombian supporter wore a very intriguing hat along with some great face paint. Good effort!

It’s been a great World Cup so far on the pitch and in the stands and the cup are only a few days old! Hopefully the hundreds and thousands of fans can provide us with even more weird and wonderful ways to show their support and entertain us for the rest of the competition.

Kick Off!

clock Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 02:22PM

The longly awaited World Cup 2014, has finally arrived! As the opening ceremony and first group game being hosted this evening, the next month shall be fully packed with multiple matches and celebrations. Sweep stakes galore flood offices, homes and pubs around The UK and the ultimate question of whether we will secure a 1966 victory is on everyones tounges. 

The World Cup is something which can be discussed all day, we have done a quick round up to fill you in with every vital piece of information you need to be the ultimate football fan for this commencing month of football. 


ENDS : 13.07.14 

GROUP A : Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon. 

GROUP B : Australia, Chile, Spain, Netherlands. 

GROUP C : Colombia, Greece, Japan, Cote d'lvoire.

GROUP D : ENGLAND, Italy, Costa Rica, Uruguay.

GROUP E : Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras.

GROUP F : Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

GROUP G : Germany, USA, Ghana, Portugal.

GROUP H : Belgium, Korea Republic, Russia, Algeria. 

LARGEST STADIUM : Maracana - Rio De Janerio (71, 159 capacity)

SMALLEST STADIUM : Arena Da Baixada (37, 634 capacity)

PLAYERS TO WATCH : Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Dempsey, Saurez.



Keep up to date with our twitter feed discussing all aspects of the Tournament and some chances to bag yourself some freebies! @allfancydress


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Sleeping Beauty has been my favourite Disney film since I was a child so when I heard back in 2012  that Disney were making a live action movie based on the evil villain Maleficent with Angelina Jolie in the main role I couldn’t wait to go and see it. The time flew by as it often does and before I knew it I had booked my cinema tickets and after a quick trip to Pizza Hut (Nandos was packed but that’s a whole other story) I was in my seat and ready to watch. The cinema was full mostly with groups of girls and couples, with the boyfriends and husbands doing their best to pretend that they wanted to be there! The film started beautifully, the trademark introduction of Tinker Bell flying around the castle plays out however this time it’s more than just an intro and the camera zooms in to reveal Sleeping Beauty’s Kingdom. The film is sold as the untold story of the evil fairy Maleficent, it focuses on what caused her to become evil and cast her curse upon a child, after all “evil has a beginning.” We learn that the Kingdom is split into two parts, one side for the humans, and the other for the magical folk including fairies and gnomes. Their land was called The Moors and the effects and CGI used to bring this land to life were truly stunning. Twinkling fairy lights and glistening waterfalls light up the screen. We learn that Maleficent had wings when she was younger and that she actually had a relationship with the human Stefan before he became King. The other humans are greedy and want to take over the whole Kingdom for themselves, invading The Moors and causing Maleficent to fight back and protect her land. Stefan betrays her in the cruellest of ways and leaves her hell-bent on revenge, with his daughter Princess Aurora tacking the brunt of Maleficent’s wrath, and being cursed to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday and fall into a death-like sleep from which she can only be awoken by true love’s kiss. As the movie plays out we see a much softer side to Maleficent, and one that truly regrets her irrational actions. In contrast to the original, this version almost makes you feel sorry for this misunderstood character as she agonises over how she can stop her curse. I won’t ruin the story but after a huge twist and many changes to the original fairytale the film finishes with a satisfying ending and the credits roll to the eerie tones of Lana Del Ray’s version of Once Upon a Dream.

I am still undecided of what I think about the film. I think if it was a stand-alone movie with new characters I would love it, but because I was such a big fan of the original Sleeping Beauty I am disappointed to find that one of Disney’s arguably most evil villains actually isn’t evil at all. That doesn’t take away the stunning job Angelina Jolie does at bringing this character to life though and her costumes look amazing as she drags around her long black cloak and wears the iconic crown around her horns highlighting her chiselled cheekbones and bright red lipstick, I’m sure it’s a look that will be recreated for fancy dress parties around the world.


Festival Fancy Dress

clock Friday, May 30, 2014 at 10:16AM

As the influx of summer festivals begins, there near enough impossible task of deciphering what costume you'll be showing up in commences! With multiple factors to consider; how hot will it be? Will this costume be practical when drunk? Will I stand out in this costume? Will I get bad tan lines? The task can often over complicate itself. To make matters a little easier, have selected the hottest costumes around to be worn at each of this years biggest festivals, applicable to the letter they begin with. 

V Festival 16th - 17th August. Hylands Park and Weston Park

Put away your board shorts and take it back in time with this Victorian Swim Suit, vintage is always cool of course. 

If you're looking to be the memorable person that everyone shouts catchphrases at all weekend, look no further than our Vicky Pollard. Yeah but, No but. 

Reading and Leeds Festival 22nd - 24th August.

Robin will save the day at Reading this year and will certainly not give them dodgy tan lines we all worry about!

Reading and Leeds will be full of hero's this year if you choose to attend in our hunky lifeguard costume. Another great option for not leaving unforgivable tan lines! This costume will be sure to attract a lot of attention. 

T in the Park, Scotland 11-13th July

Garunteed to be everyones favourite person, be that guy, be the Tequila Shooter Guy.

No party will be complete at the campsite without a classic game of Twister, save luggage space and wear the fun!

Glastonbury Festival, Somerset 25th - 29th June. 

You may need multiple costumes for this five day fest, but this traditional and groovy festival wear will last all week! 

Everyone appreciates a bit of 80s, wearing this costume will definitely attract like minded festival goers! Warning: Mud will be highly visable!

Bestival, Isle of Wight 4th - 7th September.

We have made an exception for Bestival, this years fancy dress theme is Desert Island Disco. Here are our top selection to fit in with this theme. 

Our local festival, Brownstock, Essex 29th - 31st August. 

Personify everyones favourite beverage... Be a Beer! 

But if you just want to have a laugh for the whole weekend, Be a Banana! 

Summer Essentials!

clock Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 08:17PM

Following the spout of miserable May showers, it appears the sun has finally decided to make an appearance! With much delight, this has made us all at consider what fancy dress essentials we need to start prepping for the summer. Whether it be a BBQ, a day at the beach, themed pub crawls, or a get away, everything becomes that little more exciting and fun when you're accompanied by fancy dress. 

Don't go thinking you're too grown up and 'cool' for fancy dress this summer, because it's likely you are the one who needs it the most! If you tend to shy away from the garish concept of Fancy Dress, our step to step guide is guaranteed to brighten up your summer of fancy dress filled events!

1. No fancy dress is ever 'too much' - it's unlikely anyone is ever going to remember the time you showed up to a Summer BBQ with a hawian garland around your neck, make it worth your time and come as a bay watch babe instead. Show off your hard earned bikini body!

2. Incorporate Culture. - If you aren't getting away this summer, bring another culture to Britain. Go East in this colourful Sultan Costume. 


3. Get the Kids involved. - If you're going to make yourself look silly, you may as well drag the kids down with you. Plus, they are garunteed to look cute. Kit your little minions out in our online kids section. 


4. Add Shades. Everyone's favourite summer accessory also comes in the form of fancy dress. Our comical and cool selection of shades without a doubt add the finishing touches to many, many looks. 

We want to see your summer fancy dress get ups, tweet us at @allfancydress or post a picture on our facebook page