Hilarious Halloween outfits for couples you may not have considered

clock Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 09:16AM

Whilst it can be fun putting together your own costume, some of the most entertaining outfits out there are those made for two people at once.  As part of our Halloween series, we’re going to use today to take a look at five fun and quirky costume ideas perfect for couples.

Bob Ross and his painting

Bob Ross is instantly recognisable: he’s got a massive afro, a goatee, and a paintbrush.  Though he unfortunately passed away back in 1995, he still makes a cracking costume idea.  And what better role for the other person than a friendly little tree, just like the kind Bob always liked to paint.  Alternatively, they can also rock being the actual painting!  Here are one and two cracking examples of this killer costume.

Pac-Man and Miss Pac-Man

It’s always nice to have a geek-friendly costume or two in your locker, and this is definitely one of them!  Easy enough to put together cardboard and paint, Pac-Man and his lady will be recognised by more or less anyone, and neither costume is too expensive to put together.  And you can be very, very sure that you’ll make it into almost every photo taken at the party!  Here’s a killer example.

Kermit and Miss Piggy

Is there a more famous couple anywhere in the world? Probably not.  The iconic frog and his lovely piggy lady make a splendid pair of costumes: the bloke can be stylish and besuited, the lady dressed in a lovely pink gown.  Combine this style with the fact that you’re a pig and a frog, and you’ve got the perfect fun yet classy looking costume.

Bananaman and Banana Lady

Despite the fact that it first became a cartoon in 1983 (feel old?) Bananaman is as recognisable a character as you’ll see anywhere, and he makes a perfect Halloween costume for those who want to lighten things up a bit.  What’s more, it’s possible to pick up this pair of costumes for the Bananacouple, ever alert for the call to partying!


If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood…well, it’s probably you.  Especially if you and your partner get decked up in this awesome Ghostbusters pair of costumes.  Rather than just go down the monster route, this couple’s outfit gives the bloke a chance to monster it up as Slimer, and then gives the actual Ghostbuster’s costume a bit of sex appeal.  Which is probably weird. What the hell, though, it’s Halloween!

Bone shaking skeleton costume ideas for Halloween

clock Monday, October 13, 2014 at 02:21PM

For many people, a good skeleton remains the best Halloween costume idea.  They’re relatively easy to put together, there’s not a lot of ambiguity (no ‘oh, what are you meant to be?’ here) and they’re incredibly versatile: you can make a skeleton costume everything from funny to sexy.  Here, then, are some of our favourite skeleton costume ideas.

The Zombie Skeleton

If being overwhelmingly creepy is the only thing that really matters to you (which is fine at Halloween, and only at Halloween) then this skeleton Zombie costume is definitely worth consideration. The rotten clothes transform the look from ‘oh, look, there’s a skeleton costume, that’s cute’ to ‘that guy looks like he might actually have died a while ago’.  If you want creepy, your search is over.

Miss Whiplash

Care to combine sexiness with a skeleton? (A question that can’t have come up too often). Then Miss Whiplash is definitely the costume for you.  A figure hugging LBD with a very undead motif, it manages to be hot stuff, classy, sort of elegant and yet creepy as hell all at the same time.  And if that’s not the Halloween dream, what is?

Skull and Bones; the Morphsuit

There’s something undeniably cool about a good morphsuit: it’s a great way to forget yourself for an evening and instead rock out as the master of bones, teeth and moderate ghostliness. Just remember though; people not knowing that it’s you in the costume doesn’t give you the excuse to take all the candy.  No-one likes that skeleton.

Skeleton Corpse Bride

If you want a kick-ass lady’s costume that is stylish rather than sexy for the hell of it, then the skeleton bride really is an awesome choice.  It’s bizarrely sophisticated, eye-catching and yet combined with the right make-up it’ll still make you look seriously freaky.  And again, that’s the dream!

Glow in the dark

The classic; the all-seeing all-dancing skeleton that we know so well, this glow in the dark second-skin will let you shed your skin (so to speak) and unleash your party animal on the Halloween world.  The all black background means that in virtually any darker room you’ll literally look just like a big old pile of bones.  If there’s such a thing as the perfect costume for dancing to the Time Warp, we’re pretty sure that this is it.

The most popular female horror characters revealed

clock Friday, October 10, 2014 at 06:22PM

There’s nothing like a good horror film, and there’s no denying that in a great many of them, it’s the ladies that really do the scaring.  Many of the movie world’s creepiest horror characters have been female, and today we’re going to pay tribute to what we think are five of the best.

The Woman in Black

First coming to life in Susan Hill’s superb novel in 1983, The Woman in Black is an instantly recognisable horror character, and one that would make an absolutely belting Halloween costume.  Legend has it that the sighting of The Woman in Black presages the death of a child, the woman herself – Jennet Humfrye in life – having lost her son and hung herself as a result.  Chirpy stuff all round, then.


Stephen King characters always seem to appear on these lists, and with good reason: the man understands horror perhaps more than any other writer in the world.  Carrie remains one of the most iconic female characters in the genre, the film itself being described by no less than Roger Ebert as ‘absolutely spellbinding’.   Carrie herself is no more or less than a pretty, complicated girl pushed into a horrific situation.  Not that it makes her any less freaky.

Ellen Ripley

If you look up ‘Badass’ in the dictionary, the chances are that a picture of Ellen Ripley from the Alien series will be in there somewhere.  Portrayed by the generally brilliant Sigourney Weaver, Ripley is an absolute beast (in a good way), kicking serious amounts of derriere and paving the way for future awesome heroines. Oh, and yes, Alien is definitely a horror.

Annie Wilkes

She might not look menacing, but Annie Wilkes (another Stephen King character, this time from Misery) is iconic enough to be recognisable by almost everybody.  Having kidnapped her favourite author, she subjects him to no end of psychological and physical torture until he changes his plans to kill off Annie’s favourite character.  If you want an easy to maintain horror costume, Annie is well worth it. Make sure you’ve got a hammer with you – it’s worth it for the sheer number of cringes you’ll get from other party-goers!

Regan McNeil

In terms of iconic female horror characters, it’s hard to imagine one that’s as instantly recognisable as Regan – i.e. the girl from the Exorcist.  It’s strange, now, trying to imagine the sheer impact that the film had at the time, but almost every display of power from the possessive demon during the film remains memorable, from the spider walk to the 360 neck rotation.  Perhaps the most famous female horror character in history; the power of Christ compels you.

How to dress like Elphaba from Wicked

clock Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 09:39AM

In the world of theatre, Wicked has become an absolute smash hit, playing constantly all over the world.  One of the reasons for its popularity is the awesome character of Elphaba – known to anyone who hasn’t seen the play as the Wicked Witch of the West.  Elphaba is such a cool character that anyone who sees the show instantly wants to rock the costume. Today, we’re going to take a simple look at the three pillars of Elphaba’s costume:

The makeup

One of the main visual factors of Elphaba is, of course, that she’s got a rather green face.  The makeup used for the professional set is MAC PRO Chromacake Landscape Green and then MAC Carbon on the eyebrows.  Obviously, though, not everyone is going to be able to ship out for luxury Hollywood level make up!  Fortunately, you can easily pick up this green face and body paint at a lower price point.

The dress

Elphaba’s dress is, of course, pretty iconic.  The dress in the play is fitted, with a big skirt.  One of the keys is to not just go for plain black – instead, try to add some strips of colour – dark greens and greys, for instance – through the design.  Of course, you can always just pick up a plain black dress, but remember that it needs a big skirt! The alternative is to actually pick up the official wicked witch costume which will get you the right look immediately and with the minimum of fuss.

The accessories

It absolutely wouldn’t be Elphaba without the classic wicked witch hat and broom.  Don’t leave home without them!

Fun and flirty Halloween costumes for the ladies

clock Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 11:04AM

Halloween: Scary. Creepy.  Sexy?  Well, yes, All Hallow’s Eve can be as good a time as any to unleash your flirty side. Practically every single horror or ghost themed costume has a sexy version (even Freddie Kreuger – yes, really), so today we’re going to take a look at what are probably our top ten fun and flirty costumes.  Happy shopping, ladies!

The Dark Knight Rises – Catwoman

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was chocca-block with awesome stuff, and Anne’ Hathaway’s knock-out spandex hotness was definitely near the top of the list. Emulate her with this corking cat-costume.

It’s-a-me, Mario!

Looking to combine geekiness with sexiness?  Well, here’s your chance.  This Mario outfit takes everything that’s instantly recognisable about the iconic video game character and cranks up the hotness.  Best avoid the moustache if you’re planning to seduce someone, though: ‘Get your ‘tache, you’ve pulled’ definitely doesn’t have the same ring to it!

FBI Flirt

Feel free to make all the jokes about concealed weapons you want.  Figure hugging and blacker than black, this FBI costume is seriously hot stuff.  Happy Birthday, Mr President.

Alice in Wonderland

This little costume definitely hits the right buttons: it’s little, it’s corset based and the stockings (available as accessories) look great.  If you’re a raven-haired hottie, this is the costume for you!

Fever French Maid

A definite classic, there remains absolutely nothing wrong with the sexy French maid costume.  Black stockings? Check. Tight corset? Check. Attention from all the best-looking blokes? Check.

Fever Naughty Schoolgirl

Another iconic sexy costume, the schoolgirl outfit is sure to attract attention from more or less everyone.  Perfect for a school disco party, it’s got everything you need to rock the dance floor.

Major Fling!

This particular little costume remains incredibly popular and it’s not too hard to see why.  It’s sexy without being too obvious and leaves a lot to the imagination.  No ‘saluting’ jokes, though, please.

Devilish delight

If there’s a better time for giving that devil a bit of glamour than Halloween, we don’t know when it is.  This little costume has everything: it’s stylish, it’s eye catching and – yes – it’s definitely fun and flirty.  Hot stuff, indeed.

The Nun

Naughty but very, very nice, this nun’s outfit is seriously hot stuff.  Figure-hugging in all the right ways, it’s sexy as hell (so to speak).  Good girls go to heaven, bad girls wear this costume.

Steam Punk Pirate

Sexy and still strangely classy, this costume is a definite must for anyone who wants to look the belle of the Halloween ball.  It’s stylish, sophisticated and yet still definitely attention-grabbing.  A flirty costume with a difference.

Vampire couples costumes straight out of Transylvania

clock Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 05:27PM

It’s that time of year again: the time when all the ghosts and ghouls come out to play.  Yes, Halloween is nearly upon us and that means only one thing: it’s time to get the costumes out.

As far as we’re concerned, you still can’t go wrong with a good vampire costume, and it’s also the perfect solution for couples. Today, we’re going to take a look at five different vampire couples costumes, all of them ideal for enjoying the big party together.

Transylvanian Vampire Couples

This is the ‘classic’ vampire look, and it’s not hard to see why it remains so popular.  This pair of outfits are stylish and sophisticated, combining a seriously swish combination of whites, blacks and reds.  If you’re a fan of the classic ‘Dracula’ aesthetic, this pair of costumes is definitely for you.

Baron and Lady Vampire

Though there’s still something ‘classic’ about this stylish pair of costumes, the Baron and the Lady both take the traditional Dracula-style look and run with it, providing an almost aristocratic aesthetic.  The Long Dress wouldn’t look out of place in a Tudor court, and the Baron costume itself perfectly matches the dress. A stylish couple indeed!

Royal Vampire Couples Costumes

If you’re a Twilight fan, you’re probably very aware of who the Volturi are, and if that’s the case you’ll definitely recognise the style of these Royal Vampire costumes.  They’re seductive, powerful and will definitely ensure you’re the best-looking couple at the party.

The Lord and the Burlesque Vampiress

We think that these two costumes complement each other superbly well.  The Vampire Lord costume itself remains very, very popular: it’s an awesome steam-punky style look that’s half Gary Oldman style Dracula and half something out of Doctor Who.  The burlesque costume, meanwhile, combines a Victorian style outfit that is as sexy as it is stylish.

The Count and Countess

For a none-more regal vibe, you can’t go wrong with the Count and the Countess.  This pair of costumes are perhaps the most elegant that we sell, combining lush purple with deep black.  The Count’s costume comes complete with a stylish top hat (we’d recommend adding a skull cane for the complete look) and a long jacket perfect for the vampire aristocracy. The Countess’ dress, meanwhile, is stunning.

For more inspiration on your fancy dress outfits read our other ideas for dressing up as a couple.

The scariest Halloween film characters of all-time

clock Monday, October 6, 2014 at 02:33PM

With Halloween coming up, we thought now would be a great time to celebrate those icons of horror: the ones that routinely have us rushing to the toilet in terror.  In tribute to all films that are just morally wrong, we present this: our list of the top five scariest Halloween characters in history.

Pennywise the Clown

Aaaaah, people just love clowns, don’t they?  Well, some don’t.  Clowns can be freaky as hell, and the king of all the circus weirdo’s is the mighty Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT.  Portrayed by Tim Curry (who, given Rocky Horror, apparently likes playing people with serious personal issues) this clown is violent, scary and loves murdering children and laughing about dead turtles.  Which is pretty messed up, we’re sure you’ll agree.


Topping the list of ‘chaps you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry’ Pinhead is one of main beasts from Clive Barker’s cracking horror Hellraiser. Things you need to know about Pinhead:

 - In his human days, he was a soldier with a serious penchant for violent sexual deviance.
 - He now spends most of his time in hell, only coming up for air to torture, maim and murder the hell out of people.
 - He’s bizarrely charming and intelligent for such a psychopathic nutjob.
 - He probably gets a bit cranky if you go too near to him with a magnet. (We’re just guessing).

Pinhead remains a corking character to dress up as, though it’s very important not to take the DIY approach, unless you fancy a swift visit to casualty.


Hannibal Lector

Whilst we’re on ‘charming, sophisticated and seriously messed up’, it makes sense to mention everybody’s favourite dinner party host, Dr Hannibal Lecter.  The Silence of the Lambs remains a masterclass in tension, character development and – occasionally – horrific violence.  Dr Lecter is perhaps the most renowned character in the history of scary films, and what’s more, he’s always willing to put on a brave face.  If it’ll help him escape.

Michael Myers

Perhaps as pure an embodiment of evil as you’ll find anywhere, Michael Myers is merciless, savage and doesn’t care about anything but causing suffering. One of the scariest things about Myers is the mystery: Why does he kill people?  Why can’t he be stopped?  Why, given his lack of humanity, doesn’t he run for Parliament or work in banking?  Alas, it seems we will never know…

Freddie Krueger

FREDDIE’S HERE!! Freddie Krueger was always going to be part of this list.  He is, to be honest, just a bit horrible.  He’s got a face that resembles a pizza, massive claws on one hand and he loves to kill children in their sleep.  Not a good CV, it has to be said.  Probably the most recognisable face in the Halloween world, congratulations to the big FK: this horrific title is yours.  Get help.

How to look like a zombie walker from The Walking Dead

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alternate text

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead – and who isn’t? – the chances are you’ve probably considered going as a zombie walker to a Halloween party or two. Fortunately, we’ve found these tips – right from the geniuses behind the make-up on the shows – that’ll help you really nail the look. Enjoy!

The hair

The best way to get that zombified look for your hair is simply to apply a ton of conditioner: it’s like instant deadness, as it strips away the essential oils found in the hair. Just don’t do it if you’ve got a photo shoot the next morning!

The skin

One of the best ways to have extra skin is to apply liquid latex. Whilst this is a Hollywood-standard tool, it’s actually far cheaper than you might think! When whipped up and added to the face, it can be used as an extra layer of skin – allowing you to carve holes, scars and scratches into it to your heart’s content. To make the latex even more lifelike, apply some face powder and then dry it with a handheld hair dryer.

The wounds

To create lifelike wounds, break out some standard gelatin and liquefy it by microwaving it with water (don’t let it boil – if it does, you’ll need to start again). Add some liquid food colouring to the mix to get that bloody-red look, and then add the mix to the boney areas of the skin. From there, you can pull at the gelatin as it begins to set, creating the rough edges of wounds. Use a black sponge around the edges to add a bit more texture.

The torn flesh

To create some stylishly horrific flesh, add a layer of liquid latex to the skin and then press a smaller, ragged edged piece of facial tissue on top. Then add another layer of latex over the top and allow the tissue edges to wrinkle up, creating the look of eaten flesh. Lovely stuff.

Add another layer of skin. In order to make all those wounds look like they’re part of the same face, one of the last touches is to add a final layer of latex across the whole face (excluding the actual wounds) and to add a pale base foundation with a little bit of mineral oil. This will create the image of pale, dead skin. It will also make wounds look more like they’re actually part of the face, rather than just stuck on. Feel free to liberally sprinkle around some bullet wounds and deep red blood to help with the look!

The eyes

One key part of any zombie costume is adding some depth of colour to your eyes – dark powder and eye-shadow are both effective. It’s also worth using a subtle amount of green, as this will combine with the pale skin to create a sickly look. So much blood! You still can’t go wrong with corn syrup and red food colouring for realistic-looking blood, but it’s also possible to go with legitimate fake blood, too. If you want to create a realistic looking spatter, then flick it with a paint brush.

If you're still keen to learn more about perfecting that zombie stance then be sure to read our complete guide to dressing up as a zombie!

How to create the perfect Count Dracula look for Halloween

clock Thursday, October 2, 2014 at 01:28PM

There’s a saying that the old ones are always the best; and when we’re talking about classic Halloween looks there’s no better outfit than a gothic Count Dracula-esque appearance.alternate text

No Halloween party is complete without a blood sucking vampire. Some of the most popular Halloween films have been So without further ado, sink your teeth (or should that be fangs!) into our top tips to create the perfect Count Dracula look for Halloween.

1) We’ll work our way from head to toe, starting with the hair. Traditionally, a vampire’s hair is streaky with a mix of black and white. You can get some simple temporary spray-on hair colour products off the High Street that will provide the look we’re talking about.

2) Before you go heavy with the spray-on colour, you might want to style your hair first. We recommend slicking it back with gel as vampires are very meticulous about their hair dos!

3) Once you’ve got your hair looking spick and span, the next thing to focus on is your face. You need to look appropriately ghoulish, so white face powder is definitely the way to go regardless of your skin colour. Use dark eye shadow beneath your eyes to create that haunted look.

4) Use mascara to blacken your eyebrows and eyelashes. Embellish those lips with blood-red lipstick or using one of our three-colour make-up kits; mmm blood...

5) In terms of get-up, a crisp white tuxedo shirt is ideal, although any black suit with a white dress shirt would have the same effect!

6) One of the most important props as part of a vampire costume is the cape. Whether you want to sort your own DIY cape by pinning a bit of black fabric to the back of your blazer or you’d prefer a readymade alternative is up to you!

7) Fangs very much… (tumbleweed). Always have a pair of plastic fangs ready to slide in on arrival at your gothic party. Blacken the bottoms of the incisors of your fangs to make those pointy canines look even longer!

8) Get into character; blood’s tasty, right?! Add a few drops of fake blood at the corners of your mouth to make it look like you’ve already dined out on a ‘victim’!

9) Last but no means least, Dracula talks in an eerie Easter European twang, so start practising your best Hungarian accent and vampire gags.

If these tips leave you wanting more then take a look at our complete guide to looking like a vampire at Halloween.

The perfect couples costumes for Halloween

clock Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 02:12PM

Halloween is a simply brilliant time of year for costumes: if you’re heading out for the party with your partner, spouse or friend, you’ll get double the impact by going for matching costumes. Today, we're going to take a look at some of the best couple costumes available out there for Halloween.

Batman and Catwoman

Batman Dark Knight Rises Couples Costumes

Widely renowned as the best comic book movie series, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy absolutely rules. If you’re a big fan, there are few better choices for a couples costume than the dark knight himself and Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman. If you want to be instantly recognisable, there are few better choices.

Mr and Mrs Edward Scissorhands

Mr and Mrs Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands is a genuine classic, and remains one of Tim Burton’s biggest successes.  Edward himself has always been pretty popular amongst Halloween costume wearers, and now it’s possible to pick up a Mrs Scissorhands costume as well, perfect for the couple that wants to rock the gothic look this Halloween. Just be careful not to run with those scissors!

Mr and Mrs Krueger

Freddy Krueger Couples Costumes

Yes, you read that right!  Freddie Krueger has always been a real horror icon, regularly appearing at more or less every Halloween party in one guise or another.  Well, now the ladies can get involved too! This particular Mrs Krueger Costume is fully licensed, and is designed to perfectly match the classic look, complete with a classic Freddie-style hat, a stylish dress that mimics Freddie’s old jumper and, yes, that iconic claw hand. 

A twist on Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Couples Costumes

Fairy tales nearly always have their roots in very, very dark stories.  Well, there’s no reason not to take the whole thing that little bit further. This particularly dark-looking set of costumes that combine a somewhat zombified Riding Hood and a wolf that really, really needs a wash! If you want to make a real scene at the party, these costumes are well worth consideration!

The Leatherfaces

Leatherface Couples Costumes

In the world of iconic horror films, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is pretty close to the top of the list.  Leatherface- the film’s main lunatic – is right at the top of the list of horror icons.  So who better to dress up as?  Of course, we can’t forget the little lady: yes, it’s now possible to pick up a completely unique Miss Leatherface costume that – somehow – manages to bring a bit of glamour to the party.

If you're dressing up as a scary couple over Halloween don't forget to look at our more definitive guide before you make your purchase!