Christmas Films!

clock Monday, December 14, 2015 at 10:00AM

This week we are going to number a variety of Christmas movies for adults and for kids that have set themselves as some of the best Christmas films of all time, many different films are set around the Christmas time or during December which automatically makes them Christmas according to TV! There are tons to look at but we are just going to name a few for the family and a few for adults too! Many of these films you may have watched before and some you may not have but hopefully you will recognise characters from the films that you want to dress up like and become this Christmas season!

Elf – 2003 (PG)

We could not make a list of Christmas films without talking about this film, although not a masterpiece this film takes a different take on the usual Christmas films focusing on an “Elf” rather than Santa Claus. This Will Ferrell comedy is one of the funniest films and uses a variety of comedy from slapstick comedy to a variety of jokes and reoccurring themes. Even though the film is over 10 years old the humour doesn’t date and old viewers still remember the scenes almost instantly!


Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas / the Grinch – 2000 (PG)

A classic children’s tale about a black hearted monster who hated the Christmas for its joyful and noisy parties! The film takes a few things differently and tries to cater for a much more heart filled ending as well as adding a few extra bits of comedy during the story to keep the audience laughing. Jim Carey plays the strange and emotionally explosive Grinch in a perfect manner, a character made for Jim Carey, and some say the film would not be a success without his performance. A classic tale and a classic story for the family to enjoy!


The Nightmare before Christmas - 1993 (U)

How much further away from a Christmas themed film can you get when you have characters from Halloween as the main characters of the story! The Nightmare before Christmas is a perfect example of a film that can take place during the Christmas holidays but has its own unique story that ties in with the Christmas season, this is by far one of the most popular Christmas films both as a box office success and a cultural success, the film is over 20 years old and still sells merchandise as if the film were brand new.


Frozen - 2013 (PG)

Although not technically a Christmas film as it does not celebrate the Christmas season however we cannot deny the fact that it is one of the most popular films for Disney fans most of the year around but especially around Christmas time because of the snowy themes. There are tons of reasons to love this film, the music, the characters, the story and so much more.


Fred Claus - 2007 (PG)

This movie was not much of a box office success and has had a bunch of poor reviews. Does it deserve it? We don’t think so, although not one of the most popular and classic Christmas films the film still gives a great story and teaches kids a good lesson about even bad kids can do good things! The humour stars of well but towards the end the story goes a bit dark but overall is a pretty fun movie to watch with the family.


Die Hard – 1988 (15)

Wait what!? Yes Die Hard Is classified as a Christmas film or Holiday film, the reason for this is because it is set around the Christmas time, has Christmas Decorations and has a romantic story about peace, but the reason we all watch it is for the action scenes! This is one of the best if not THE best action film of all time starring Bruce Willis the film is all about a policeman visiting his family at Christmas eve when suddenly terrorists attack a NYC building and he must save them all by himself!


Gremlins – 1984 (12A)

Another film not generally seen as a full Christmas movie because of its horror subgenre but is somewhat about Christmas because the “Mogwai” is given to the main character as a Christmas present along with a set of rules that ensure the safety of both the Mogwai and its owner. Over the years this film has been given a variety of Age ratings starting at 15 but has lowered throughout the years as it typically doesn’t show any gore.


Bad Santa – 2003 (15)

We finish the list on one of the most adult Christmas films of all time, this film has a variety of scenes not suitable for children 2 men come together every year to rip off shops by becoming the Mall Santa and the elf however one year things go downhill as one man becomes depressed and an alcohol which draws the attention of security but what could possibly get him out of this predicament? The film is very popular for adults to watch around the Christmas season so if you haven’t already, give it a watch!


These are just a few of the best Christmas themed movies that you can watch over the season, you might have remembered a variety of characters from these films and if so be sure to check out some of our Christmas costumes to recreate your favourite characters and scenes from these films!

Remember if you need any help don’t hesitate to ask!

Do we want to build a snowman?

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This week were going to talk about ways of building a snowman effectively and to enjoy the cold weather as much as possible in this coming season, the first thing to do when looking to build a snowman is to check if the snow is a great building material. You won’t be able to build a snowman with fluffy snow as it will break apart and crumble as you build, icy snow won’t be able to merge together easily so make sure the snow is slightly wet and is able to be merged together. Next it is time to find a great place to build the snowman, make sure that you choose a nice flat area that is shaded from the sun for most of the day to ensure that your snowman doesn’t melt quickly.

Now it’s time to start building the snowman! 

1. Create a snowball with your hands by taking snow off the top of a fence or anything else and test if the snow sticks together easily, if not than the snow is unfortunately unsuitable to build a snowman. However if it does work place the snowball on the ground with lots of snow around and begin rolling it over the snow, the snowball will add the snow onto itself and begin getting bigger and bigger until it becomes a giant snowball.

2. Once the Snowball has reached a decent size for the lower body of the snowman roll it into position and use other snow to attach the body onto the ground, think of it like your using the snow a glue, This will ensure that your snowman will sit still if the surface is a little uneven as well as give it the look of being part of the ground.

3. Similar to before create 2 more snowballs and roll them along the ground until you have 2 more snowballs, make sure neither is bigger than the first snowball you made and make one smaller than the other, these will be the snowman’s upper body and head of course so once they are made place them upon the lower body and similarly to how you attached it to the ground use packs of snow to “glue” the body parts together.

4. Now that the snowman has a body it’s time to give him some personality! Let’s start with some arms, you can either find 2 sticks that are similar in length (Don’t have to be a similar style) and stick them on each side of his upper body, use little packets of snow to support the arm if it keeps falling out. You can also use tools as well including shovels and spades if you’re making the snowman in your back garden to give it more of a gardener look.

5. Adding to the personality, give your Snowman some emotions with a face! The starting point is the nose, a carrot is the obvious choice but you can also use other foods like a Cucumber, Banana or any other long piece of food that gives the impression of a nose. To make the eyes you can use small food, coal or even pebbles use tiny twigs as eyebrows and give him angry, sad or happy eyes by pressing them into the snow until they stick. Use the pebbles to also create a mouth or carefully cut a mouth shape into his face.

6. It’s going to be a cold season and even snowmen can get cold so make sure to give him some accessories, scarves are the usual choice and are a great little accessory to add onto your snowman, but you can also give them an old hat, good styles are fedoras, cowboy hats and top hats because they don’t need to wrap around the head, If you’re really struggling for a hat use a bucket or even an unused bin if your snowman is big enough. Lastly a final accessory you could add is an old belt around his waist just make sure it’s not tight enough that it will cut through the section between his lower and upper body!