Get Prepared for Halloween!

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Halloween is one of the most popular events of the year as thousands of people get ready to hit the streets of their hometown in an attempt to both trick and or treat each other with a variety of spooks and sweets! Many choose to isntead host parties or gatherings at their homes to watch films and eat possibly too much food, all of this while dressed up in great looking costumes ready to scare the pants off all their friends and family.

There are tons of different characters and monsters to choose from when thinking about having a costume to wear to one of these many Halloween events, Whether its a classic horror movie monster or a villain your looking to become this Halloween we are now going to help you find some great costumes that suit your style.

We have of course got some great looking monster cotumes that vary from the popular to the classic, For everyone we have a variety of vampire costumes including gothic styled versions and of course vampire costumes based on the classic story of Dracula. The men and boys have a great variety of Werewolf styled costumes and accessories including maks, gloves and shoe covers that will transform any boy or man to become the ultimate werewolf. For the girls and ladies we have a variety of Witch costumes that work great for trick or treating and parties.

There is of course the Zombies, one of the most popular horror monsters of all time has been increasing in popularity as time goes on, With shows like the Walking Dead and films like 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead the zombies have become insanely popular and are not dying off any time soon. We also have a great variety of skeleton costumes for everyone including reaper costumes and various neon costumes for the girls!

Instead of Monsters how about we show off some horrific villains! We of course have costumes from the nightmarish Freddy Krueger and the dangerous Jason Voorhees we have some great looking costumes for both men and women as we also have some great looking female versions of these characters.

However there are a ton of different costumes that work great for trick or treating and many different Halloween events. These range from popular pirate outfits for boys, girls, men and women alike there are also a variety of fairy outfits for the girls and women. There are lots of film characters that also work well for this event although not necessarily designed specifically for the Halloween event, these vary from the incredibly popular Darth Vader character from the Star Wars franchise that we have costumes for ages for boys and men. There are also Alice and Mad Hatter costumes in the normal style and dark style for the couples as well as even some superhero costumes are just some of the costumes available for you to choose from.

We also have a great variety of costumes for couples that people can wear to these events together including death monarch costumes for men and women which replicates the idea of a evil lord and queen who rule the underworld, there are tons of other couples costumes as well just have a look through our Halloween couples page for these great looking costumes:

Here are also some links to all the other Halloween pages for you to have a look at some of the spooky costumes.

In the next 5 weeks we will be giving you all 7 films per week that we think are great films that you can watch every day for the next few weeks as well as looking at some of the greatest Halloween films for kids and adults and movies that are strictly for adults, many of these films you may have seen before and will remember them when we mention them, others you may have heard but never watched and some you might never have known at all. These Blog posts will be published every Monday of the next 5 weeks coming up to the Halloween Night!

Batman Vs Superman

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In 2016 we will have one of the biggest quesions answered... Who would win in a fight, Batman, or Superman. In this blog post we are going to look at both heroes and what makes them capable to fighting each other. So get your capes and put onto your masks and root for your favourite superhero

Both superheroes are very popular in current media. Superman is the most iconic superhero character and is usually the character people immediately think of when people talk about superheroes. With many different powers at his disposal he is one of the most powerful heroes of all time.

Batman is by far one of the most popular superheroes in all media, whether comic book, movies or video games. Although not actually having acess to any "super" powers Batman fights crime with his excelent martial arts and various gadgets and weapons. In some cases Batman is considered an anti hero for his lack of typical superhero qualities choosing to stay hidden from the public.

For years the question about who would win in a fight between the two of them has been asked, and in 2016 we might just get the answer we are looking for. The Movie was given a two hundred million dollar plus budget and was announced in the San Diego Comic-Con in 2013 and has had several release date pushbacks with the current release date for the UK being 25th march 2016. Ben Affleck will once again be the dark knight himself Batman while Henry Cavill will be in part of the man of steel Superman as well as various other characters like Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and everyones favourite superhero ever... Aquaman. Played by Jason Momoa. Before we can even talk about who could win in a fight we need to look at their powers, abilities and equipment available to them.

Lets begin with Supermans insane list of abilities:

Solar Energy - This is what fuels his power. Think of him as a giant solar powered robot, without solar energy in his cells Superman is unable to use his powers. He gathers this energy from yellow stars such as Earths sun (How convienient). We have even seen him ENTER the sun to get his powers to their full potential.

Heat Vision - The ability to fire concentrated beams of solar energy from his eyes. These beams are extremely powerful and have an absolutely incredible maximum range. We have seen him able to control the beams in various ways in terms of size in both height and width and its intensity as well as being able to do it without being seen to the human eye allowing him to do this unseen while not in his costume. However this power comes with a heavy price, due to firing concentraded solar heat this power drains him of his energy very quickly.

Solar Invulnerability - If he wants to walk into the sun or fire heat beams from his eyes he is going to need to be invulnerable to it otherwise it wouldnt be a very good power. This effect means he is immune to many degrees of intense heat as well as a great psysical immunity to extreme forces like crashing or impacts from other entities.

Superhuman Attributes - Things like his Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, Reflexes and his speed are much higher than the average human being able to lift vehicles and objects that are difficult for even a crane to move with ease as well as take insane ammounts of damage and injury before actually losing power. He can even sense objects and things happening around him before they have even happened allowing him to move out of the way with extreme speeds to avoid damage. He also has the power to regenerate his injuries and wounds mid fight to keep his defences strong.

Superhuman Breath - One of the more insane abilities superman has to offer. Superman is able to both inhale and more importantly exhale huge pockets of air at incredible forces blasting anyone or anything in the way. He is even able to hold his breath for extended periods of time where air is limited or non existant such as underwater or in space. There has even apparently been a time where he has inhaled a tornado before releasing the air into space to save a town of people. Lastly and most importantly Superman is able to exhale the air through pursed lips, by doing so the air cools down much quicker than a regular humans and becomes ice cold resulting in his frost breath ability.

Flight - This one has some insane name that im not going to try to get you to pronounce. The explenation for his flight is simple. The planet Superman hails from has a much stronger gravitational pull towards its centre compared to Earth's meaning he is able to float in our atmosphere because of how used to the heavy pulls his body is from his old planet.

Lastly he has a few superhuman senses such as X-Ray vision, improved hearing and smell as well as being able to speak incredibly loudly and raising his voice to that of a speakers from one of those giant speakers from the festivals!

Unfortunatly all good things must come to an end, just like any asset in the world (even the super world) Superman has a variety of weaknesses that make him struggle to fight, limit his powers or inevitably kill him. The most common way people know to stop Superman is by subjecting him to be close to an element known as kryptonite, This element found on his planet is radioactive and drains any solar energy from anything nearby including Superman, the force of the radiation pulling away the solar energies are so intense that it causes incredible ammounts of pain to Superman however similar to many radiation emitting entities Lead is able to block out the effect. (But that means superman has to wear a helmet and suit made of lead with no breathing holes.)

However lead is also a big problem to superman due to not being able to use his X-Ray vision through so perhaps a suit isnt the best idea if he cant see through it. Red Sun Radiation, Instead of the helpful yellow sun the red sun radiation is similar to that of kryptonite and will drain the cells from Superman. A weakness we never knew Superman had was that Magical properties such as Werewolves, Vampires, Demonic creatures etc could actually bypass Supermans Invulnerability and Superhuman Attributes like his endurance.

Of course another big weakness to Superman is running out of solar energy while fighting, if Superman runs out of solar energy in his cells he will lose all his powers and be subjected to being just like any other human.

So with all those powers under his suit's belt what does Batman have to combat these insane powers? Lets take a look!

Well actually Batman has no inherant super powers and has not gained any from any supernatural or magical being, Batman is just a normal human being. With a few differences.

Genius - He is often stated as being one of the most inteligent people on the planet with incredible knowledge in detectivework and crime solving, all the sciences and his knowledge of martial arts. In the DC universe he has actually created in depth plans to fight and beat any fellow superhero if they turn bad including our friend Superman.

He has escaped various deathtraps and booby traps with his incredible stealth and escaping techniques where he has escaped various almost completely unescapable deathtraps with ease (I wonder how he would do against the guy from saw).

Martial Arts - He has incredible stamina and is able to fight for extended periods of time and against any number of foes with his incredible martial arts skills and knowledge, his reflexes are borderline superhuman and has even taught Superman a thing for two about fighting in hand to hand combat in which Superman has said in countless media subjects (Movies, Video Games, etc) that Batman is one of the deadliest humans he has ever met.

Brain Power - Batman has an incredible willpower, what this means is that he is able to withstand attacks to his mind. Things like telepathy and mind control are almost inafective against him. This power makes him one of the most inteligent men in the universe as he is able to think on the spot without being manipulated by speach, This makes him one of the most powerful interrigators around especially with his intimidating outfit and voice. The only exception to this is his adversary the Scarecrow who uses a deadly gas or toxin that makes the affected witness their greatest fears.

Gadgets - Being a wealthy man has its perks, with the income he gets from his inheritance as well as his work as Batman allows him to supply himself with the greatest crime fighting equipment like his awesome Batarang or the iconic Batmobile which has had a huge ammount of variants with different gadgets attached to it.

So in terms of number of powers Superman beats Batman and initially you would think that Superman would win in a matter of seconds but Batman does have a good chance against Superman for a few reasons. Superman has been known to be rather incompetant, usually Superman makes mistakes when fighting possibly due to overconfidence as most attacks would prove innafective and not hurt him. Batman on the other hand because of his lack of defencive superpowers many attacks would hurt or possibly kill him meaning he is a lot more careful and smarter in combat.

Batmans stealth would be innafective from Supermans X-ray vision so that wont help him (Unless they fight in a building made of lead). As stated before Batman has before made plans to fight anybody like Superman so if this is true in the film then Batman has got a good chance of beating Superman.

Batman has the capabilities of outsmarting Superman by a longshot so if the statement "brains over brawn" has been used before, this is the time to use it again. So get some costumes and have a movie marathon for all the Batman films or Superman films and get ready for Batman Vs Superman set to release next year on March 25th!

Here are some links to our Batman & Superman pages:

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Of course we cant leave out the variant characters for the ladies. Superman and Batman are both quite bulky and are a lovely sight for a lot of women. So we even have stock for characters like Supergirl and Batgirl!

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In a Cinema Not To Far Away!

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It's a film with space ships, little green aliens and swords made of coloured light. If you couldn't guess the film after that horrid description then you have been living under a rock. It's Star wars!

The very first ever Star Wars film, created by George Lucas in 1977. Probably the most successful science fiction franchise ever created making a grand total of $775.4 Million with only having a budget of just over $11 Million. The film series has been going ever since with spin off TV shows and Video Games exploring the story in more detail!

Later this year we here in the UK are to be treated to another of the Star Wars films named "The Force Awakens". Planned to release to us on the 18th of December 2015 everyone needs to begin to prepare for either one of the greatest films in the last few years or a big dissapointment (Let's all hope its not the latter). Whether you are a huge Star Wars fan or not its obvious that around the world the franchise is a cultural phenomenon with hundreds dressing up in costumes for their own events and conventions around the world.

Star Wars is one of the only films in the world to be split into 2 different trilogies rather than one whole film series. First to be released was the "Star Wars Trilogy" which consists of epsiodes 4 to 6 while prequels were created after the trilogy which has been named the "Star Wars Prequel Trilogy" which gave us episodes 1 to 3. Now the franchise is getting another Trilogy possibly being called the "Star Wars Sequel Trilogy" with its first film "The Force Awakens."

In a franchise this big there is no doubt going to be a character that is a favourite to anybody! Whether its the sexy princess Leia or the iconic Darth Vader. Many people even love smaller characters like Boba Fett and General Grievous however its possible everybody has a deep hatred for Jar Jar Binks. Lets take a look at some of the many characters we all know from this great franchise.