Witch Costume?

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Spellcaster CostumeWith all your new knowledge about the witch hunts, why not dress up as a witch and stir up some superstitions at the party? In Europe 85% accused of witchcraft were women, which is why it is such a popular choice of Halloween costume with the girls. There is a great range of Witch fancy dress costumes at AllFancyDress and some amazing accessories to match. So get your brooms ready and take a look at these bewitching costumes:

Taffeta Coffin Witch Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Go back to the time of the 1600s where Salem became notorious for their witch trials. This is a fantastic Halloween costume if you love the period look with a modern twist.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Velvet dress and bodice with elasticated side panels and satin ruche front. Also includes matching coloured hat with buckle.

Spellcaster Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Witches were known to be evil, but in this Witch costume you can rewrite history and let everyone know Witches are also incredibly sexy! Cast a few spells and let the hem line do all the talking when you walk into the party!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Sexy black sparkly dress, and tall witch hat.

Witch Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Conjure a few spirits this Halloween with the help of the amazing Witch Costume. You’ll be the centre of attention as you demonstrate your witchcraft skills around your cauldron!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Long dress with jagged effect on collar and hem, flared sleeves, and thigh high slit on one side.

Pretty Witch Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Witches can also be pretty as well as menacing and skilful. With this Pretty Witch Costume, which is ideal for Halloween, you can use your sexiness to your advantage, before casting your spells on demons and ghosts!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black and pink dress with pink ribbon and matching hat.

So ‘witch’ costume you will you go for this Halloween? When you have decided why not take it a little further and accessorise your spells with the help of these amazing hats, wigs and wands:

 Small Witch Cauldron

Witch Broom Extendable

Witch Shoe covers

Witch Hat

If you want to dress up as a witch during the Halloween period then why not read our Witch Costume Ideas page which gives you a great introduction to all you need. If you are looking for another costume idea, see our selection of Halloween costumes.

The Witch Trials - A Fact File

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The Witch TrialsThe witch trials are one of the most read-about historical subjects, with Salem being the main centre of peoples’ attention. People were accused of witchcraft for the smallest of things, with 150 people accused of practising the craft and 19 executed for it. Back in the time of Salem the ‘leader’ of the witches was a man called George Burroughs. Ironically, he was able to escape the trials himself!

The most accused person, however, was a girl called Bridget Bishop in Salem in the 1600s. In 1692 she was judged by Samuel Sewall, William Stoughton and John Hawthorn and hanged due to the judges taking a serious disliking to her. Bridget got the most attention from the people of Salem due to her strange dress sense; she usually wore a black cap, dress and a red cape! Sound familiar…?

Another unforgettable victim of the Salem witch trials was Tituba, a servant of Samuel Parris, the puritan minister, and one of the youngest girls to have been put to death. Tituba was accused for bewitching Parris’ daughter, Betty, when she fell ill. She was caught feeding a dog a witch cake in the hope that the dog would in return tell her how to cure Betty. She was beaten until she confessed to being a witch.

Ann Putnam is also a well known name when it comes to the witch trials in Salem. Ann was known for being against witchcraft and regularly attended trials (11 in total). This made people very suspicious of her. In fact the people of Salem tried to trial her for witch craft for this very reason!

Ways of testing if you neighbour is a witch:

  • Strip him/her down and if there are any black spots on their body, the accused is a witch.
  • Throw him/her into the water, if they float then the accused has being dealing with witchcraft and practising it regularly.
  • If they were around in the time of the Bubolic plague in 1603 there is a large possibility that that person is a witch.
  • Your neighbour is a witch if they believe in fairies.

If you want to dress up as a witch this Halloween then why not read our Witch Costume Ideas page. If not, check out our other Halloween fancy dress costumes

Ms Krueger Outfit - Costume of the Day

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Ms Krueger CostumeThe costume of the day has to be the Ms Krueger Costume! It has everything you could ask for out of a Halloween costume; its sexy, its recognisable, scary, edgy and unforgettable! No one will want to cross your path, but they will still want to approach you to have a conversation! Guys will be in limbo on what to do when they see you; they will want to talk to you, but will be scared you will enter their dreams and make it a nightmare!

Freddy Krueger is one of the most terrifying characters to have graced our screens; we don’t want to fall asleep just in case he tracks us down and kills us with his bladed glove.  And in this Ms Krueger Costume you can do exactly the same- put fear into everyone at the party that you might be coming for them!

All you need now are the accessories that will maximise the effect you will have on everyone. Here are the accessories you need to stir their sleep:

Black Ripped Stockings

Sex the costume up even more with a pair of black ripped stockings

Deluxe Edition Freddy Replica Glove

And your weapon of choice ... your knife glove of course. Ms Krueger wouldn’t be quite as scary without her favourite killing weapon! Upgrade to this deluxe edition Freddy Glove for maximum impact!

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A Family Affair

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You would never think that there is such a thing as a family horror film, but then came the Addams family. Originally a cartoon, The Addams family is one of the most infamous families in the horror genre. Their story has been told through many forms of media such as a TV series, films and now a musical.  

If you are attending a Halloween party this year as a family, why not go as the Addams’? Everyone has their favourite characters, and whether you love Wednesday or Gomez you will find the ideal costume for you. Dressing up as a member of the Addams family is perfect for Halloween, after all it is their favourite time of year!

Fester Addams Costume (boys)

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Fester is one of the most lovable characters in the Addams family unit, he is shy, popular with all the family members and incredibly sweet when it comes to finding his love. However, his appearance is less lovable!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Mask, hooded robe, and beltcord

Morticia Addams Costume (ladies)

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Be the sexiest Goth at the party and have guys wishing they could kiss you from the tips of your fingers up to your neck.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black dress with flared base, and long lace netted sleeves with hanging drapes.

Gomez Addams Costume (mens)

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Be the head of the family and the master of the household in this incredible Gomez Addams costume. All that is left for you to do now is smoke cigars all night and destroy toy trains!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Jacket with inset shirt, bow tie, and trousers.

Wednesday Addams Costume (girls)

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Wednesday is a dark and mysterious teenager with a healthy appetite to physically harm her brother Pugsley.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black dress with white collar and cuffs, and foam belt with white buckle.

For more great costume ideas, check out our film fancy dress costumes or our Halloween fancy dress party outfits.

The history of Halloween

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Carver the Killer ClownHalloween is a highly celebrated time of the year, where people come together dressed in costumes and playing trick or treat. But how did it all come about? Halloween is considered to be made up of ancient Celtic practices, European folk traditions and Roman and Catholic religious rituals. All of these have influenced our modern day Halloween, with the Celts lighting bonfires whilst dressed up in costumes to ward off spirits and ghosts, whereas the Romans would celebrate by throwing an annual festival called Feralia.

However, Halloween began to lose its religious connotations by the beginning of the 19th Century, turning into a children’s holiday, and becoming far more like the Halloween of today. The originality of this festival had become distorted through time, yet the tradition of warding off or disguising ourselves against evil spirits, demons and ghosts are still very much alive today.

The stories and myths that we have been told during the Halloween festival have evolved and so too have the costumes. Not only can you get traditional scary costumes, but also sexy costumes, and some that are even based on ‘good’ guys! Here are just a few examples:

Transylvanian Temptress Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: If you want to look sexy as well as scary this Halloween, think about becoming a seductive Vampire with this Transylvanian Temptress outfit. Tempt people to come a little closer then when in a state of false security drink their blood!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Red and black dress with full skirt, and eyemask.

Carver The Killer Clown Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Based on the spine chilling novel by Stephen King, “IT” scarred people so much, whenever they saw a clown they would run and hide.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Shirt, trousers, mask, hat and neck ruffle.

Deluxe Batman Dark Knight Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Batman is a skilled warrior fighting evil on a daily basis, so what better character is there to dress up as for Halloween? You will be fighting evil ghosts and ghouls, and maybe even a few jokers when you make your entrance into the party.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Batman jumpsuit, cape and mask.

Check out our selection of outfits for your Halloween party for more inspiration.

Halloween Costumes for boys

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Ghost rider would have nothing on this costumeHalloween is next month and your boys must be getting extremely excited and with our range of Boys Halloween costumes there is a reason to be. Halloween is a great time to dress to the max, go trick or treating and get yourself into some terrifying mischief, so why not let your let your boys turn into a scary monster that will charm and scare your neighbours in equal measure?  There is a great range of monstrous costumes to choose from including;

Punk Zombie Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: All boys want to be a rock or punk star at some point in their lives and love to have a scary effect on people. With this costume they can do both, they will even be scarier than the zombies on the Michael Jackson Thriller video.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Half mask, studded gloves, along with jacket with moulded zombie chest

Metal Skull Biker Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Ghost Rider won’t have anything on your little man this Halloween in this fantastic outfit. No one will look tougher and more terrifying than him!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Leather look jacket with attached EVA shoulder pieces, vinyl mask with attached cap, and studded gloves.

Monster/Frankenstein Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: One of the most infamous monsters of all time comes in the form of Frankenstein, so why not pay a tribute to the monster this Halloween and dress your son up in this incredible costume? 

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Jacket/Shirt, Trousers, and Hat.

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Halloween Costumes for girls

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Walk amoung the living as the undead this HalloweenIf your girl loves Halloween, they are going to love our Girls Halloween costumes  You can find an array of witch, vampire and generic costumes that will have them spooking out the neighbours in no time.

With Halloween coming up next month, now is the best time to get shopping for the perfect Halloween costume for your little girl. If you are hosting a party at your home, getting the costumes sorted and out of the way, leaves you more time to think about the food you want to be serving and how you will be decorating your home.

If you are a bit stuck on ideas for your little girl’s Halloween fancy dress costume, take a look at some of these outfits.  Maybe these scary and frightening costumes will spark a few ideas!

Child Ghostly Spirit Costume

WHY IT’S ASWESOME: Make a ghostly appearance this Halloween and really spook people! This costume is sure to scare and charm their friends in equal measure. Its perfect for Halloween parties and trick or treat.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Hooded gauze coat, and white dress.

Zombie Prom Queen Costume

WHY IT’S ASWESOME: Think Carrie but with a twist. This Prom Queen costume is perfect if your daughter wants to make an entrance to the party; there can’t be anything more terrifying than a zombified Carrie!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress, Tiara With Veil Plus Black Armlets.

Mummy Horror Robe Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Nothing can scarier than a walking, talking mummy resurrected from the dead. Not even the Book of the Dead will help save your prey!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Mummy robe  

Check out our fancy dress Halloween party outfits for more ideas. 

The history of Masquerade

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Experts believe the origins of fancy dress costumes in the UK date back to the 18th Century during the Victorian period. However, the concept for fancy dress can date further back to the 15th Century in the Renaissance period in Italy (http://www.victoriaball.com/history.htm). These fancy dress occasions commonly came in the form of masquerade balls, which were fondly thought of in Venice. Through this the concept of masquerade balls became popular across Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.

However, long before the Europeans celebrated the Masquerade, a long history can be found in Africa, which still lives on today with popular events such as Boxing Day and New Year. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/photography/8067153/Behind-the-masks-the-photographs-of-Phyllis-Galembo.aspx). Across Africa the costumes traditionally invoked those of their ancestors, spirits and deities, which travelled across to the America’s when the Nobles made commercial costumes that symbolised religious figures.

During a masquerade ball attendants would place a mask upon their faces, disguising their identity, thus creating excitement between peers. Typically the masks are worn for protection and concealment, but in masquerade balls masks were worn to invoke sexual desire towards one another.

Masquerade balls are still popular today, with many events scheduled throughout the year. It has also taken a on a new form, with operas such as The Phantom of the Opera embarking on the mysterious effects masks have on people conceptions.

Freddy's in town....

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....and he's after you!

With Halloween fast approaching, we here at AllFancyDress.com we thought we would share with everyone some great Freddy Krueger costumes that will be ideal for any fancy dress party, especially Halloween!

Check out the all new Freddy Krueger Remember whatever you do, don’t fall asleep page, there is some great information and links available.  Or check out the 1, 2, Freddy's coming for you page, which has some bone chillingly excellent Freddy Krueger ideas for you to claw into.

"One, Two....Freddy's Coming for You!!!

Three, Four....Better Lock Your Door!!!

Five, Six....Grab Your Crucifix!!!

Seven, Eight....Better Stay Up Late!!!

Nine, Ten.....Never...Sleep Again!!!"


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Back to uni, back to more house parties!

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Save the party in this fantastic costume!Returning to university or starting your first term? You know what that means – more parties! So celebrate your return, or getting into uni, by having a fancy dress party. There are some great themes and costumes to choose from and at AllFancyDress.com you can find everything you are looking for at a competitive price.

Become a superhero and save the world!

Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: When you think of superheroes it has to be Superman, he is the master of all superheroes. Not only has he got incredible strength, invulnerability, flight, speed, x-ray and heat vision, he has also got an extensive list of films and TV programmes dedicated to him.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Cape, muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot covers, and belt.

Show them whose boss in a gangster suit!

Mens Gangster Suit

WHY IT’S AWESOME: You talking to me? If you want power at the party the best costume to be all dressed up in is the gangster suit. No one will want to mess with you at the party and by the end of it you will be the Don!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Jacket, trousers with an elasticated waist, black shirt front, and tie.

Be a naughty maid for the evening

Flirty French Maid Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Girls it’s time to show them what you are maid of! Flirt in style and have the boys wrapped around your duster with this extremely sexy and provocative French Maid costume.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black and white dress, headpiece and sleeves.

And don’t forget Halloween is next month, so check back to AllFancyDress.com for all your spooky needs!