TV Show and Movie Facemasks

clock Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 11:00AM

Become a Family kinda GuyEver wanted to know what it feels like to be famous, well now you can find out with just a click of a button! There is a great range of movie and TV show facemasks for you to choose from. Becoming the star won’t be a problem, it will be deciding who to impersonate from, Beetlejuice, Danger Mouse and Batman. 

If you want to create a few screams and show off your dangerous side, we have a great choice of super villains for you. Become Kruger and create a lasting impression that will always have you in their dreams, have the licence to kill and seduce the women as Sean Connery in 007 or get people chanting your name as soon as you walk in the room as Jerry Springer.

Other inspirational ideas are:

Del Boy Mask

Ali G Mask

Peter Griffin Mask

Hannibal Lecter Mask

There are some great masks for you to take a look at, which are so unbelievably realistic everyone will want to know where you got your outfit from. In these masks you will become the talk of any party and all eyes will be on you. You are of course, a movie or TV star!

Music Gods

clock Friday, April 23, 2010 at 11:00AM

Become your musical iconSlash has dressed as himself at one of the Hilton’s fancy dress parties, but no one knew that he was the real Slash, according to a recent article. So surely, dressing as your favourite pop/rock star is the best choice to go for when heading off to a fancy dress event.

For the guys, create the greatest tribute to your chosen star, with our wide range of rock star costumes, including Elvis, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury and Jimi Hendrix. Whether you want to rock out purple haze style or bust some moves on the floor to Billie Jean you will be the talk of the party.

Other inspirational ideas:

MC Hammer

Adam and the Ant


Michael Jackson

And for the girls, who want to show off her show stopping moves here are some great costume ideas for you to get your hands on:

80’s Madonna Style Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: She is the Queen of Pop, is there anything else left to say? If you’re going to dress as any pop star it has to be Madonna.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Gold top and black skirt.

Gold Rock Queen Costume

WHY ITS AWESOME: Show that you have soul with this costume. This Tina Turner costume will get heads turning from every direction.


The Bestival fancy dress theme announced

clock Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 11:00AM

Become part of the most fmaous love storyWith the Bestival fancy dress theme being announced as “Fantasy”, we thought to should bring a collection together for you to choose from. The fields are going to be filled with fairies, princes and princesses, wizards and so on, but with our range of fantasy theme-driven costumes you will never look like anybody else and all eyes will be on you.

Steal all the attention from everyone else girls with this great collection of fantasy costumes. We have everything from Mermaid costumes and Gladiator costumes to Kong Hand costumes and so much more. But if that’ not your sort of thing and you prefer to be more of a free spirit, take a look at our Woodland Fairy costume, Glinda the Good Witch costume, Dragon Fairy costume and Purple Butterfly costume.

Other inspirational ideas:

Juliet costume

Salome Belly Dancer costume

Arwen costume

For the guys that fancy themselves a bit of a warrior and want to stampede through the field winning a fair maidens hand we have some fantastic costumes to let that fantasy come true, with the Zulu Warrior and Crusader costumes. If you are more into getting back to simpler times our cavemen costumes could be for you, or maybe you fancy yourself as the King of the Caves?

Other inspirational ideas are:

Wizard Robe costume


Dick Turpin Costume

Robin Hood

For more costume ideas, check out our other Bestival fancy costume suggestions.

The 'cad' Look - The best fancy dress costumes to make her yours!

clock Friday, April 16, 2010 at 11:00AM

Your friend has just decided to host a fancy dress party round his and you know there will be a mass of people there, so you need to look good. But what to go as? You want to be “The Don” having all the girls around you and making that will make the guys so green with envy, wishing they had the same costume idea as you.

We have a great selection for you to choose from, uniforms that will make hearts melt, muscles that keep the girls on your arms and suit costumes that will get you standing out from the crowd. We have picked the best out of these categories that will keep all eyes on you:


Fireman Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: We all know the reputation of fireman, so why not cash in all the benefits without having to lift a finger. Suit up and give all the girls firemen lifts that is sure to turn the guys green.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Navy blue and yellow jacket and trousers.

Top Gun Captain Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: What girl didn’t fancy Tom Cruise in this film? Let’s face it guys we all wanted to be him, and with this costume you have the chance.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: White shirt, trousers and hat.


Zoot Suit Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: It is a known fact that girls are attracted to danger so why not make an entrance with this suit that boasts attitude that will make sure no guy will want to double cross you.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: This is a three piece suit, including zoot jacket, trousers and braces

Scarface Tony Montana Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Nothing says gangster more than Scarface and this official licensed Tony Montana piece is perfect for recreating the masterpiece.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: white jacket with burgundy handkerchief in the breast pocket, burgundy shirt, white trousers and retro sunglasses

St George's Day

clock Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 11:00AM

Celebrate St George's Day in true styleSt George’s Day is a great occasion to get everyone together and join in festive cheers for the patron of England himself. Get yourselves down the pub, get the round in and share the laughs in a range of St George wigs, hats and shades. We have something for everyone, whether you want to be subtle or if you want to go full out and show off your patriotism.

If having a wig or a hat is not enough for you we even have a crusader costume that will get you making an entrance that no-one will forget.     

The 23rd April is not only a day to celebrate being English, but it also the date in which William Shakespeare died. Not only are there plenty of wigs and masks for you to choose from to enjoy the day, but there are also great costumes to pay tribute to the most respected and well known British playwright in the world.



Why being two faced can actually be good for you!

clock Friday, April 9, 2010 at 11:00AM

Sean Connery 007: Get a lience to kill.Allow yourself to become another identity, someone who might be a little more outspoken, confident or even a bit more talented, if that sounds like a great idea then now’s the time to get two faced! Whether you want to become a royal, a celebrity or footballer there is everything you could want or need in our collection of facemasks.

Whoever, and whatever you fancy becoming we have it covered from royalty and politicians to superheroes and super villains. But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy and you want to bring humour to the party, there is nothing better than dressing as Stewie from Family Guy, grab a couple of his quotes and you will be the life and soul of the crowd.    

If music is more your thing, pay a tribute and become the much missed King of Pop, or if you like to make an entrance there is nothing like our Alice Cooper mask to keeping you rocking throughout the night.  

We are one of the leading suppliers of fancy dress accessories in the online market so you can always be reassured that our masks are nothing but show stopping. If you want to be constantly remembered in
future parties to come, you will have to dress the part and we can
help you do that at competitive prices as well beginning at 99p!

Easter Bunny

clock Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 11:00AM

The Easter bunny is one of the most loved characters when it comes to celebrating Easter. It is a great time of year for people to dress as a bunny and hide eggs in the garden for children to participate in an egg hunt.  The first edible Easter Eggs were made in Germany during the early 19th century and were made of pastry and sugar.

Easter celebrates the rising of Jesus after his crucifixion. As the story goes, Jesus is buried in a cave shut off by an enormous rock. On the morning of Easter Sunday a miracle happens and Jesus is resurrected and carries on performing his work in Gods’ name.  

Like most Christian holidays, like Christmas it has become commercial. People are raiding shops to buy chocolate Easter eggs, which represent birth and new life. Chicks are also thought of when Easter comes and often enough you see many shops offering customers the chance to buy their very own fluffy toy chick.

Ghostbusters costumes to celebrate the new movie

clock Monday, April 5, 2010 at 11:05AM

Who ya gonna call?!Who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters! The sequel rumours have been circling and there is a shock, Bill Murray’s character Dr. Peter Venkman will be killed off according to his interview with American idol, Letterman.  The film is set to be a big hit and will be on our screens next year.

With the third film on its way, we have been reminiscing about the previous classics and no matter how many times you watch it, it is still has us all in stitches of laughter. Ghostbusters is also a great theme for any party and we have the gear that will get you wanting to kick some ghost and demon butt!

Ghostbusters really are one of the biggest and best fancy themes around - year after year our Ghostbusters costumes never fail to perform extremely well as people look to recreate one of the best movies of the last fifty years. It's funny when people call things 'timeless' because most things really aren't but Ghostbusters is something that never grows old.

And in fact, with the new film coming up it looks like it's going to be bigger than ever before, so why not get suited and booted as soon as possible and get your brand new Ghostbusters costume in time for the film? Without your proton pack, you'll be a sitting duck.

Do you want to dress like Amy Winehouse?

clock Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 11:06AM

Would you want to dress like Amy Winehouse?

No, but it would make for such a great costume! The star has been slapped onto every newspaper and magazine since the beginning of her career, but not a lot of it is about her talent...for singing that is. Never the less she is one of the biggest and most recognisable British stars of our generation and is an icon in her own right.

Be the biggest star at the party with this Rehab Babe costume and capture the essence of the talented singer, which includes the dress and belt. Complete the outfit and truly become the star by adding her signature hairdo, and to make things even easier for you, we have the beehive wig, which is available in our accessories range.

Wow all your friends at the party and prove that you can sing equally as well as Amy herself. You have got the outfit sorted, you have the hair sorted and the makeup, but if that just isn’t enough to become a true pop star and you like karaoke, then are pop star microphone is for you. With this outfit and your singing talents you will never be forgotten.



Madonna fancy dress ideas- fancy dressing up as the Queen of Pop?

clock Friday, March 26, 2010 at 10:07AM

You expect to see a large number of extravagant and mesmerising costumes at Rio De Janeiro's famous carnival. After all, it's a cultural celebration that has been called by many one of the greatest shows on Earth.

That's quite a title, so it's no wonder many of the World's rich and famous head over to Brazil to enjoy the sights and sounds. In attendance this year was none other than Madonna, the Queen of Pop herself. Sporting a colourful t-shirt and an extravagant black eye-mask she watched the samba dancing and other events with boyfriend Jesus and daughter Lourdes. The Sun reported that Madge had a great time dressing up for the Rio carnival!

Here's a thought if you're looking for an outfit: why not dress up as Madonna for your musical fancy dress party?

Her style is instantly recognisable, and perfect for larger-than-life partygoers who just want to have the best time possible.

Take a look at our favourite Madonna fancy dress items below:

80s Madonna costume
WHY IT'S GREAT: Sleek, sexy and head-turning, this outfit includes gold top and black skirt for the ultimate seductive look.

Madonna face mask
Recreate Madge's facial shape and features with absolute realism with this amazingly authentic face mask!

Madonna blonde Superstar wig
WHY IT'S GREAT: Madonna's flowing locks have been famous the world over - this wig allows you to recreate them instantly. It's flawless when paired with the mask above!

Have fun dressing up as the Queen of Pop herself!

One, two, three - we are livvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvving in a material Worldddddddddd!