Book Day Costume Ideas - Aladdin and Arabian Nights costumes

clock Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 10:04AM

Aladdin costume: Beat Jafar and win Princess Jasmine's fair hand!For a mystical, magical outfit experience on Book Day, why not consider dressing up in one of our head-turning Aladdin and Arabian Nights costumes? Head back to the land of Jafar, Princess Jasmine and Abu the famous monkey in style - we understand how cool Aladdin is and give you all the tools necessary to recreate his famous look, in addition to other cool characters of the time.

Here are some of our greatest Aladdin and the Arabian Nights costumes:

Aladdin Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: The original and best - steal from the rich, give to the poor, woo Princess Jasmine and become Sultan!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Vest, pants, waist sash and headpiece.

Arabian Princess costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Nothing looks more mesmerising than the Arabian Princess costume, perfect if you want to ensnare your friends' senses all day long. Perfect for the authentic Jasmine look!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Trousers, top and headpiece.

Harem Princess costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: A colourful and unique outfit, the Harem Princess costume is a unique blend of modern and historical styles.
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Top, trousers and headpiece.

Arab Sheikh costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: A realistic and instantly recognisable outfit, no-one will be under any illusions about who you are when you're in the Arab Sheikh outfit! Also great for a Middle Eastern themed fancy dress party.
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Robe, headpiece and belt

Have fun at your World Book Day event - we're sure it'll be an absolute blast. And don't forget, you've still got plenty of time to buy your perfect Aladdin and Arabian Nights costumes. Or alternatively if you're not sure what you want to wear, browse all our Book Day costume ideas for inspiration - there's bound to be something you love.

You can also give us a call on 01268 574 170 to discuss your needs!

Book Day Costume Ideas: Disney Princess costumes

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Tinkerbell costume: turn your daughter into a beautiful Disney Princess!What does every single girl dream of becoming? Answer: A Disney princess!

Well, now they can in style with one of our beautiful Disney Princess costumes. Designed using the finest materials, all our outfits sparkle with delight and offer girls the chance to feel like a million dollars throughout their Book day event.

We know that there are so many amazing Disney animated films that have existed through the ages, from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin. Because of this we don't just limit you to 1 or 2 Disney Princess costumes. We stock a massive range with outfits based on ALL the characters that you know and love. So whether you're a fan of Snow White or the Little Mermaid you'll find precisely what you're looking for.

Here are just 3 of our beautiful Disney princess costumes:

  • Tinkerbell Light Up costume - Become the cute, innocent fairy of Never Never Land. Not only does this Tinkerbell outfit look great, but it also lights up for a startling, smile-inducing effect!
  • Snow White deluxe costume - A beautiful, colourful outfit, you'll have your seven dwarves in tow in no time at all. Just don't eat the apple!
  • Ariel deluxe Little Mermaid costume - Under the sea, under the sea! Head under the sea in style with this wispy, airy Little Mermaid outfit. Now to find your Prince Eric!

Take a look through our Disney Princess costumes for even more great outfits. Or head to our full range of girls Book Day fancy dress costume ideas for everything your daughter could possibly need on Book Day! For a general selection of Fancy Dress Costume ideas, search our full range of Book Day fancy dress costumes. There's loads of inspiration there - so sit back, relax and browse at your leisure!

Book Day Costume Ideas: Shakespeare costumes

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Lady of the Palace costume: timeless, noble and utterly beautiful! Rewind the clock back to the time of Romeo and Juliet with something from our range of authentic Book Day Shakespeare costumes. We think the Bard is just about as traditionally British as you can get, which makes dressing up as one of his famous characters one of the best choices for Book Day.

Shakespeare costumes are renowned for their majestic air and sense of nobility. In addition they are made of the finest materials to ensure you look good all day long and there's no-one left under any illusion as to who you've dressed up as.

Here are some of our coolest Book Day Shakespeare costumes:

  • Medieval Juliet costume - Ensnared with consummate love, Romeo and Juliet's tragedic lives have become one of the most well-known and heartfelt stories in the World today. Why not live the story with this beautiful Medieval Juliet costume?
  • Sir William costume - Striking and powerful, the Sir William costume is a smart choice for boys wanting to relive masculinity at the time of Shakespeare's writings.
  • Lady of the Palace costume - The most beautiful costume for the most beautiful girl, the Lady of the Palace outfit is a sight to behold. Ladies will kneel, men will bow, and the entire ballroom will gaze in wonder.

We hope you enjoy these Book Day Shakespeare costume ideas, please check out some more Shakespearean fancy dress ideas here. We truly think it's a great theme for March 4th, and will definitely impress all your school friends when it comes down to it! If you're looking for heaps of inspiration and just can't decide what to dress up as, check out our full range of Book Day costume ideas to find out everything there is to know.

Or just post a question in the comments below - we'll be happy to help!

Book Day costume ideas: Lord of the Rings costumes

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Lord of the Rings costumes: a smart, timeless choice for Book Day!Middle-Earth is undoubtedly one of the coolest places ever created in a book. Filled with dwarves, elves and wizards, it's every child's dream.

And let's not forget that Aragorn, Legolas, Gandalf and Frodo Baggins are some of the most memorable characters ever created. Those who have read the Lord of the Rings books will attest to the beauty and brilliance contained in the pages, and those who have seen the films will attest to the same on the screen.

If you love Lord of the Rings, why not dress up on Book Day in one of our amazing Lord of the Rings costumes?

We have officially licensed, authentic outfits based on all your favourite characters:

  • Gandalf costume - YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Get into the mind of the coolest wizard to have ever lived, and help the Fellowship bring down evil Sauron.
  • Aragorn costume - The rightful King of Gondor! If your heart is strong and your sword sharp, give strength and focus to your friends as the leader of the Fellowship.
  • Frodo costume - The ringbearer himself! Can you lead the ring to Mount Doom, ignoring its call and its master?

We have some other great Lord of the Rings costume so before you buy make sure you check out the full collection, including our post on the Frodo costume. Alternatively if you're looking for oodles of Book Day inspiration check out our central Book Day costume ideas. And don't forget- if you're panicking because it's close to Book Day don't worry. Order from for same day despatch and next day delivery options!

Book Day costume ideas: Peter Pan costumes

clock Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 10:24AM

Tinkerbell costume: magical fairy fun for Book Day!Never Never Land is a place most people would love to go.

And although you won't live forever, you can at least live the dream. We stock a great range of Peter Pan costumes allowing you to dress up as your favourite JM Barrie character for Book Day. On Book Day schools around the country will be hosting events to celebrate the best books and movies that have come out of Britain. Peter Pan is definitely up there with the best, so why not dress up in one of our Peter Pan costumes and show everyone how cool you are?

Our Peter Pan costume range is extensive:

  • Tinkerbell Light Up Costume - A cute Tinkerbell outfit with a light up twist! Perfect for dazzling your friends.
  • Captain Hook costume - Villainous streak? You'll want the Captain Hook costume, allowing you to chase Peter and his friends in style!
  • Peter Pan costume - The original! Become the boy who never grows up instantly with this authentic Peter Pan outfit.

Have a great Book Day! Keep checking back here over the coming weeks as well be posting loads more of the coolest Book Day costume ideas around! For more information, why not post in the comments and we'll reply or even give us a call on 01268 574170?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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From all of us here at, Happy Valentines Day! We hope you have an amazing day with your beau and ignite all the passion that makes relationships so wonderful.

If you're reading this and thinking "Valentine's Day? Oops..." then never fear. We've put together some last minute plans that'll still ensure there's passion and romance in the air.

  • Get your photo taken professionally - This can be an incredibly intimate event, and leaves you with a lasting memory that you can treasure for years later.
  • Have a 'photo day' - Head to the park, the shops, the cinema, wherever, and just take photos together. You can build up a scrap book to look over every Valentine's Day. This is a great way to have fun on a budget.
  • Cook an indoors picnic and eat it on the floor, complete with candles and cushions - An original, thoughtful touch that will definitely go down well.
  • Check out the horoscopes for the day and act accordingly - This is a great way to be spontaneous, so have a look what is meant for you both and plan a day based on that!
  • Invite some friends over - Sure, Valentines Day is supposed to be spent together, but why not spend it together with another couple? It'll sure make you appreciate your better half!

For costume ideas, check out our great selection of Valentine's Day costumes.

Have a great time!

Book Day Costume Idea: Frodo costume

clock Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 10:26AM


This Frodo costume is the perfect choice for Book Day! On March 4th schools around the country will host a number of unique events celebrating the great books and films that have come out of the United Kingdom. From Charles Dickens to Lord of the Rings, there'll be an amazing amount on offer to ensure you have as much as fun as possible. In the run up to Book Day, will be showing you the best Book Day fancy dress ideas so you can get the most out of the occasion.

The Frodo costume is awesome because:

  • Officially-licensed: you'll look identical to Elijah Wood in the famous movies!
  • Fully-featured: Includes cloak, coat, attached vest and shirt, and trousers.
  • Customisable: Add Sting - Frodo's unique sword - for an amazing experience.

We hope you have a great time at your Book Day event. Book Day costume ideas can really add to the occasion and ensure you don't fail to impress all your school friends throughout the day. And when you look great you feel great, so why not make sure you'll be feeling great with an awesome outfit bought at a competitive price from

Check out our full range of Book Day costume ideas for full inspiration!

Boys Book Day costume ideas!

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Book Day is a great chance to:

  • Dress up - put on an awesome outfit based on your favourite book or movie character
  • Have fun - enjoy spectacular events with your school friends and family.
  • Learn - enrich your knowledge about the past.

At we believe Book Day is one of the best occasions in the fancy dress calendar, which is why we always put together some fantastic Book Day costume ideas to help you get the most out of the occasion. Book Day costume ideas come in so many shapes and sizes that you're free to choose exactly who you want to dress up as and when.

Boys have a great range of Book Day costume ideas to choose from:

For more costume suggestions, check out our Boys Book Day fancy dress ideas or our general Book Day costume ideas.

Girls Book Day costume ideas!

clock Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 10:05AM

The majestic Lady of the Palace costume is a perfect choice for a regal Book Day eventWe recently posted about World Book Day, an event that will take place on March 4th in schools around the country.

The occasion celebrates the awesome literature that has come out of the UK and Ireland and encourages school children to read more books and enjoy the various famous characters that have entered the collective imagination over the years!

Now that World Book Day is less than a month away, we thought we'd post about some of our awesome girls Book Day costume ideas so when your daughter attends her school fancy dress event she'll look and feel special all day long!

Here are 4 of our favourites.

Roman Goddess Costume
This outfit will turn your little one into a seriously cute Roman Goddess! It's majestic, impressive and is guaranteed to go down well at any costumed event. Roman outfits go down exceptionally well with kids - we think it's because they look so grand and imposing. This one includes long dress with belt and headpiece.

Red Riding Hood Costume
No-one will be crying wolf when your daughters in this cute Red Riding Hood costume. It's a timeless outfit based on a childhood classic, and looks so adorable that everyone will be 'awwwing' in no time at all. Includes hooded cape, dress and belt.

Dorothy Costume
Everyone loves the Wizard of Oz, with its amazing characters including the Tin Man and the Lion! Decades after the movie came out it's still as popular as ever, and your daughter will definitely love to be seen dressed as Dorothy, as she'll be instantly recognisable in seconds! The outfit includes a dress, headband and shirt.

Lady of the Palace costume
The ultimate in regal beauty, this outfit commands respect from everyone! Your daughter will truly look the business as an authentic Tudor Queen and will be feel so special dressed in such a unique and mesmerising outfit. The Lady of the Palace costume includes a burgundy velvet dress and headpiece with veil.

Arwen Costume
Lord of the Rings fans will absolutely adore this amazing Arwen costume, designed to turn girls into their favourite immortal elf in no time at all. It's a stunning white outfit that includes a long dress - if your child is attending a movie-themed event or a literary event focusing on J R R Tolkien, this outfit is a perfect choice.

We hope you and your daughter have an amazing time on World Book Day. If you'd like more outfit inspiration for both girls AND boys, have a look through our full range of Book Day costume ideas. It's jam-packed with great costumes that'll satisfy even the pickiest kids, making both of you happy in an instant! Alternatively you can give us a call on 01268 574170 and we'll be only too glad to help you out.

Valentines Day Costume Ideas: Sexy Ladies Costumes

clock Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 10:03AM

The sexy French maid outfit - perfect for all your Valentines Day shenanigans!Calling all ladies - do you want to look absolutely incredible on February 14th? Of course you do!

Whether you're trying to look naughty and nice for the man in your life, or if you're off on a big night out looking for love, dressing up will ensure you have a night that never gets forgotten.

Valentines Day really is a special day, after all. In today's stressful hustle and bustle it's nice to really unwind, let your hair down and be who you want to be for a special night. You can dance like no-one is watching and remember that everyone's human and everyone loves to have fun.

And you can look incredibly steamy too, in one of our incredible sexy ladies costumes, designed to turn anyone into the hottest being around. Check out our favourite sexy ladies costumes below!

French Maid costume
The original sexy outfit; you'll be receiving attention all night in the French Maid costume. Every man dreams of his girlfriend in a French Maid outfit, so why not give him what he wants this Valentines Day? You'll feel great, and so will he! Includes short black dress with attached apron, headpiece, armbands, and garter.

Nurse Naughty costume
The other original fantasy after the French Maid! The Nurse Naughty costume will probably have the guys deliberately breaking their arms so you can make them feel better - well, perhaps not that extreme, but you will look absolutely incredible. Includes light pink dress with zip, and hat.

Sexy Gangster costume
No-one will be messing with you when you're in the Sexy Gangster costume (not unless you want them to, of course...). You'll be the sexiest femme fatale in the land, so you can pick and choose your men, depending on who can handle you and who will get eaten alive!

Stop and Search costume
Turn yourself into the sexiest policewoman in the country with this steamy Stop and Search costume, giving you full powers of arrest (and probably persuasian...) over any guy in the land! Crime statistics will probably rise considerably as everyone tries to get arrested by you!

Take the first step to looking absolutely stunning on Valentines Day with one of our sexy ladies costumes! And if you'd like an outfit for your man, or even more inspiration for you, check out our full range of Valentines Day costume ideas.