Raining Cats 'n' Dogs!

clock Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 11:00AM

Who's side are you on?Cats & Dogs 2 is soon to be released in a cinema near you and if it is anything like the first film, it is sure to be a smash hit at the box office. The Revenge of Kitty Galore is the long awaited film that shows the relationships between the feline and the canine species, but this time in 3D! In the last film we saw a war between the two species, a lot of scratching and a lot of biting. However, this time round we will see the two come together paw in paw to help save themselves and their humans from the crazed Kitty Galore. Miaaaoooow!

Whether you are a cat fan or a dog lover, we have the costumes for you to celebrate the new release of Cats & Dogs 2. Here are a couple of costumes for you to enjoy:

Lucky Black Cat Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: They say it is a sign of good luck if a cat crosses your path in this country so why not share the good fortune around the party?

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black and white fur with tail, hood and mittens

Dalmatian Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: They are one of the cutest dogs around, so why wouldn’t you want to be a Dalmatian? This is also a really versatile outfit, especially if your children love 101 Dalmatians!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Spotty jumpsuit with hoods, mittens and tail!




In the Twilight Zone

clock Monday, July 19, 2010 at 01:00PM

Get into the Twilight zone with the help of AllFancyDress's vampire costumesThe film has been released and what a cracker! It has to be the best film in the saga so far. It has a bit of everything to keep everyone happy- vampire armies, a beautiful love story and one hell of a surprise! For all you Twi-hards out there who love the books and films, why not be a part of the story?

We’re sure if you have already seen it, you will want to see it again and those who haven’t, you are in for a treat. So when you next visit the big screen why not show what it truly means to be in the twilight zone! Our vampire fancy dress costumes could be exactly what you are looking for. We have put together a miniature collection of our favourite Twilight themed costumes for the whole family.

For Women

Grand Heritage Vampira Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: This is a grand costume that will help you release your inner vampire. The Voltori’s would be happy to have you by their side.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress, corset, choker, and glovelets.

Blood Vamptess Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: This sophisticated costume is great for those that want a more elegant vampire look. It gives a sense of authority; everyone will know you are the head of the family.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress and stand up collar and choker.

For Men

Slayer Chancellor Bishop Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Become one of the important members of the Volturi in this fangtastic costume.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Hooded robe with metallic trim, vinyl medallion, and belt cord.

For Children

Midnight Princess Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: This is the perfect outfit for a little princess who wants to show off her dark side. Teamed with a pair of fangs your little girl will be ready to bring a bit of terror into your lives.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Long Black Velvet Hooded Dress.

Vampire the Midnight Ripper Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: For teenage boys who love vampire wars this is the ideal costume! No-one will look as terrifying!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Velvet hat, jabot with collar, and long tailed real velvet coat.

For more costumes, try our Twilight fancy dress ideas.

Festival Spotlight: Secret Garden Party

clock Monday, June 28, 2010 at 11:00AM

Fact or Fiction this year at Secret Garden partyThe Secret Garden party has previously won Best Small Festival and it is no wonder why. Last year the festival broke a Guinness World Record by getting all festivalers to dress up as zombies, but this year they are have announced a theme that will get everyone’s creative juices flowing; Fact or Fiction.  

There will be four themes within the Fact or Fiction; Dreams, Invention and Discovery, The Twilight and last but not least The Future. The theme and how people interpret it, is what makes the festival so unique and one of Cambridgeshire’s best kept secrets.

There is a great range of things to do as well as enjoying the music including; the action camps where anything and everything happens from danceoffs, snail racing, a makeover tent (face painting, fancy dress and styling) and so much more.  There are also art boats and theatre and performance productions as well as games and spectacles. This is a one of a kind festival and one for everyone to enjoy.

At AllFancyDress we have just launched an all new Festival Costume collection including fantasy costumes, funny costumes, hats, wigs and many other accessories. Why not take a look?

To see more ideas, check out our festival fancy dress costumes.


Fancy dressing for Twilight Eclipse

clock Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 11:00AM

Show off how big a twi-hard you are with this great range of twilight themed costumesThe Twilight saga has become a sensation to global cinema with audiences becoming larger and larger as the films are produced. Everyone wants a bit of the Twilight life, whether it is the immortality of being a vampire or the whirl wind romance between human, vampire and werewolf. 

Twilight Eclipse the third instalment of the saga is coming at the end of this month and we have noticed there is a lot of competition between the fans to become the biggest fanatic of the saga, so why not dress as a vampire when it is released?

We have some great vampire costumes for you to choose from and for all ages. If you want to go for a more gothic look like the Volturi, dress as a doctor like Dr Cullen or like the look of Jacob as a werewolf we have it all here for you. Here are just a few that will think you would love to sink your teeth into:

Blood Vamptess Costume

WHY IT'S AWESOME: Become a sultry vampire in this vampire deisgn costume. All the boys will be linign up to get a taste of your blood.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress and stand up collar and choker.

Gothic Fiend Costume

WHY IT'S AWESOME: Be the most feared vampire in the Voltori with this scary vampire costume. It is fangtastic!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black robe with attached deep red and black capelet with collar.

Vampiress Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: For all the little Twilight fans out there, this is the perfect costume for you, ideal if you love Dakota Fanning’s character.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black and red dress with long draped sleeves, gold brocade and drawstring on the front, and large collar.

Doctor Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: This is the ideal look if your favourite character in the Twilight saga is Dr Cullen, all you will need to add is a pair of fangs, then try and help Bella and Edward escape from the Volturi.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: White coat and mask.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Tattered shirt with attached hair, fur overhead mask with teeth, and fur gloves with wolf hands.

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Create your own Fairyland

clock Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 11:00AM

Show them what a fairy is made of with this great Tinkerbell Fairy costumeWelcome to fairyland, a place where you can fly to new heights in beautifully designed fairy fancy dress costumes. Be inspired by the beautiful colours of the spring and summer and be part of a fairytale. These angelic creations are perfect for little princesses and ladies who love to be part of a woodland fantasy.

Fairies are an enchanted part of any fable and with these fairytale fancy dress designs you can be part of your very own fairytale. A girl’s dream come true.

For little princesses why not try:

White Woodland Fairy

WHY IT’S AWESOME: This is a dress fit for any little girl who loves her fairytales. With sequin detailing along the neckline she is sure to fall in love at first sight with it.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: White fairy dress

Pink Pixie Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Be pretty in pink in this wonderfully girly costume. She won’t be able to get enough of it and will be smiling all day long.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Pink dress and wings.

For graceful ladies why not try:

White Woodland Fairy Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: The perfect white dress for a woodland goddess with intricate details that will lift your costume above the rest.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress with layered skirt, wings, and headpiece.

Adult Tinkerbell Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Fairies can also be sexy and you are sure to prove this in this wonderful thigh skimming Tinkerbell costume.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress, wings and headpiece.

There are some great accessories to take a look at too, from wings to fairy wands, glitter gel and hair and body glitter.

Festival Spotlight: Glastonbury

clock Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 04:04PM

 There are some great costumes in our new Festival costume rangeGlastonbury is one of the biggest festivals in the UK, celebrating all kinds of music and of course mud! The festival began in 1970, the day after legend Jimi Hendrix died and since has become an event every music lover wants to put in their diaries.

Later in 1971 the festival took a medieval tradition of music, dance, theatre and poetry and was known as the Glastonbury Fayre. However, in 1981 Glastonbury Fayre changed its name to what we know it to be today, Glastonbury Festival.

It has been an event that brought people together and still does so today where you will only find ecstatic smiles, a brilliant atmosphere and amazing acts. People come to the festival thick and thin dressed in wacky costumes and bold face paints to brighten up the crowds.

It is an amazing festival to go to, especially dressed up and we have some great costumes that you will love. There is everything you could ever need in our Festival Costume collection including fantasy costumes, funny costumes, hats, wigs and many other accessories. Why not take a look?  

Tickets for this year's event has been sold out, but you can register for tickets for next year's event in Spring 2011 so keep your eyes peeled.

Our Favourite Festival Costumes


Toy Story 3 released soon – celebrate with a Toy Story costume

clock Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 11:00AM

Get in the spirit for the new release of Toy Story 3Everyone get ready – it’s almost time for another fantastic journey with Buzz Lightyear, Woody and all the other toys we’ve come to know and love. It’s hard to believe the first film came out in 1995, but it has been 15 years and the nation still loves the brilliant characters that interact with Andy and make his life just that little bit more exciting.

The second movie came out in 1999 and proved to be even more commercially successful than the first, and fans lapped it up. We’ve had to wait over 11 years for the next instalment but Toy Story 3 aims to be an even greater barrel of laughs than the first two put together, and it’s going to be an exciting time on June 18th when the film comes out and we get to experience the next adventure.

In the latest instalment, Andy is about to go off to college and his toys are worried about what will happen to them once he’s gone. He plans to keep them in his attic but his Mum accidentally throws them away. They then think it was Andy’s choice to throw them away – which leads them on yet another journey that ends up with a rather special ending!

If you love Buzz and Woody and Andy, why not celebrate the release of this fantastic film by dressing up as them or any of the other fantastic characters? With the film scheduled for release on the 18th, cinemas around the country will be holding screenings throughout the evening and they’re likely to be packed with fans eager to join in the next adventure, many of whom will have kitted themselves out with fancy dress to show the love. Why not join them?

We at www.allfancydress.com are massive fans of Toy Story and as such carry some great related costumes that will be instantly recognisable at the cinema or your party. From the awesomely realistic Deluxe Woody costume to the space-loving Buzz Lightyear costume you’ll find precisely what you need to take the toy universe by storm.

So why not check take the plunge and dress up on June 18th? You really can’t go wrong with such a fun, exciting franchise and such an incredible storyline (we won’t spoil it for you!) If you’d like some advice on the best Toy Story costumes for your party or outing, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 01268 574170 is the number – we look forward to hearing from you!

Tooooooooooo infinity and beyondddddddddddddddddd!

Need a different film costume? Check out our great range of film fancy dress ideas.

Dress for MTV Movie Awards

clock Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 11:00AM

For this years MTV Movie Awards and support favourite acts in true fancy dress styleMTV Movie Awards is coming and you still have time to pay a tribute to your favourite actors and characters. There are so many costumes to decide upon; we thought we would make it a bit easier for you by putting some of our fancy dress costumes into the award categories.

For Best Female Performance

Why not show your support for Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) in this Gryffindor Robe.

WHY IT’S AWESOME: This is an amazing costume that not only can be used for MTV Awards, you can wear it for Halloween and future Book Days. This unisex robe can also be worn by the boys who love Ron Weasley.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Long, black robe with clasp

For Best Scared As-S**t Performance

Why not show your support for Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland) in this Complete Zombie Costume.

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Show them why Zombies are the scariest monsters to have ever been put on our screens with this terrifyingly awesome fancy dress costume.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Mask with wig, blue shirt, moulded gloves and grey trousers with sewn in body parts.

For Global superstar

Why not show your support for Johnny Depp in this Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Captain Jack Sparrow has become a legendary character in its own right. He is hilarious character and the girls love him!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Shirt and jacket with belt detail, hat with attached wig and trousers with attached boots tops.

For Best Movie

Why not show your support for Twilight in this Vampira Costume for women and Gothic Fiend Costume for men

WHY IT’S AWESOME: These costumes are brilliant for representing the romantic side of being a vampire, just like the portrayal of the Twilight characters!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Vampira - Red Mini Dress with Detachable Straps, Red and Black Lace Jacket with Collar and Pendant, and Thigh High Fishnet Stockings with Garter. Gothic Fiend Costume - Black robe with attached deep red and black cape let with collar.

For Best Villain

Why not show your support for Helen Bowen Carter (Queen of Hearts) in this Queen of Hearts Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: No villain can look this sexy surely? We’re sure Helen Bowen Carter would have loved to have worn a costume just like this!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black, red, yellow and white dress with collar.


Let out your wild side with jungle costumes

clock Monday, May 31, 2010 at 11:00AM

Welcome to the Jungle baby!Been taming your wild side for too long? Become the king of the jungle and release the inner beast in you with our great range of animal costumes and suits. We have some great costumes for you to sink your teeth into, whether you want to rein act King Kong in our gorilla suit or steal the heart of Tarzan in our Jungle Jane number.  So, growl like a tiger or roar like a bear, there can be no stopping you when you put on the suit.  

Adult Tiger Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Prowl around the party to find your prey in this handsome tiger costume. It’s GGRRReat!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Jumpsuit and attached hood.

Jungle Jane Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Is it me, or does the jungle seem to be getting hotter? Girls, If you want to find an alternative to animal costumes, this has to be at the top of your list.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Tiger print top and skirt, matching headband, and belt with dagger.

Deluxe Gorilla Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Welcome to the jungle! Work your Tarzan skills in this gorilla costume or get into the mindset of King Kong and grab yourself a lucky lady!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Full body costume, mask, hands and feet.

Great Costumes for the perfect Hen Night

clock Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 11:00AM

Rival the Bunnies of the 60s with this Pink Bunny costumeWith the bride having enough occupying her mind, it's time girls to get your thinking caps on and throw the best Hen party EVER! There is a fair amount of organising to do, so we thought we would share the load, and give you some great ideas for costumes with the help of our ‘Top 3’. We have also put together a list of all the accessories you could possibly need, from sashes and badges to straws and hats.  

Our Top 3 Hen Party Costumes

Here are some great costume ideas that will get you bubbling with excitement for the big night. Go for a classic bunny costume that will even rival the pin-up bunnies of the 60s or maybe show off the sultriest side of being in a convent, whatever theme you are looking for, you are sure to find it here.

Pink Bunny Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: It is the sex symbol of the twentieth century and for over 40 years is still one of the most desired costumes around. What more can we say!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress, cuffs and ears.

Nurse Naughty Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: A great alternative to the ‘L Plates’ and something that will always be popular with both parties. This costume is sure to get some pulses racing!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Light pink dress with zip, and hat.

Sexy Sister Nun Kit Black

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Unite in sisterhood with this great nun costume. Whoopi Goldberg showed there was another side to being a nun in Sister Act and so can you.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Headpiece and collar


Here are just a few of our products for Hen nights that we think we really get the party started.

‘Bride to be’ Hen night Boopers

Pink Truncheon

Hen Night Balloons

Red Glitter Hen Night Sash

Willy Straws