Ladies Superhero costume ideas!

clock Friday, January 22, 2010 at 10:05AM

Sleek, sexy, super - what's not to like about the Catwoman costume?Let's get one thing straight right away - superhero costumes are not just for men! EVERYONE loves dressing up as a powerful and unique character from their favourite TV shows and movies, so ladies, if you're looking to buck the trend and look awesome at your fancy dress party, read on. We have the most amazing ladies superhero costume ideas around!

From Batgirl to Wonder Woman, you'll find a diverse range of realistic and officially licensed outfits that'll ensure everyone looks on in delight as you walk up to the party and take it by storm. Below we've discussed our favourite 5 ladies superhero costume ideas, and why we think they're so awesome. So why not take a minute and read them - you may just find your perfect outfit today!

Batgirl Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Batgirl is an amazingly cool and supple superheroine! You'll look glossy and sexy in this Batgirl costume, and be sure to impress all the guys.
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black and yellow dress with attached cape, black glovelets with black rubber spikes, vinyl eyemask, belt and boot tops.

Supergirl Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Superman's sexy counterpart is a great costume choice - with so many cool and attractive colours you'll have people coming up to talk to you in no time at all!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Velvet feel top with attached red cape, red skirt, gold belt, and matching boot covers with gold trim.

Harley Quinn Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Comic book fans will love the authenticity of this amazing costume. Harley Quinn is the Joker's jester-like girlfriend and has a rich backhistory and storyline. Dress up as her and look the true comic book part!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black and red jumpsuit with attached boot tops, collar, eyemask, gloves, and headpiece.

Catwoman Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: It's possibly the steamiest and most figure-hugging outfit around, perfect if you really need to wow them all!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black vinyl cat suit with matching black mask, belt, and gloves.

Captain America Deluxe Female Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: A fully-featured costume that includes everything you need to transform yourself into a super saucy version of Captain American in seconds!
Red, blue and silver metallic effect dress, eye mask, gloves, and boot covers to wear over your shoes.

Have a great time at your superhero fancy dress party! Do you love these ideas, but want to see a few more to ensure you've made the right choice? No problem - check out our full range of superhero costume ideas and see what we have to offer!

Superman costume ideas: dress up as the Man of Steel!

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Muscle bound madness with the Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Outfit!Of all the superheroes in the World, Superman has got to be the most well known. He's faster than a speeding bullet and can move planets with ease. He's got x-ray vision, ice cold breath, and is stronger than thousands of men put together. All in all, why would you NOT want to dress up as him?!

We understand you want to look awesome at your fancy dress party, which is why we've put together a selection of the coolest Superman outfits around. Whether you're a man, woman or child you'll be able to take advantage of our competitive prices and realistic outfits and impress absolutely everyone as you stroll around the party looking as cool as nothing that's ever lived before!

So without further adieu, here are our most awesome Superman costumes!


Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Who doesn't love a six pack? You'll have your very own one, and you'll be instantly recognisable, in this awesome and realistic Superman outfit!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Cape, muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot covers, and belt.

Adult Superman Returns Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Brandon Routh's portrayal of Superman was very cool, and now you can recreate it with this officially licensed adult Superman Returns costume!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Coloured jumpsuit, cape and belt.


Supergirl Secret Wishes Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: You can be sexy, powerful, sleek and seductive all at the same time. That's what's awesome about this outfit!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress with embroidered logo, attachd cape, belt and matching boot tops.

Supergirl Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Beautiful velvet feel outfit, officially licensed and realistic so you'll look stunning all the way through your party!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Velvet feel top with attached red cape, red skirt, gold belt, and matching boot covers with gold trim.


Boys Deluxe Superman Costume
Live your superhero dreams early with this inspiring outfit!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Cape, belt, and jumpsuit with muscle chest and attached boot covers.

Girls Supergirl Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: It's super cute and allows girls to become the superheroine that everyone dreams of becoming!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress with attached cape, gold belt, and boot covers.

Love superheroes but Superman not your thing? It's no problem at all - check out our Batman costume ideas or even our FULL range of superhero costume ideas for the ultimate inspiration. And most of all, have fun!

St Patricks Day costume ideas - Irish fun for all!

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St Patrick's Day costumes: a chance to really let your hair down and have fun on March 17th!Top o' the morning to ya! (top marks if you know the traditional response - post it in the comments below for a brownie point!)

As you are all no doubt aware St Patrick's Day is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing: time to have some serious fun! At All Fancy Dress we love a good Irish celebration and can't think of a better occasion to spend out on the town with your friends letting your hair down and having an incredible time.

We have collected some of our best St Patrick's Day costume ideas below.


So why not check out our full range of St Patrick's Day costumes and find the perfect outfit for your big night out? From sexy leprechaun costumes to cool-looking shamrock outfits you'll find a great selection of green and funky fancy dress that won't fail to impress. Not to mention we also stock a wide range of related accessories, perfect if you want to enhance the look of your outfit when you just need to go that extra mile (perhaps there's a special someone you need to impress...)!

Phone up your friends now and remind them to keep March 17th free: it's definitely a time to enjoy yourselves and forget about work and other commitments. Once that's done, check out our range of St Patrick's Day costumes and choose the one that you like the most, then buy today for a competitive price and a superior delivery service. In fact, with same day despatch and next day delivery options you could be holding your brand new outfit as early as tomorrow! How's that for incredible service?

So crack open the Guinness, get into your costume and get ready for St Patrick's Day 2010, truly an occasion to remember! If you want a giggle also don't forget to check out the brilliant International Fancy Dress website.

Valentines Day costume ideas!

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Wow.. is anything hotter than the sexy Hostess costume?!Love is in the airrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... so why not add to the passionate atmosphere by dressing up with your loved one in one of our Valentines Day costumes! We think February 14th is a fantastic opportunity to let your loved one know just how much they mean to you, and we've created a range of the hottest, trendiest and romantic outfits that won't fail to bring you both together and ensure the night is one that you will never, ever forget.

From Cupid costumes and mens uniform costumes (guaranteed to get a "Phwwwwoar!!" from your lady) through to sexy Valentines Day costumes you'll find a massive range that's guaranteed to have something for you and your beau. We've put together five of our favourites below, so check them out right now and prepare yourself for a smoking February 14th!

Nurse Naughty Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: You've been a bad boy! The ultimate in sexy female fancy dress, this Nurse Naughty costume will have your man steaming under the collar in no time at all!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Light pink dress with zip, and hat.

Hostess Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Take a look at the picture....
WHAT IT INCLUDES: This hostess bunny costume includes black velvet-feel leotard with tail, and bunny ears.

Fireman Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Head out on the town in this Fireman outfit and you'll be fighting them off in no time!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black PVC jacket and yellow trousers.

Army Soldier Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Tall, dark, dangerous and handsome, you'll have everyone wanting to be around you when you're in the Army Soldier outfit!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Green camouflage style top, trousers and hat.

Sexy Cupid Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Spark love between anyone you wish - and look very sexy yourself - in this hot pink sexy Cupid costume!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress, wings, bow and arrow.

Have a fantastic time on Valentine's Day with your partner, or if you're hitting the town in the hope of finding love! Oh, and keep checking back, as we'll be posting about the hottest outfits around in the run up to February 14th. Hope to see you soon!

For more inspiration, take a look at our other Valentine's Day costume ideas

History costumes - major new categories!

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Beautiful and authentic historical costumes are available from our new historical categories!World Book Day is coming up soon, and historical costumes have always been incredibly popular for events during this time. In fact, historical costumes are always popular because whatever theme your party is, you'll always find an outfit that ties in perfectly. Here at All Fancy Dress we're big fans of history fancy dress, as it allows you to explore any period in World history that you want to. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Victorian times - you name it, and you can revisit it!

The reason we're telling you about this is because we're just restructured our boys history costumes and our girls history costumes categories. You'll now be able to browse exactly what you want to browse, whether you're looking for boys Victorian costumes or girls Tudor costumes or anything else. That way we help you find what you want to find, quicker than ever before. And the less time you spend browsing the more time you spend enjoying your brand new outfit and having the best time you possibly can at your fancy dress party.

Here's a few of our brand new categories to get you started:


If you're interested in historical costumes because you've heading to a Book Day event on March 4th, take a look through our full range of Book Day costume ideas before you buy - we stock a great range of diverse outfits to ensure everyone gets the fix they deserve!

Batman costume ideas: the ultimate collection!

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Everyone can look awesome in a Batman costume!Gotham City needs you!

If you're heading to a superhero themed fancy dress party, why not dress up as Batman? He's the ultimate in crime fighting muscle! Batman doesn't need to rely on x-ray vision and super strength to fight the villains; he's just a billionaire in a black suit trained in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat! And that's pretty darn cool...

So how about taking the plunge and buying one of our outfits based on the legendary Caped Crusader himself? Whether you're a man, a woman or a child, we can supply you with the most awesome and exhilarating Batman outfits around. Read on!


Deluxe Batman Dark Knight Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Become Christopher Nolan's crime-fighting demon, played by Christian Bale, with this awesomely realistic and officially licensed Deluxe Batman Dark Knight outfit!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Jumpsuit with muscle chest and arms and attached boot covers, cape with mask, and belt.

Batman Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Let's get original! This officially licensed Batman outfit is based on the original Batman designs and looks timeless; everyone will be talking about you in no time!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Jumpsuit with attached boot tops, headpiece, cape and belt.


Batgirl Costume
Sleek, shiny, and incredibly sexy - you'll be the hottest superheroine at the party!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black and yellow dress with attached cape, black glovelets with black rubber spikes, vinyl eyemask, belt and boot tops.

Deluxe Catwoman Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Saucy leather-look perfection can be yours with this hot wrap-around Catwoman outfit!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Rubber headpiece, trousers, top with wrap-around straps, and glovelets with claws.


Batman Cape And Headpiece
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Turn yourself from human to Batman in microseconds!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black cape and headpiece.

Child Batgirl Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Girls can now be the superheroine they've always dreamed about with this sleek black child batgirl outfit!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress with attached cape, yellow belt, boot covers, gloves, and mask.

Does your batman need a batgirl? If so, check out our batgirl costume page. Love superheroes but not so keen on Batman? No problem! Check out our full range of Superhero costume ideas for inspiration! Alternatively, try our film costumes, you are bound to find a great costume idea there!

Superhero costume ideas - look the best in seconds!

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Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman: Power, power and even more power!In terms of raw power, finesse and awesomeness, you can't beat a superhero costume. Talk about Superman and no-one gets left out of the discussion. Mention Batman and you'll be waiting for your turn to speak whilst everyone voices their opinion on 'The Dark Knight.' Yes, superheroes are firmly ingrained in our minds, and because of this they are a fantastic costume choice for your party!

Here at All Fancy Dress we love a good superhero costume. That's why we stock a huge range of superhero outfits for men, women AND children so no-one has to miss out. Everyone can head to their fancy dress party looking powerful, unique and authentic. So why not scroll down right now and see what we have to offer?


Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: You'll need to pack a serious punch to defeat the villains of Gotham City. This muscle-bound outfit gives you all the power you need, and then some!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black shirt with muscle chest, trousers, headpiece, cape, and belt.

Wolverine Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: A skeleton made of adamantium and claws that can cut through anything. Do we need to go on?
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Chest, abs, bicep and deltoid muscles, a pair of claws, belt with buckle, foam mask plus attached boot tops.


Batgirl Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Sleek, shiny and amazingly sexy, you'll be turning everyone's head all night with the saucy Batgirl costume!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black and yellow dress with attached cape, black glovelets with black rubber spikes, vinyl eyemask, belt and boot tops.

Supergirl Secret Wishes Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Supergirl is cute, innocent and oh so powerful! Transform yourself into Superman's sassy counterpart with this beautiful outfit.
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress with embroidered logo, attachd cape, belt and matching boot tops.


Superman Returns Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Officially licensed and incredibly realistic, this outfit turns your child into an exact replica of the Man of Steel from the recent movie reboot!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Includes jumpsuit, cape, and moulded belt.

Wonder Woman Costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: A classic, timeless superhero outfit for your little one. She'll feel a million dollars in no time at all!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress with attached cape, gold belt, boot covers, silver bracelets, and headpiece.

Enjoy your superhero-themed fancy dress party! If you'd like any more information on our range of fancy dress outfit ideas, please give us a call on 01268 574 170.

Have a fantastic New Years Eve party tomorrow!

clock Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 10:04AM

Get ready to say goodbye to 2009..... and hello to 2010 in style!

We hope you're got your night planned and your outfit ready, and you're all excited to tackle the town and teach it who's boss! Have an absolutely fantastic night with your friends and family and we'll see you in January for more great fancy dress fun.

Once again, have a very happy New Year from all of us here at All Fancy Dress!

New Years Eve costume ideas: Sexy Wonder woman costume!

clock Monday, December 28, 2009 at 10:00AM

Take on New Year like a superhero would with our steamy sexy Wonder woman costume. It's a sleek, head-turning outfit that will ensure everyone knows you're larger than life throughout the evening on December 31st. If you're hitting the town, the wonder woman outfit is a superb choice: eye-catching and colourful, you'll be noticed whether you're hitting it up in a banging club or chilling out in a local pub!

The outfit comes complete with dress with logo, tiara with star motif, red cape, gauntlets, and velvet feel boot covers with white trim. That means its fully-featured and ready to go as soon as it arrives. Put it on and feel the power surge through you; you'll be energised and ready to tackle everything that New Years Eve will throw at you!

Buy today and receive same day despatch and next day delivery options: you could receive your wonder woman outfit as early as tomorrow. Alternatively check out our huge range of New Years Eve fancy dress costume ideas for even more outfit inspiration!

New Years Eve costume ideas: Muscle Man costume

clock Sunday, December 27, 2009 at 10:04AM

If you're planning on painting the town red on December 31st, why not do it in testosterone fuelled brilliance with today's outfit - the Muscle Man costume! It'll turn any bloke into the meanest, toughest and most solid guy on the streets - you may even get invited to the local cage fighting club. At the very least, all the women will be grinning at you and asking to feel your muscles (although they are made of foam..).

Take a risk this year, push the boat out and generally go wild with the Muscle Man costume. It really will make you feel awesome and empowered, and will ensure you have a fantastic night wherever you end up going. And as midnight rolls round you'll be in a great position to roar with pleasure and flex those biceps with pride! The outfit comes fully featured with muscle torso, attached shorts and headband.

Check out our full range of men's New Year's Eve costumes and funny New Years costume ideas and you'll be laughing all the way to 2010 in style!