St Patrick's Day costume ideas - Lucky Leprechaun costumes

clock Friday, March 12, 2010 at 10:07AM

Where's me lucky charms?!There are leprechaun costumes, and there are leprechaun costumes - this is definitely the second one.

Plush, velvety and hearty, it's a great-looking outfit that'll have you chortling around the town through the night on March 17th. And it comes with everything you need to get smack bang into the Irish cheer including trousers, jacket, hat, beard, belt, socks, and shoe covers.

Just add in a pint of Guinness and the right accent and the guys might just think you've hopped on a ferry over from the Emerald Isle itself. And in reality that's the whole point of St. Paddy's Day - dressing up and celebrating another culture with all your friends and family. What could be more fun, especially in this economic climate when everyone needs a chance to relax and unwind?

The Lucky Leprechaun costume will help you unwind in style. After all, with everyone dressing up in Irish fancy dress on St. Patrick's Day, you'll need something really special to differentiate yourself from every other leprechaun

We think this is it. If you do, great - buy it today and we'll give you same day despatch and next day delivery options if you order before 5pm.

If you don't, check out our full range of St Patrick's Day fancy dress ideas for a whole host of inspiration.



Ladies St Patrick's Day costume ideas

clock Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 10:09AM

Sexy? Yes we think so too !Top o' the morning to ya! Well, it's getting close to March 17th which means it's getting close to St. Patrick's Day. And that means we're less than a week away from some serious fun as we celebrate all things Irish with friends, family and loved ones!

Today we've got some fantastic ladies St Patrick's Day costume ideas lined up for you so whether you're painting the town red or staying at home for a more intimate party you'll be able to find the ideal outfit that'll be sure to impress all the guys.

Our ladies St Patrick's Day costumes are both sexy and seductive so if you're feeling like you want to show off some saucy energy on the big day you know what you have to do.

Here are some of our favourites:

Sexy Leprechaun costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Because after seeing this you'll realise that leprechauns were born to be sexy!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Satin dress with flocked emerald jacket, hat, bow-tie choker, belt, pot of gold, panties with wording ' Kiss Me I'm Irish', and stockings.

Shamrock Sweetheart costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Because it's nigh on impossible to find a more sweet, innocent and dangerously cute St. Patrick's Day outfit!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Halter-neck top, skirt, headband with attached hat, and stockings.

St. Patrick's Day costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: You'll never think of the colour green in the same way again...
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Hat, bow tie, belt and dress.

We hope you enjoy these great-looking ladies St. Patrick's Day costumes. If you want to buy an outfit for your man, or just want a little more inspiration before you commit, check out our full range of St Patrick's Day costume ideas or post in the comments below and we'll do our best to help you out.

St Patrick's Day costume ideas - Shamrock Sweetheart costume

clock Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 10:04AM

Some people like the naughty look, others like the nice look. If you think the sweet and innocent look is your calling then keep reading - the Shamrock Sweetheart costume is definitely the outfit for you!

The Shamrock Sweetheart costume is a devastatingly attractive fancy dress look that won't fail to impress all the guys when you're out and about on March 17th. Alternatively if you're sticking around the house with your lover then there's really no better choice to turn up the heat. And believe us it will be sweltering!

After all - just look at the picture!

We really think you won't go wrong with the Shamrock Sweetheart costume. Don't forget it comes fully featured with everything you need to transform yourself into a hot, head-turning Irish damsel in no time at all. We're talking halter-neck top, skirt, headband with attached hat, and stockings! Phew.

Plus, if you order before 5pm we'll ship it out the same day, and if you then choose next day delivery you could be stepping into its silkiness as early as tomorrow. We think that's enough to put a smile on your face, and to make your man a little hot under the collar.

Flick through our full range of St. Patrick's Day costume ideas to see everything we have to offer!




Leprechaun St Patrick's Day costume ideas - here's your pot of gold!

clock Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 10:04AM

Leprechaun costume - where's my lucky charms?!A while ago we made a post telling you about the best St Patrick's Day costume ideas. Now that the big occasion is fast approaching (it's only 13 days away!) we thought it was time to let you know about even more of the best costumes around.

So get your lucky charms polished because today we're going to be talking about leprechaun costumes - those little mischevious characters infamous throughout Irish legend! Leprechauns come in many shapes and sizes, from terrifying ones (anyone remember Warwick Davis as the evil Leprechaun chasing his pot of gold?) to more impish, fun-loving creatures who just want to sit around and have fun.

At we have a range of cool-looking leprechaun costumes for you to enjoy. Men and women can join in the fun - take a look at a few of our favourites below:

Sexy Leprechaun costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Why be scary or funny when you can be sexy as anything?!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Satin dress with flocked emerald jacket, hat, bow-tie choker, belt, pot of gold, panties with wording ' Kiss Me I'm Irish', and stockings!

Irish Leprechaun costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Authentic and realistic, people will think you've hopped over from the Emerald Isle itself!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: One piece suit with hat and beard

Lucky Leprechaun costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: The ultimate in plush Irish luxury, this Lucky Leprechaun costume will give you a majestic, noble look that won't fail to impress!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Trousers, jacket, hat, beard, belt, socks, and shoe covers.

If you haven't organised a night out on St. Patrick's Day, why not do it now? Your friends are probably aching to get out and have fun on March 17th -- what with the economic downturn, it's nice to really let your hair down for an evening. And there's no greater occasion than St. Patrick's Day, when everyone's probably out on the town doing the same thing!

Also if you are looking for other St Patrick's costume ideas then please visit our St Patrick's Day fancy dress ideas page.

So get organising and have a blast with all your friends!

World Book Day 2010 - have a blast!

clock Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 10:04AM

Today is World Book Day 2010!

We hope you're all at school involved in some exciting events based around the most colossal books and movies to have come out of the country in the past 100 years.

If you're not, that's a huge shame - but don't fret as you can enjoy the occasion from afar with this great video of poet and author Michael Rosen talking about his 'Authors Live' event, where all your favourite authors from around the country will be gathering to talk and answer questions. We're sure there'll be videos of the event afterwards so keep your eyes peeled! Harry Potter fans, don't forget to check out our Harry Potter Fancy Dress costumes which are a very popular choice for World Book Day!

Have a great day everyone!

Book Day costume ideas - History outfits

clock Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 10:03AM

Fight the terrifying centurions in this robust Roman Armour set!Take a trip through the time warp this World Book Day and find yourself back in the bloodthirsty Coliseum of Ancient Rome, the sweeping desert plains of Ancient Egypt or - for a more recent adventure - the foggy gaslit streets of Victorian London.

How can you do this? By looking through our huge range of History Book Day costumes and choosing the one that catches your eye.

But wait - you're probably thinking it's too late to order a Book Day outfit. After all, the event is tomorrow! Never fear, however, as we're offering HALF PRICE next day delivery when you order by 5pm. So get buying and we'll make sure you get your outfit by tomorrow.

And in the meantime, here's some of our great history costumes for you to get excited about:

Roman Armour set
WHY IT'S AWESOME: You'll be fully kitted out for battle in this manly outfit!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Breastplate, shield, helmet and sword

Sir William costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Instantly recognisable as a Tudor nobleman, you'll quickly become the talk of the town.
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Decorative red jacket, hat and trousers

Home Guard costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: An authentic, timeless World War II outfit made of the finest materials - what more could you want?
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Jacket, trousers, and cap.

Scroll through our full range of Book Day History costumes to see everything we offer, and don't forget to order before 5pm for HALF PRICE next day delivery!

More Historical Book Day Costumes



Book Day costume ideas - Wizard of Oz outfits

clock Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 10:05AM

Pick up Toto and leap into the tornado with this inspiring Dorothy costumeIt's almost time for World Book Day. Have you got your fancy dress outfit yet?

If not, you might be interested to know that we're currently offering HALF PRICE next day delivery so you can still ensure you look great on March 4th. Just order by 5pm and we can get your outfit to you by tomorrow!

And to get some creative juices flowing if you're unsure what costume you'd like, how about something from our timeless range of Wizard of Oz outfits? Sure, you don't live in Kansas (well, you might..) but you can still enjoy the classic, magical world created by L Frank Baum with any one of our high-quality, officially licensed outfits.

Here are a few of our faves:

Sequin Dorothy costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Dorothy is the true hero of the Wizard of Oz, and there's not a person alive who doesn't know who she is. You'll be recognised in an instant when you turn up at school.
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Beautiful sequin dress and hair bows.

Cowardly Lion costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Become the most timid scaredy cat of them all in this plush Cowardly Lion costume, a great look combined with a great character history.
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Coloured headpiece with attached collar, and jumpsuit.

Wicked Witch of the West
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Because someone has to be the baddie, and this baddie looks phenomenal!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Dress, cape and hat.

Order today to take advantage of our HALF PRICE next day delivery, or check out our full range of Wizard of Oz Costumes for some serious last minute inspiration.

Book Day Costume Ideas - Superheroes

clock Monday, March 1, 2010 at 04:10PM

Save the world with or without Robin and save Book Day!Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it's you saving Book Day! Fly into your classroom and do what only Superhereos do best, combat evil, save all your friends and woo your crush. All in a days' work!

Becoming a Superhero couldn't be easier we have a great collection for you to chose from whether you want to be Batman and combat The Joker or maybe Supergirl. Go into school on Book Day a hero and the whole class will be green with envy. Here are a few of our favourites:

Batman Costume 

WHY IT'S AWESOME: One of the greatest Superhereos ever lived. Bruce Wayne is no ordinary man or Superhero, he may not have any Superhero powers, but he has Robin!

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot covers, cape with headpiece, and belt.

Pink Supergirl Costume

WHY IT'S AWESOME: Whatever boys can do girls can do better, and the pink version of Supergirl is better than any other Superhero outfit out there.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Pink dress, attached cape, belt and boot covers.


We hope you enjoy the Superhereo inspired ideas for Book Day on March 4th! There is still plenty of time to order your costume and to get it on time. Order before 5pm and we will send it off the same day or we can offer you Next day Delivery. For more Book Day fancy dress inspiration, take a look through our Book Day costume ideas!

Book Day Costume Ideas - Storybook animal costumes

clock Friday, February 26, 2010 at 10:04AM

Kangaroo costume: 'hopping' good fun for all children!Everyone loves animals! It's a fact of life.

And on Book Day, you can morph into your favourite animals for the fun and games your school has put on. From pigs and cats to tigers and wolves we have a great range of authentic-looking storybook animal costumes so you can oink, moo and bark your way to a cracking good time!

So go for the timeless look this Book Day and ensure everyone's looking at you as you enter the classroom. Here are some of our favourite storybook animal costumes:

Dalmation costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: An outfit from an original and awesome Disney movie, the Dalmation costume is a great, instantly recognisable outfit. If you've got 100 friends, you can all wear one!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Spotty jumpsuit complete with hood, mittens and a tail to wag.

Pig costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Perfectly pink, soft and cuddly, everyone will want to be around you when you're in the pig costume. Oh, and luckily it doesn't stink!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Soft pink jumpsuit with integral hood.

Rabbit costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: What's up doc?! This Rabbit costume will turn you into the coolest bunny in the land.
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Brown fur jumpsuit with hood, bobtail, and attached carrot.

Kangaroo costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Hop your way to an awesome Book Day in this realistic Kangaroo outfit - it even comes complete with a pouch!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Beige fleece jumpsuit complete with pouch, mittens and hood

Have an awesome Book Day in one of our storybook animal costumes, or search our full range of Book Day fancy dress ideas if you're looking for the ultimate in outfit inspiration - there's not much you won't find just by clicking on that link!

Book Day Costume Ideas - Harry Potter fancy dress

clock Thursday, February 25, 2010 at 10:05PM

Slytherin Costume: Become Draco Malfoy in an instant!Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts!!

If you're a lover of all things wizardry, you know what you should be dressing up as on Book Day - that's right, Harry Potter. Or one of his famous friends, if that's what you like!

Here at we stock a massive range of the best Harry Potter costumes, including outfits based on Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Death Eaters, Lord Voldemort and more. Harry Potter really is a worldwide phenomenom - everyone's heard of it, most people have read it and most people love it. If you're a huge fan of the books or movies, why not show it on Book Day by impressing all your friends with a unique costume?

Here are just some of the cool Harry Potter costumes we offer:

Deluxe Quidditch Robe
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Take to the skies and try to catch the golden snitch with this amazingly realistic Deluxe Quidditch Robe, perfect for serious fliers.
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Thick hooded robe with ''Potter'' logo on chest and ''Potter 7'' on back. Lattice bodice tices can be seen on the front of the robe.

Child Death Eater costume
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Now you can become one of Voldemort's most feared followers in this terrifying and highly authentic child Death Eater costume - perfect for evil sorcerers up and down the country!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Includes hooded robe with sleeves, and mask.

Harry Potter Standard robe
WHY IT'S AWESOME: The original boy wizard himself! Become the Boy Who Lived and bring down Lord Voldemort with the help of your loyal friends.
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Authentic school robe.

Slytherin robe
WHY IT'S AWESOME: Become a slippery, silver-tongued Slytherin and amass all the power you can possibly get with this high-quality Slytherin robe. If Draco Malfoy is your favourite character, this is the costume for you!
WHAT IT INCLUDES: Black robe with green lining and clasp.

We hope you love these authentic Harry Potter costumes - they're great if magic is your thing!

For more Book Day fancy dress inspiration, take a look through our Book Day costume ideas and Book Day costumes for boys!