christmas tree

It’s nearly here, Lapland is readying its reindeer to ferry Santa’s sack loads of presents across the world and at HQ we are certainly getting into the festive spirit!

Earlier this month we created a cool Christmas questionnaire for our customers to complete to be in with a chance of winning one of two £25 costume vouchers.

The questionnaire focused on your festive rituals, from gift buying to what you’ll be having on your lunch plate on Christmas Day!


The days of trawling the High Streets for Christmas presents appear to be numbered according to our survey, with only four per cent of respondents revealing they would do all of their Christmas shopping offline. Over half (55 per cent) of respondents will be doing more than half of their Christmas shopping online. One-in-four shoppers will in fact do nearly their entire gift buying on the internet.

Interestingly, our male respondents appeared more likely to buy presents for their loved ones from the comfort of their own laptop or desktop. Our results indicate men are twice as likely as women to do all of their Christmas shopping online. This may be due to the fact women appear more considered in the present buying approach, putting more time and effort into the process than men.

The increasing ease with which users can purchase goods online and via smartphone devices means that consumers no longer need to brave the cold and the High Street crowds; they can simply wait for the postman to bring all their presents right to the front door.

There does still appear to be a generation gap regarding online buying trends however. Respondents in their 40’s are three times less likely to shop online at all for their Christmas presents compared to those in their 20’s, preferring the traditional High Street plan of attack.


Despite the economic downturn and talk of a double-dip recession there appears to be no letting up in the spending on Christmas gifts. Almost half (43 per cent) of those surveyed will be spending over £250 on presents this year.

Less than a quarter of respondents (24 per cent) without children revealed they would be spending upwards of £250 on Christmas presents. Meanwhile busy parents with three or more children were increasingly spending £250+ with 62 per cent splashing the cash.

In a statistic that will infuriate many women (!), it is the men who appear to spend less on Christmas presents. 25 per cent of men surveyed revealed they spend less than £60 on gifts, compared to the 19 per cent of women surveyed who also said they spend less than £60 at the tills.


Tradition certainly seems alive and well among most UK households with 72 per cent of customers surveyed revealing they will be having turkey for lunch on Christmas Day.

The vegetarian option appears to be more attractive to women than men, with females more than twice as likely to be eating a vegetarian meal on Christmas Day (3 per cent male to 8 per cent female).


However, less than half of respondents (44 per cent) said they would be watching The Queen’s speech mid-afternoon. The speech appears to resonate most with people in their 60’s and 20’s, with half of respondents in their 20’s thinking of watching on the box after their Christmas lunch.


Many of you still enjoy transforming your homes into Christmas grottos with a very eager 10 per cent of people admitting they had their Christmas decorations up at home in November. The younger demographic are the keenest festive decorators with those in their 20’s or younger twice as likely to put up their Christmas clobber in November as any other age group.

Christmas decorations appear to be less important to those without children. Our survey found that those without kids were three times more likely not to put up festive decorations at home at all as a result. The questionnaire revealed nine per cent of adults without children will not be putting up any Christmas decorations at all.


One of the most surprising statistics to come from the survey was that almost two-thirds (59 per cent) of respondents revealed they preferred fake Christmas trees to real ones. Many people will no doubt cite the practicality of a plastic tree, particularly for those with young children. Only a third of respondents (38 per cent) with two or more children revealed they would be buying a real tree this Christmas.


The questionnaire also served to reinforce the view that Christmas pantomimes are a very popular tradition for families over the festive season. 62 per cent of respondents with three or more children revealed they would be going to at least one Christmas production as opposed to the 43 per cent of people without kids who will partake in the festivities.

What our 2012 Christmas Questionnaire does show is that our customers love to celebrate Christmas in so many different ways. Statistics show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun at Christmas, while Christmas Day lunch will taste just as good whether it’s turkey, chicken or even duck!

Whatever your plans are at Christmas, on behalf of everyone at we wish you all a wonderful festive season.