This Kiddy King costume is ideal for Christmas and nativity playsWhat little boy wouldn’t want to be a king for the day? Whether dressing up for Christmas or for his school’s nativity play, your little boy is sure to look like every inch the part. The three kings are crucial to the Christmas story of Jesus Christ, giving gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant; the reason we give gifts today.

Having your little boy dress up for the occasion is a great way of teaching him the story behind the festive season. Dressing up is a great way of making learning fun. Complete with a robe and crown, he will feel like a powerful monarch all day long.

Christmas is all about having fun and dressing up in a fancy dress costume is a brilliant way to keep the fun flowing throughout the day. This Kiddy King Costume is ideal for your little boy, he will feel like one of the grown-ups and is sure to be excited to show it off to all his friends.

WARNING: He might start throwing orders about!

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