Nativity plays are great fun to participate in, not only because you are with all your friends and are performing in front of your family, but because there are some amazing costumes for you to choose from. At AllFancyDress you will find all the costumes you are looking for to create the perfect nativity play.

Here are just a few we think you and your child will fall in love with:

Kiddy King Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Dressing up is so much fun. As soon as your little boy puts on this costume, he will never want to take it off. He will be showing off to all his friends when he wears this Kiddy King Costume.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Robe and crown

Little donkey Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: In this costume your child is going to look even more adorable. Your child is sure to look every inch the part in the play and may even steal all the attention from the other children.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Donkey tabard with hood, and detachable tail.

Mary Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: This costume is all your little girl needs to feel special over the Christmas period. It is always fun to dress up and this is the ideal costume to wear for a nativity play.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Blue and white dress, belt, and headpiece.

Child Lamb Costume

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Not only is the costume ideal for Nativity plays, it is also perfect for Easter. Suitable for both boys and girls they are sure to be kept warm in the snowy months when they wear this costume. They are sure to be the cutest lamb anyone has ever seen.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Jumpsuit with attached hood.

Angel Tabard

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Your little girl is going to love this costume; she will look as if she has fallen from heaven. Angels are the purest of creatures, so let your little girl show just how angelic she can be in this brilliant angel costume.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: White tabard with gold collar and wings.

If you are looking for more Nativity costumes, check out our traditional nativity fancy dress ideas page. We also have a great kiddy king costume and an adults Jesus costume.