Diamond Jubilee

The big day will be upon us within a matter of days. The Queen and her nation will soon be celebrating her 60 years on the throne, with festivities set to take place at Buckingham Palace, across London and in many other corners of the United Kingdom.

At allfancydress.com we have all been feeling very patriotic ourselves and in the lead up to the big day we have uncovered the towns and regions where our Jubilee merchandise has proved most popular as people nationwide prepare to celebrate this historic day.

Of the top 20 counties ordered by the average spend per capita on our Jubilee merchandise, eight (40%) of them were located in the South East. The Home Counties and other counties in and around London (Kent, Surrey, Essex, Herts, Bucks and Berks) have all strongly supported the Jubilee.

Kent appears to be the most patriotic major UK county recording sales figures of twice the national average per head. South East neighbours Essex have also got into the spirit of the occasion with street parties and family celebrations likely following sales of Jubilee merchandise approaching twice the national average (191%).

Interestingly enough, although London will be playing host to the Queen’s official Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Londoners are in fact 70% less patriotic than the average region!

Top 10 most patriotic major UK counties

1. Kent
2. Essex
3. Surrey
4. Suffolk
5. Northamptonshire
6. Hertfordshire
7. East Riding of Yorkshire
8. Worcestershire
9. Staffordshire
10. Lincolnshire

Most patriotic major UK counties

Best performing small UK counties

Due to small sample sizes we did not feel it was appropriate to include data collated from the nation’s smaller counties. However, Powys in Mid Wales and Midlothian in Scotland significantly outperformed much larger parts of the country and look set to enjoy a regal Jubilee weekend.

As you would expect, following the news of Kent and Essex being the nation’s most patriotic counties, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone and Chelmsford all found their excitement for this weekend way above the national average, with the former regarded as the UK’s most patriotic major town!

There are sure to be Diamond Jubilee celebrations too in Stockton-on-Tees with one of the highest per-head spending in the UK (244%).

The West Midlands does not appear to have lost any love for the Royal family either with Solihull (236%) and Cannock (215%) in the top five most patriotic major UK cities.

Top 10 most patriotic major UK cities

1. Tunbridge Wells
2. Stockton-on-Tees
3. Solihull
4. Chelmsford
5. Cannock
6. Newport
7. High Wycombe
8. Wakefield
9. Maidstone
10. Cambridge

Most patriotic major UK towns

Best performing small UK towns

Again, there were a number of smaller counties and regions across the UK whose sample size was too small to include in our report. But we would certainly like to doff our cap to the likes of Wrexham, Grantham and Canterbury, all of whom have shown unparalleled enthusiasm towards all things Diamond Jubilee this month.

Mark Heaton, of www.allfancydress.com, added: "Our survey has been a real eye opener. It is great to see such a wide variety of regions getting into the spirit of one of the most historic days in living memory.

"People can still buy last-minute Jubilee merchandise with same day despatch for all orders placed before 5.15pm."

Note: This research was carried out by online party retailer www.allfancydress.com by comparing all sales of jubilee merchandise by area. As a national retailer AFD compiled sales data from across the country to identify an average spend per capita on jubilee merchandise and then compared against orders received within each area highlighted.