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Power can be yours in seconds with one of our authoritative boys Roman and Greek costumes, designed to whisk you back to the land of the centurions and Emperors in no time at all! From the majestic Roman Emperor outfit - it'll make you into a feared ruler in seconds, with the power of life and death over all - to the potent Roman Armour set, you'll find a diverse range of boys and Girls Roman fancy dress that'll suit any budget and personality.

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Product Code: 17648
This Roman Costume includes a white toga with a gold patterned trim, an attached red shoulder drape, a thin belt, and a gold leaf headpiece.


Product Code: 18392
Are you a mighty centurion? This Roman Armour is perfect then - it includes plastic breastplate, shield, helmet and sword.


Product Code: 890240
Be part of the Roman Empire in this Boy’s Roman Costume which features a knee length red tunic with attached silver armour and a brown belt,...


Product Code: 17647
This Roman soldier costume includes tunic, belt, cuffs and headpiece


Product Code: 892571
This Roman Boy Costume includes tunic with sash and gold wreath.


Product Code: 19278
This wonderful Greek Boy Costume Includes white tunic with red cloak. You can either become a powerful Roman Emperor in this toga style cost...


Product Code: 20834
Looking for a great roman costume? Well look no further than this Roman Centurion Costume, which includes:Helmet, tunic, cape, belt, arm gua...


Product Code: 888856
This Gladiator Costume includes red shirt, brown tunic with gold design, and trousers with attached boot tops.


Product Code: 17922
This Childs Roman Soldier Costume includes tunic, cape, and hat.


Product Code: 889024
This Roman Senator Tabard is perfect for a history day at school or even just for a history themed party! Add the Child Laurel Headdress to ...


Product Code: 892100
This official licensed Deluxe Boys Perseus Costume includes moulded chest armour, gauntlets, shin guards and tunic.


Product Code: 892573
This Boys Gladiator Outfit includes tunic with cape and shield.


Boy's Roman Fancy Dress

Everyone loves the Roman and Greek period - our ancient friends brought us the Colosseum, Emperors, brave centurions and much more. If the Roman period is your favourite part of history, you're in lucky, because we stock a wide range of Roman fancy dress costumes that allow to recreate the time period with ease (there's no need to build a time machine!). From the Roman Emperor costume - designed to make you into a Caesar-like figure in no time at all - to the powerful and roar-inducing Roman Gladiator outfit you'll find a range of the coolest costumes around. They're designed for one thing only: to allow you to have fun and impress all your friends! Let the family join you on your journey back in time with our Mens Roman & Gladiator Costumes and Roman Lady Fancy Dress. Scroll up right now and see what we have to offer in our range of boys Roman clothes - you've got nothing to lose, and with same day despatch and next day delivery options you could be holding your brand new outfit as early as tomorrow!

So get yourself back to the Colosseum in style with something from our range of Roman boys clothes - you're guaranteed to look the part, and everyone will be watching on in jealousy as you become the most admired guest at your party!

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Would just like to say you are the most amazing company ever ! ordered an outfit at 3.20pm yesterday and had it standard post it arrived at 10 am this morning !! will definitely recommend you to family and friends :)

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