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Whether you aim is to look pretty enough to top a Christmas tree, or you’re representing an angel from the nativity this year, with wings galore and a halo to top it all off, we’re sure there’s something here to make you look and feel heavenly! 

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Christmas Angel Fancy Dress

Angels, known for their beauty and goodness, are often seen as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth, or otherwise as guardians and messengers of god.

In the story of the Nativity, It’s the Archangel Gabriel (that means high ranking, the term is derived from the Greek language and literally translates as Chief Angel) who is sent to Earth by god as a messenger. Gabriel tells the Virgin Mary that she will conceive and bear a baby boy, who is to be name Jesus, the son of god. The shepherds of the nativity are also visited by an angel. This angel brings them the news that the son of god has been born in a stable in Bethlehem, the shepherds instantly setting out to find and worship the new baby.

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This site is amazing – going to get loads tomorrow for this months fancy dress fun! Great value too!

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