“It’s Chrriiiiiiistmaaas” - Noddy Holder

Christmas, it really is the most wonderful time of the year, and while the movie Elf may have told us that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, we here at allfancydress.com respectfully disagree. I’m sure we could all do without hearing a drunken uncle’s rendition of ‘walking in the air’. No thank you.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is undoubtedly dressing up in festive costumes, i.e. a reindeer!

Check below for a few suggestions of our festive favourites.  Yule love them *badum tshh*


Santas, Snowman, Pudding or present, there’s something for everyone in the world of Christmas fancy dress. So whether you feeling tame in a Christmas jumper or going all out as a Christmas cracker, check out a few ideas below:

Father Christmas/Santa: 

The man of the moment, make a child’s day by dressing as good ol’ Saint Nicholas.

With a range of costumes available to suit any budget, it’s a sure way to put a smile on everyone’s faces, not complete without the trademark white beard and half moon spectacles!

Keep the dream alive the Christmas.

Mrs Claus:

The saying goes ‘Behind every great man there’s a great woman’, and Santa Claus is not exception!

Though her husband is the main man on Christmas eve, Mrs Claus is undoubtedly key in the preparation! What man did you ever know to have everything ready for Christmas eve? …Exactly.

So pay homage to the lady herself this Christmas season.


If a snowman (or woman) is your costume of choice, expect to be serenaded with the Aled Jones classic ‘walking in the air’ from the movie The Snowman all night.

Both a Christmas movie classic, and a favourite festive past time, it’s a good choice! After all, how often to you get to wear a top hat? Grab the opportunity by its frost bitten twiggy fingers!


Everyone knows that deep in the south pole, working hard all year round in Santa’s grotto are an army of elves, building toys for all the girls and boys in the world! That’s a heck of a lot of gifts!

With so much work to do, they don’t often get a chance to escape the workshop and party, so its your job to represent!

Elf, the 2003 movie, became an instant classic and is among everyone’s favourite Christmas films, so Chanel Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf and become the most vital part of the whole Christmas corporation! Pointy hat and shoes, bells and all.


Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen! And of course, Rudolf takes the lead, guiding the way with his glowing red nose.

Take your pick of magical flying reindeer, or gather a group of friends and go as the whole herd!

Christmas Tree:

Think Christmas, Think Christmas Tree!

Drape yourself with tinsel and baubles, Topping off with an angel or star, whichever you may prefer.


Going back to the origins of Christmas, The story of the nativity is the fundamental meaning of Christmas and recreated every year in schools and churches around the world, with the little baby Jesus being born by Mary in a stable.

So this year, why not dress as the birthday boy himself!

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