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We have the biggest and best range of matching couples fancy dress costumes on the web! Transform into your favourite characters such as Batgirl & Robin and Danny & Sandy. Two heads are better than one, and two of our couples fancy dress outfits are also better than one! So whether you are going to a fancy dress party with your partner or a friend, we have the best selection of couple fancy dress costumes for you to choose from! Whatever theme of party you're going to get a head start by looking in our costumes for couples section for some great fancy dress ideas.

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Looking for something a little bit different? Want to throw your toys out of the pram? Well these two Baby Suits will certainly fit the bill...

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Fans of the new film The Dark Knight Rises will love these official licensed Batman and Catwoman costumes.

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Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle of Thermopylae in these official licensed Spartan couples costumes.


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Ok so this may be an obvious choice, but for Grease fans you really cannot beat this couple of costumes.

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If you love the Alice In Wonderland story then go to your next fancy dress party as Alice and the Mad Hatter!


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What a right couple of Wallies! That's right ladies and gentleman you can now get a complete set of Wallies, with this pairing of the male a...

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Escape to the magical world of Wonderland in these Alice In Wonderland Couples Costumes.

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Take a tumble down a rabbit hole and into Wonderland in these official licensed Mad Hatter and Red Queen of Hearts costumes.


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A classic crime fighting superhero couple! When Batman and Batgirl get together, sparks will definitely fly.


Product Code: 22
Going as a couple to a party with a superhero or batman theme? Well look no further than this great crime busting duo.


Product Code: 23
Who will be there to keep Batman in line? Why, Sexy Robin of course. This great looking couple are sure to go down a storm at your next fanc...


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Couples celebrating St.Patrick’s Day should look no further than these two Leprechaun costumes.

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Be a real wacky pair in these Penelope Pitstop and Dick Dastardly Wacky Races Couples Costumes!


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Team up to defeat the evil Bowser in these great Luigi and Mario Couples Costumes!


Product Code: 101
Become Maverick and Charlie Blackwood from the iconic film Top Gun in these matching couples costumes.


Product Code: 152
Solve one of the most frustrating puzzle games in these official licensed Rubiks Cube Couples Costumes!


Product Code: 73
From one of the most famous stories in British history and folklore comes the classic pairing of Robin Hood and Maid Marion! The Robin Hood ...


Product Code: 83
Tim Burton's modern fairytale 'Edward Scissorhands' was a totally original and heart warming tale. As well as the mens Edward Scissorhands C...


Product Code: 105
Join the circus in these his and hers Clown costumes!


Product Code: 133
Become two of Sherwood Forests most loved residents in these Robin Hood and Friar Tuck couples costumes.


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‘Flintstones, meet the Flintstones!’ Everyone loves the cartoon the Flintstones, and now is your opportunity to dress up as Fred and Wilma.

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Product Code: 36
Calling all you Disney Pixar fans! You can now dress up in these great looking, officially licensed Mr and Mrs Incredible Costumes. The Mr I...


Product Code: 82
'Who you gonna call?' That's right, its the Ghostbusters- The New York based ghost fighting crack squad. The ghosties don't have a hope in h...


Product Code: 110
Journey back to the time of the Roman Empire in these matching his and hers Roman costumes.

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Couples Fancy Dress

We have the traditional fancy dress costumes such as Fred and Wilma Flintstone or Superman and Supergirl which always go down well at fancy dress parties. Or if you wanted something a little bit different we have a man’s Mario Costume paired with a new ladies Luigi Costume which looks great! Other couples costumes ideas are Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Robin Hood and Maid Marion, or Austin Powers and Felicity Shagwell. We also have official licensed costumes for all 4 members of Abba, and the 2 pairs were married so why not go with another couple as the whole Swedish super group!

We hope this has given you some costume ideas for couples but if you are still unsure then simply browse through our collection and we are sure you will find something you both like! From TV and Film characters, to video game, cartoon, and book characters! We even have Christmas Couples Costumes and Halloween Couples Costumes sections so we’ve got every season of the year covered! Many of our costumes come with a children’s version as well, for example Ghostbusters,  Where’s Wally, and Batman so have a look through our children’s costumes and you can go as a whole matching family!

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This site is amazing – going to get loads tomorrow for this months fancy dress fun! Great value too!

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