Disney Costumes

Everyone loves Disney fancy dress - after all, when it comes to feel-good movies, you don't get much better than the top Disney hits, including Aladdin, the Little Mermaid and Snow White.

Disney Fancy Dress

Dressing up is so much fun, and you can make it extra special by wearing one of our great Disney costumes based on a character you've known and loved for years!

No matter what age you are, everybody loves dressing up as their favourite Disney Character! Perhaps the reason why people love Disney films so much is that their characters endear themselves to people of all ages! And with so many classic feel good Disney movies and characters to choose from you’ll never be stuck for inspiration with this theme!

For decades Disney have produced the best animated movies - beautiful, heart rending stories that inspire generations. Now, with our huge range of Disney character costumes, you can personally bring the magic to life. Whether you love Aladdin, The Sword in the Stone or The Jungle Book, you'll find the perfect outfit. You'll look special, feel special and wish you never had to take it off! That's the true magic of wearing one of our Disney fancy dress costumes, so don't delay - buy yours today!

The hit Disney film series High School Musical is as popular as ever, and the perfect choice for kids looking for a Disney themed costume. So pick up that Microphone, put on your very best voice, and sing your heart out as Gabriella or Troy! And for boys, there are the ever popular Power Ranger costumes!

It’s not just kids who can get in on the Walt Disney fun! We stock a huge range of Disney Costumes for adults as well, from the classic Snow White through to the elegant Mulan Costume. Gents, you won’t be left out either, as you can select from our range of Mens Disney costumes. Our range of Mens Disney outfits includes Mickey Mouse costumes, the Captain Jack Sparrow costume, and even Goofy costumes. Whatever Disney character you’re into, we’re sure we have the right adult Disney costume for you!

Of course, it’s not just classic animation that Disney is famous for. Disney’s Pixar Studios have also been creating some amazing films with their cutting edge CGI technology, from the groundbreaking Toy Story, to the brilliant The Incredibles. We have a range of Pixar characters to choose from including the ever popular Buzz Lightyear Costume, through to the Mr Potato Head costume and even the Mr Incredible outfit. And if you’re looking for Disney couples costumes, then why not go to the party together in the Woody Costume and Jessie Costume- ‘She’s his favourite deputy!’

If you're a fan, you've come to the right place for Disney fancy dress ideas. We have some amazing outfits that truly show your love for one of the greatest movie studios of all time, so whoever your favourite Disney character is, check out our full range of Disney costumes and pick your favourite today.

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