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If you're looking to turn yourself from a human being into one of the coolest characters to have ever existed - take note! One of the most important things to do is sort out your face, 'cos who's going to think you're a vampire if your rosy complexion is still shining through? Luckily we have a great range of costume face paint kits that'll quickly and realistically turn you into whatever character you want to be!

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Product Code: 892553
This Candy Creator Make Up Kit includes orange and white face paint and an applicator sponge.

Was: £3.99

Product Code: 889968
Feeling patriotic??? Well why not use this fantastic Union Jack Facepaint kit to show just how proud you are of being British! This Union Ja...


Product Code: 890365
This Army Camouflage Kit includes 1 pallet with 3 colours and applicator.


Product Code: 889616
Roll up, roll up, and take a look at this fantastic Clown Facepainting Kit. This 3 colour Snazaroo Kit is perfect for adding that authentic ...


Product Code: 15014
One pack with 3 colours and 1 applicator.


Product Code: 17083
Includes 6 Neon Crayons. The fuller description is as follows: these great Neon Crayons come in a pack of 6 different colours including blue...


Product Code: 889618
This Snazaroo 3 colour (red, white and black) Pirates Facepainting kit also includes a detail brush.


Product Code: 19424
This Joker makeup kit will help you achieve that trademark scarred facial look in no time at all!


Product Code: 889857
Get that authentic Na'vi look, from the hit film Avatar, with this great officially licensed Na'vi Makeup Kit! Includes 3 face paints, appli...


Product Code: 15013
This Devil Facepaint Theme comes with 3 x2ml colours, red, orange, and black, and a small applicator brush for fine detail. Facepaint is ide...


Product Code: 889615
In the Jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion and leopard sleep tonight!.... This 3 colour Leopard and Lion Face paint Kit will give the perfec...


Product Code: 889617
This three colour (orange, white and black) Snazaroo face paint kit also includes a detail brush.


Product Code: 890472
The Walking Dead Makeup Kit features the base make-up, 4 applicators, 1 sponge applicator and step-by-step instructions.


Product Code: 12257
This Vampire Make-Up Kit comes with 3 colours black, grey, and white, and a small applicator.


Product Code: 11393
This Witch Facepaint Theme comes with 3 x2ml colours, green, purple, and black, and a small applicator brush for fine detail. Facepaint is i...


Product Code: 17005
Simple, seductive and very, very versatile.


Product Code: 888036
Gothic colours for the trademark Beetlejuice facial look


Product Code: 890486
This Kiss Make-Up Set features cream make up, make up crayons, hair colour, 3 blood capsules, an applicator and sponges.

Was: £3.99

Product Code: 15121
Spray shimmery glitter all over yourself to add a supernatural and mystical element to your fancy dress costume!


Costume Face Paint Kits

Give your fancy dress experience a helping hand with one of our amazing costume face paint kits! From princesses to vampires and witches, we can turn you into an authentic and awesome character that everyone will instantly recognise and love. So if you really, really want your costume to take off, you should scroll up and take a look at our face paint kits. They offer a simple, easy way for you to become precisely who you want to be for your party, and are so easy to use you'll be on your way to the most fun you've ever had in no time at all. So don't delay - have a look at what we have to offer and see if there's anything that suits your look. We think there will be, so after you've found it buy today for a competitive price.

Vampires, zombies, pirates - our kits are a simple fix that'll have everyone discussing how awesome you look. You could even become a princess with one of our face paint kits! That's how versatile they are, so why not scroll down today and see what we have to offer? With same day despatch and next day delivery options, you could be in possession of your costume face paint kits as early as tomorrow!

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Would just like to say you are the most amazing company ever ! ordered an outfit at 3.20pm yesterday and had it standard post it arrived at 10 am this morning !! will definitely recommend you to family and friends :)

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