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Our ladies Fairytale costumes will ensure that you live happily ever after! If you have a fairytale party to go to then our womens fairytale fancy dress will be perfect for you. Womens fairytale costumes are a popular choice as these traditional characters are well known and loved. If you need some fairytale costume ideas for women then browse through our website as we have some of the best adults fairytale costumes!

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Product Code: 890479
This official licensed Disney Alice In Wonderland Costume includes the dress and headband.

Was: £24.99
from £15.99

Product Code: 889544
This Ladies Alice Costume includes dress and headband.

Was: £18.99
from £13.99

Product Code: 888513
This Red Riding Hood Costume includes dress with attached corset and petticoat, and hooded cape.

Was: £49.99

Product Code: 18176
This official licensed Disney Snow White Costume includes dress, cape, wig, bag, and headband.

Was: £25.95

Product Code: 890085
This Lady Mad Hatter Costume includes dress and hat.


Product Code: 890806
This Queen of Hearts Longer Length Dress includes dress with petticoat, and holdups.


Product Code: 892562
This Darlin' Dorothy Costume includes dress with attached apron and headpiece.


Product Code: 890129
This Deck Of Cards Girl Costume includes the dress with attached apron.


Product Code: 11324
This official licensed Princess Fiona Outfit includes dress, wig, and headband.

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from £21.99

Product Code: 889549
This ladies Princess outfit includes: blue, red and yellow dress with corset, cape, sleeves and headband.

Was: £29.99

Product Code: 889553
This 4-Piece Sweet Alice Costume for ladies includes dress, corset top with skirt and apron, sleeves and headband.


Product Code: 18158
Walk down the yellow brick road in this official licensed Dorothy Dress from Wizard Of Oz, This Dorothy Costume includes: Blue Gingham Dress...

Was: £20.99

Product Code: 890166
This Kansas Cutie Costume includes the dress.


Product Code: 890801
This Queen of Hearts Fancy Dress Costume includes dress with petticoat, holdups, and gloves.


Product Code: 15709
This Sexy Red Riding Hood Costume includes dress and cape.


Product Code: 890125
This Sexy Red Riding Hood Dress includes dress and hooded cape.


Product Code: 892563
This Adorable Alice Costume includes dress, apron and headband.


Product Code: 891237
This official licensed Adult Cinderella Costume includes dress and choker.

Was: £34.99

Product Code: 889657
This Fallen Pixie Costume includes pink and black dress, wings, sleeves and choker.


Product Code: 10286
This Golden Princess Costume includes the dress only.


Product Code: 892432
This Official Licensed Ladies Rapunzel Costume includes the long purple dress.


Product Code: 890805
This Alice Longer Length Dress includes dress with petticoat, and holdups.

Was: £31.99

Product Code: 20897
Come on ladies 'Don the Fever Bo Peep Sexy Costume - which includes dress and hat - and all your sheep will stick around! Great for you fema...


Product Code: 18646
This official licensed Plus Size Dorothy Outfit includes dress with attached blouse, and hair bows.

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Ladies Fairytale Fancy Dress

If you are looking for an adult fairytale costume then you've come to the right place. Our range includes a Snow White costume which is the official licensed long dress with a cape, we also have shorter sexier versions. We have many different designs of an Alice In Wonderland costume and Queen of Hearts costume again from the official licensed to the short and sexy. Other than Disney we also have fairytales from books and fables including different versions of a Red Riding Hood costume (watch out for the Big Bad Wolf!) and a Goldilocks costume from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Did you know that The Wizard of Oz is classed as the first American fairytale? Making our Dorothy costume perfect for your fairy tale party!

Add some of our accessories to complete your costume. We have a range of wigs, face paints, bags, and jewellery which will ensure that you are all set and ready to go to your party!

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I'm very impressed with the victorian outfits I ordered the other week for the kids and am looking forward to my outfit arriving in the next few days for my friends 40th birthday bash. Thanks for such a huge collection on your website :0)

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