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Fashion Lenses are a great way to enhance your fancy dress look. We stock a range of coloured contact lenses in all styles so whatever costume you're looking at buying there'll be a product for you.

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Coloured contact lenses

Some people like to go the extra mile; if you're one of these people, consider buying a pair of our great fashion lenses to complement your fancy dress look. We have a great range of fashion lenses so who or whatever you're dressing up as, you'll be able to find a pair that really suits the look you're going for. From pure white lenses for that trademark zombie look to the bullet contact lenses for a crazed psychopath costume, scroll up to find everything we have to offer you. Or for a feline look to be proud of, the bright yellow cats eyes contact lenses will not disappoint. We think you'll really love wearing coloured contact lenses - they really do add that special something to your outfit. After all, the eyes are the window to the soul, so change your soul for one fateful night with a pair of stunning fashion lenses.

Check out our full range of crazy lenses - we even stock a sterile contact lens cleaning solution to ensure your eyes remain healthy and bright throughout. All our contacts are versatile and long-lasting, as you can wear them for up to 30 days (but not overnight). Buy your cosmetic lenses today and get the realistic fancy dress look that others can only dream of.

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Would just like to say you are the most amazing company ever ! ordered an outfit at 3.20pm yesterday and had it standard post it arrived at 10 am this morning !! will definitely recommend you to family and friends :)

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