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Here's an offer you really can't refuse! Well, actually, there's two. We offer a massive range of the best gangster hats and pimp hats around, so if you're dressing up for a 1920s-themed or a disco-themed party you'll definitely want to keep reading, especially if it's a big party!

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Product Code: 12455
Become the greatest gangster in history with the gangster Al Capone hat.


Product Code: 888533
This particular trilby hat is designed to be worn with the “Fever Gangster Lady Costume” or the “Gangster Costume” however it would look goo...


Product Code: 14649
This black flock gangster hat will ensure everyone knows you're the boss of all bosses!


Product Code: 12454
Pay homage to the Blues Brothers with this awesomely realistic black Blues Brothers hat!


Product Code: 12453
The Blues Brothers are an American blues and soul band who originally formed as a comedy sketch on “Saturday Night Live” before becoming a p...


Product Code: 12465
Very cool Dr Styles lime green velvet pimp hat!


Product Code: 16455
This black Fedora hat looks so smart when worn as part of a gangster costume, but if you're dressing up as a private detective it also looks...


Product Code: 890137
Turn heads in this fashionable adult sized unisex Pimp Hat which is black velour with a leopard print band around the middle and a black fea...


Product Code: 890135
Pimp up your Gangster or Pimp Costume with this adult sized velour Pimpette Hat which is bright pink with a leopard print band and a feather...


Product Code: 890714
This Wild West has is designed to be worn with our Authentic Western Gambler Costume.


Product Code: 888180
Officially licensed Blues Brothers hat - great for music fans!


Product Code: 16464
Cute pink felt adult hat makes an ideal accessory for your gangster girl or dancing girl costume!

Was: £11.99

Product Code: 15269
This Red Hot Mamma Hat is the perfect finishing touch to those funky pimp style costumes! Its also great on its own!


Product Code: 890041
Ska music originated in Jamaica in the 1950s and became popular with British mods in the 1980s. So join the Ska movement with this men’s ins...


Product Code: 15188
Great looking versatile yellow felt fedora hat - perfect for gangsters and pimps!


Product Code: 12456
"You talking to me?!" "No I'm just admiring your hat..."


Product Code: 12467
Perfect for disco fancy dress parties or 1970s style parties, this purple velvet pimp hat comes with zebra print trim.


Product Code: 12468
This Red Hot Velvet Pimp Hat comes complete with smooth zebra print. Can you handle it?


Gangster Hats & Pimp Hats

Enhance the appeal of your gangster or pimp outfit this minute by buying one of your superb gangster hats and pimp hats! We pride ourselves on offering one of the best selections around so you can ensure your hat matches your costume perfectly. That's the kind of authenticity that makes the difference between a great looking costume that people talk about for years to come and the type of costume that quickly gets forgotten about! So make your fancy dress experience the best it can be by buying one of our great gangster & pimp hats. Whether you're dressing up as Al Capone, Tony Montana or the trendiest pimp that has ever existed, you'll find precisely what you need just by scrolling up. Take a look, then buy today for a fantastic price and a superior product!

After all, authenticity should always be top of your agenda when you're wearing a costume because you want to be instantly recognisable and have everyone comment on how great you look! Well, our gangster and pimp hats can help make this a reality, as they are made with realism in mind, and look absolutely great when paired with an appropriate costume. From the sexy pinstripe gangster hat to the weird and obnoxious Dr Styles green pimp hat, you'll find a range of the trendiest headwear around just by scrolling up! So don't delay - take a look at what we have to offer, then buy today for a great price!

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Fantastic service- Ordered a 'corpse bride' costume for my daughter on Tuesday and got it today. My daughter loves it and can't wait to wear it tomorrow. Thank you!!

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