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Add a touch of originality to your outfit with a pair of our fancy dress costumes glasses and shades. Maybe you're dressing up as powerful Neo from the Matrix. Or maybe you're heading to a 60s themed party in a flower power costume. You may even be dressing up in a Top Gun outfit. Whichever of these you're doing, we stock a cool-looking pair of shades to increase your cool factor by 1000%, plus a load of other awesome glasses to suit whatever look you're going for.

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Product Code: 11609
Step back to the Rock and Roll era of the 1950s with these light pink sunglasses which have small jewels on the slightly pointed sides. Thes...


Product Code: 888480
These silver framed Aviator sunglasses with mirrored lenses are far, far too cool for school! Perfect for the authentic Top Gun look.

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Product Code: 11603
Round flower power fashion glasses in a variety of colours.


Product Code: 888806
Groovy 1950s pink sunglasses with black polka dots

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Product Code: 16415


Product Code: 11623
You'll have stars in your eyes with this great accessory!


Product Code: 888181
Far, far too cool for school.


Product Code: 11611
Transform into the King of Rock and Roll with these awesome Elvis Style Glasses! This accessory is essential and will go well with any Elvis...


Product Code: 14634
Peace-themed jumbo glasses for serious flower power fans. Please note these glasses are available in assorted colours so you will receive a...


Product Code: 11625
There are big sunglasses, and there are BIG sunglasses. No prizes for guessing which categories these belong in! Available in a variety of b...


Product Code: 888815
If you were born to be a disco lover, then these Giant Rock Specs are for you!


Product Code: 890301
If you’re looking for an accessory for your Hippy Costume then make sure you add these Peace Sign Sunglasses to your basket! Bright pink gl...

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from £1.49

Product Code: 10365
Show your support for the peace movement with these funky 1960s heart glasses


Product Code: 891071
These 1970s Style Glasses are red with dark lenses.


Product Code: 11621
Great trick glasses with lenses that magically magnify your eyes!


Product Code: 11602
Use this real glass monocle to add an extra dimension to your fancy dress costume.


Product Code: 11624
Get your groovy look on with these groovy man glasses!


Product Code: 11627
Perfect for an authentic Harry Potter costume.


Product Code: 11600
These round shaped metal rimmed glasses do not have lenses. They would be a perfect accessory for a Granny Costume, Grandad Costume, or even...


Product Code: 15154
These round metal glasses have silver rims with no lenses.


Product Code: 16409
Great looking 1970s round specs for hippie costumes. These glasses come in assorted colours.


Product Code: 891055
One pair of black circular sunglasses are included.


Product Code: 891062

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from £1.99

Product Code: 11604
Display your peaceful side for the world to see. Oval shape glasses available in 4 different colours.

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Fancy Dress Costumes Glasses & Shades

Accessorize your outfit with a pair of our best fancy dress costume glasses and shades. We offer a fully-stocked collection of the trendiest glasses and shades around that can be used to add an extra, awesome dimension to your fancy dress outfit. Scroll up today and take a look at what we have to offer - we think you'll love how diverse your selection is. So whether you're dressing up as an old Judge, Neo or a flower power diva, you'll find the perfect pair of eyewear. You'll look great, which means you'll feel great! And when you feel great, everyone wants to be around you, so it's a win-win situation! Don't delay - check out our range of fancy dress costume glasses and shades right now and buy today for a fantastic deal.

Glasses and shades really do make you feel awesome and far, far too cool for school so make sure you check out everything we have to offer so you can complete your fancy dress look and make it reach its maximum potential. We offer competitive prices and an unbeatable service - order today and receive same day despatch and next day delivery options!

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Recently we ordered a Robin Hood and a Wench costume as we were attending a Medieval Banquet. We were very pleased with the quality of the outfits and really looked the part. We were more than pleased with the service of all fancy dress with their promptness with the order and delivery. Thank you very much!
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