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Head to Hogwarts because there's really no cooler place to be. All our Harry Potter costumes look incredibly realistic so everyone will instantly recognise you and you'll feel like a million dollars knowing you're in the persona of some of the most famous characters of all time!

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Was: £24.99
from £19.99

Product Code: 15614
This Harry Potter Costume includes thick black and purple robe & clasp.

Was: £24.99
from £19.99

Product Code: 890221
This official licensed Deluxe Hermione Granger Costume includes a robe and clasp.

Was: £20.99

Product Code: 15605
Officially licensed Harry Potter Blister Kit includes eyeglasses, hooded robe with clasp & wand, everything you need to impress all your fri...

Was: £19.95
from £17.95

Product Code: 15608
This Official licensed Hermione Granger Costume includes long black robe with clasp.

Was: £19.95
from £16.95

Product Code: 888963
This official licensed Harry Potter costume includes black and purple hooded robe.


Product Code: 888904
This official licensed Harry Potter School Robe Hooded Robe and Clasp.


Product Code: 17910
This official licensed Adult Voldemort costume includes long black robe with flared sleeves and mask.


Product Code: 889940
This official licensed Deluxe Adult Harry Potter Costume includes robe with Gryffindor badge and clasp.


Product Code: 15613
This Official Licensed Deluxe Slytherin™ Costume Includes Thick Black Robe With Green Lining And Clasp.


Product Code: 10132
This official licensed Adult Dementor™ costume from the Harry Potter™ films includes mask, and hooded robe with chest piece.


Product Code: 10131
This official licensed Adult Harry Potter Costume includes long black robe with clasp.

from £10.99

Product Code: 17899
This Child Death Eater™ costume from the Harry Potter™ films includes hooded robe with sleeves, and mask.

from £18.99

Product Code: 17908
This official licensed Death Eater Costume includes robe and mask.


Product Code: 17314
This official licensed Harry Potter Quidditch™ Robe includes a thick hooded robe with ''Potter'' logo on chest and ''Potter 7'' on back. Als...


Product Code: 890169
This official licensed Slytherin Robe includes rope and clasp.

Was: £18.99
from £9.99

Product Code: 890222
If you are looking for a different Harry Potter themed costume then this is for you! This official licensed Ravenclaw Costume features a lon...


Product Code: 890067
This adult Wizard Wanda Costume is sexy AND magical, and it comes with a wand included to prove it!


Harry Potter Fancy Dress

Our Harry Potter fancy dress costumes are absolute magic! Dressing up is a time to impress so why not choose a magical outfit that's specifically made to impress everyone at your party? Our Harry Potter costumes can be customised with a massive range of accessories so you can truly personalise your look with wands, cloaks and owls. There's no greater way to explore the incredible world of Hogwarts than by browsing our massive range of Harry Potter outfits and choosing your favourite. From Death Eaters to Dementors we have precisely what you're looking for, so whatever aspect of Harry Potter you're into, you're come to the right place!

Magic and spells will fly at your fancy dress party, so whether you're a fan of Harry, Hermione or even dark Lord Voldemort, you'll find the perfect outfit in our full range of Harry Potter outfits, so don't delay - browse them today! And if you're in a hurry, it's no problem. With same day despatch and next day delivery options it could arrive at your door as early as tomorrow - how's that for a lightning fast owl service?!

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Thank you very much for your excellent service… I received my costume the very next day...... I'm one happy customer, and I'll definitely be back for my next costume!!!

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