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Our range of ladies historical fancy dress is great if you've been invited to a historical party, or even a themed wedding. Our historical fancy dress costumes will make you feel as though you have stepped into a time machine and been transported into the past! Fancy dress historical costumes are great for parties, re-enactments of historical events, or for teachers to wear to school to help their pupils learn about history. Whether it's a general period theme or historical figures fancy dress, we are sure to have something suitable for your event.

Historical Costumes

Our history section includes ladies Medieval costumes, from Shakespeare's Juliet, to Maid Marion and a female Robin Hood costume. We have female Roman costumes which include the traditional toga to the fearsome Gladiator. Our ladies Victorian costumes will give you the look of a poor maid from the Victorian period, destined to wait on the richer folk. We also have ladies Tudor costumes, so step into Henry the 8th's court but be careful not to anger him as you may lose your head! Our ladies Egyptian fancy dress will give you the look of the mighty Queen Cleopatra so you can sail down the Nile in style! Become a formidable Viking by choosing one of our ladies Viking fancy dress, or a 1940s sweetheart in our Ladies World War 2 fancy dress.

Take a look at our Toy Weapons and history themed wigs to add an extra touch to your costume.

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I'm very impressed with the victorian outfits I ordered the other week for the kids and am looking forward to my outfit arriving in the next few days for my friends 40th birthday bash. Thanks for such a huge collection on your website :0)

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