Mens 70s Fancy Dress Costumes

If you've been invited to a musical fancy dress party, check out our diverse range of mens 70s costumes. From the slickest pimp-style outfits around to loud disco costumes, you'll find a huge collection of some of the coolest, most 'out there' products that money can buy.

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Product Code: 890060
This Honey Monster Costume includes a full over head mask, jacket, gloves, and boot covers.


Product Code: 890818
This Mens Groovier Dancer Costume includes the denim effect jumpsuit and mock rainbow shirt.


Product Code: 890530
This official licensed Evel Knievel Costume includes jumpsuit with cape.


Product Code: 889275
With this 1970s style psychedlic Retro Costume you are sure to wow the ladies! This 70's Mens costume includes Shirt with psychedelic patter...


Product Code: 890218
This Willy Wonka outfit includes jacket with attached vest, and top hat.


Product Code: 890211
Become the conniving cartoon character Dick Dastardly in this official licensed Wacky Races Costume which features a long purple button up c...


Product Code: 890100
Zippy is the most known character on the children’s ITV television series, Rainbow. This Zippy outfit includes the yellow bodysuit, yellow g...


Product Code: 890812
This 1970s style shirt has rainbow coloured stripes with a button up front.


Product Code: 10802
This 70's Cop Kit includes PVC gun, shoulder holster, shades, tash, wig & sideburns.


Product Code: 891072
This 1970s Retro Costume includes top and trousers.


Product Code: 889728
Get Groovy in a stylish 70s way with this wonderfully understated Groovy Shirt, which has a 1970's flower design. Kool!


Product Code: 889274
Its time to make like a funky freak and show the world your moves, in this 1970's style Groovy Dancer Costume. This 70s male costume include...


Product Code: 890296
To get that 1970’s style for your next disco themed fancy dress party make sure you have a pair of these Men’s Patchwork Flares. Item inclu...


Product Code: 14229
This official licensed Shaggy™ Scooby Doo costume includes shirt, trousers, wig, and goatie beard.


Product Code: 890293
You could only get away with wearing this 1970’s Lavender Suit at a 70s themed fancy dress party! 1970s suit includes Jacket, Mock Shirt, Wa...


Product Code: 888021
This 70s pink velvet shirt is perfect for showing off at a disco fancy dress party.


Product Code: 10133
This 70s Rocket Man Costume includes jacket, shirt front, trousers, and tie. The fuller description is as follows: the white jacket has spar...


Product Code: 17263
This official licensed Bungle Costume includes bodysuit, gloves, and head.


Product Code: 891972
This official licensed Deluxe Kiss Catman Costume includes jumpsuit with attached boot tops and mask.


Product Code: 890101
This official licensed George Costume comes from the popular ITV Rainbow television series. This George Outfit includes the pink bodysuit, p...


Product Code: 890354
This Mens Punk Costume includes the Jacket, top and trousers.


Product Code: 890800
This Mens Super Trooper Abba Costume includes the shirt and trousers.


Product Code: 890825
This 1970s Leisure Suit Costume includes the Jacket with shirt front and trousers.


Product Code: 16690
This official licensed Captain Caveman Costume includes overhead tunic with cape.

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Mens 70s Costumes

Been invited to a disco party? You're about to have some serious fun; disco parties are the coolest, most wacky parties around. But to make the most of them you'll need a crazily 'out there' costume that will turn heads from the minute you walk in until the minute you leave. And if you want to do just that, you've come to the right place, as we stock a phenomenal range of mens seventies costumes that'll have you boogeying the night away in seconds.

Dazzling, pimping, bright -- no-one will be able to take their eyes off you, and because we stock such a wide range you really can choose a costume that speaks to you. From Disco outfits to cool 70s stylings, you really are spoilt for choice.

A 70s party really is the chance to go crazy, as no behaviour is too much for such an occasion. In fact, we expect everyone who attends to be jumping up and down under the disco ball throwing shapes! So if you've been invited, make a pledge now to have the dance of your life and dance like noone is watching, in one of our super cool mens seventies fancy dress outfits. You really can't go wrong, and with next day delivery and same day despatch you could be holding your brand new pimping outfit as early as tomorrow!

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Just wanted to say thank you for the quick turnaround of my order it was delivered this morning and I am currently sat at my desk at work wearing it to the amusement of my work colleagues!!! ... It is refreshing to receive such good service!

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