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Guys love being the best dressed males at parties! And they love feeling manly, and what makes them feel more manly than dressing up for Halloween as a powerful demon? We stock a great range of mens devil costumes so you can take on the look of Lucifer himself and be the best dressed man at the party!

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The devil is a classic character to dress up as for Halloween and why not? He is after all (according to the bible) the first true villain and root of all evil. His scary depictions and stories make out for a great character for Halloween. Satan is typically seen as a red beast with horns and a trident and due to his obvious connection with hell, fire is also one of his characteristics.

In terms of movies, the devil is a very common character in a lot of different films. The very first movie dates back to an 1896 French movie called The House of the Devil. Since then there has been hundreds of movies involving Satan, demons, and Lucifer although they all come under the category. The devil has taken many forms in movies, for example, The Exorcist which portrays an evil spirit or demon that possesses a young girl. This film terrified audiences around the world. A more stereotypical form of his red, strong, horns and beastly look is found in films such as Legend (Starring Tim Curry) and the popular cartoon comedy South Park The Movie. The character has also been depicted in films such as: Constantine, The Omen and Passion of the Christ as a human character which is obviously a disguise and these movies go for a more creepy and sinister take.

The Devil or Satan (Which is Hebrew for adversary, more specifically Gods adversary) originates from the bible.  In the “Abrahamic religions” (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) many, not all teach that Satan was created by God but fell out with god due to his mischief and seducing humans to sin and becomes known as a fallen angel. Although there are many different takes on Satan's creation the idea certainly did originate from the Christian bible. Not all religions believe in a devil and the only other mentions are in the Hebrew bible and the Qur’an.

There are many different stories involving the devil and he is known worldwide as an evil character and is easily recognised by everyone. Because of this it is obvious to see why it is such a popular and classic character for Halloween and in addition devil costumes can be quite a versatile in the fact that you can have a sinister devil costume or you can have a more light hearted one for whichever mood or party you are going to. You simply can’t go wrong with a devil outfit which will forever be a great Halloween costume. So with this in mind why not check out and choose from a great range of Halloween costumes as well as terrific accessories to go along with your purchase.

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Hi - I just wanted to say thanks. I ordered the girl's Robin Hood outfit online yesterday for my daughter and it has just arrived and looks brilliant. It's a good quality costume for such a reasonable price!! Great service - will definitely recommend you to friends.

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