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Whether its a pirate cutlass, pirate gun or even a pirate hook, we have a fantastic range of pirate costume accessories to choose from. These pirate-tastic accessories are sure to add that authetic pirate look to your costume.

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Product Code: 11715
Well shiver me timbers me hearties! The perfect accessory for your pirate costume, this deluxe pirate sword has a full grip handle.


Product Code: 888684
This fun Inflatable Parrot is 116cm in length and comes in a colourful design consisting of red, yellow, pink, purple, and white. It would m...


Product Code: 889354
Well shiver me timbers me hearties!!- Before ye walk the plank, remember to put on this splendid looking Captain Pirate Wig- This Mens Pirat...


Product Code: 889421
If you’re deciding to dress up as the sexy Captain Jack Sparrow for your next fancy dress party, then this Pirate Facial Hair Set is a must....


Product Code: 890720
This Pirate Bandana is black with a white, gold and red skull and crossbones and chain design.


Product Code: 15138
This pirate hook looks great as part of your unique pirate costume or is an absolute must if you're dressing up as Captain Hook!


Product Code: 890716
Mini Pirate Hat includes Headband.


Product Code: 890719
This Red Pirate Eyepatch is secured to elastic.


Product Code: 15923
The antique skull face pirate sword pairs perfectly with any pirate outfit to turn you into a deadly fighting force!


Product Code: 11653
Ahoy Matey! Become a legendary sea pirate with this curly Brown Pirate Beard. A Great accessory for any Pirate costume!


Product Code: 11654
This awesome curly grey pirate beard is a great addition to your swashbuckling outfit!


Product Code: 889420
Listen in me hearties. If you be looking for a 3 piece pirate beard set, then you've come to the right place! Includes one 3 piece pirate b...


Product Code: 14651
This pirate hat is reserved for Commodores and Admirals only!


Product Code: 14999
This awesome pirate earring and eyepatch will not only help you look the business, but feel the business too.


Product Code: 889418
Aha me hearties! With this Pirate eyepatch with diamonte motif, you are sure to look fearsome and glamorous in equal measure!


Product Code: 17507
Realistic black pirate eyepatch with the skull and crossbones logo


Product Code: 890597
This Pirate Eyepatch features a coloured skull and crossbones.


Product Code: 890723
This Pirate Set includes a moustache and a beard.


Product Code: 890717
Mini Pirate Hat includes Headband.


Product Code: 890721
This Pirate Bandana is black with a white skull and crossbones design.


Product Code: 890543
Long grey adult sized wig with a plaited beard.


Product Code: 890722
This Black Pirate Bandana has a white skull and crossbones on the front.


Product Code: 11652
This dashing black pirate beard will suit every buccaneer from Jack Sparrow to Long John Silver.


Product Code: 12443
This superb looking black velour pirate hat with gold and red trim adds an extra dimension to your pirate costume!

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Pirate Costume Accessories

Thats its lads- make him walk the plank. Just make sure he don't drop those pirate accessories in the sea!! Well shiver me timbers lads, his hook just fell off! Grrrrrr! Fetch me parrot!

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Ordered the Little Dead Riding Hood outfit yesterday morning and it's arrived today. Wow, the outfit is amazing, love it!! ....and the delivery couldnt be better. Thankyou :-)

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