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Thinking of dressing up as a smoking hot femme fatale but don't know where to start? You're in luck, just scroll down! We offer some of the hottest sexy gangster costumes around in a range of styles and sizes so whoever you are, you'll be able to look steaming for your fancy dress party.

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Ladies, its time to muscle in on that Gangster action with this great lookin' Gangster Costume. This 1920's style Gangster Costume includes:...

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Gangster costumes are not just for men! Female gangster fancy dress is becoming very popular. You'll be sexy, sassy and unstoppable. And no-...


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This Sexy Gangster Costume includes the boned corset and skirt.


Product Code: 891046
This Ladies Gangster Costume includes the Tutu Dress.

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Product Code: 888455
Dress to Impress in this ladies 1930's style Fever Gangster Costume, and recreate that cool Chicago Town look. This Fever Gangster Costume i...


Sexy Gangster Outfits

1920s Chicago was a dangerous, fascinating part of American history. Why not step back in time and visit it with one of our stunningly sexy gangster outfits? We think gangsters are such a cool fancy dress choice; they're dangerous, sneaky and very open to interpretation. So you can look steamy all night and act like any gangster you want to be. You could be a quiet, innocent gangster girl or an outspoken, dangerous one, but maybe you have another idea in mind? The choice is up to you. Scroll up for our range of sexy gangster costumes and buy yourself a great outfit today!

Gangster girls really are incredible outfit choices; they're traditional, dangerous and unpredictable, which makes them incredibly sexy too. With our sexy gangster costumes, you get all this and more. So just scroll up and check them out, and don't forget to customise them with our range of accessories, such as handcuffs and gangster hats!

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Recently we ordered a Robin Hood and a Wench costume as we were attending a Medieval Banquet. We were very pleased with the quality of the outfits and really looked the part. We were more than pleased with the service of all fancy dress with their promptness with the order and delivery. Thank you very much!
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