Mens Superman Fancy Dress Costumes

You'd be lying if you said you didn't want to be the Man of Steel! Flight and x-ray vision aside, think of how much attention from the ladies you'll get!

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Product Code: 10208
This official licensed Superman™ costume includes cape, jumpsuit with attached boot tops, and belt.


Product Code: 891681
This Official Licensed Superman costume includes a one piece muscle chest jumpsuit with detailed print, attached boot covers and the cape.


Product Code: 10207
This official licensed Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Outfit includes cape, muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot covers, and belt.


Product Code: 891680
This new Official Licensed Adult Superman Man Of Steel costume includes a one piece jumpsuit with detailed print, boot covers and the Iconic...


Product Code: 16748
This official licensed 2nd Skin Superman Costume includes jumpsuit with cape.


Product Code: 19650
This Official Licensed Plus Size Deluxe Superman Suit includes Superman Costume with muscle chest top, trousers with attached boot tops, cap...


Product Code: 891683
This Deluxe General Zod Costume from blockbuster movie Superman Man Of Steel includes a one piece jet black jumpsuit with moulded armour det...


Product Code: 892480
This official licensed Superman Costume Man Of Steel - Plus Size includes jumpsuit with attached boot tops, and cape.


Product Code: 891997
This official licensed Superman T-shirt includes printed T-shirt and removable cape with printed logo.


Product Code: 892682
This official licensed Superman Onesie includes jumpsuit and cape.


Mens Superman Costumes

Become one of the greatest superheroes of all time with one of our awesome mens Superman costumes. The instantly recognisable blue and red suit will attract all the ladies and ensure you're flirtatiously chatting all night at your fancy dress party. And when it comes to looking great, you really can't beat the muscular curves of Superman, which is why our mens Superman costumes are the best choice for guys who just want to look awesome. We carry a huge range of accessories as well, so you can personalise your Superman outfit as much as you want - from 'iron bars' you can bend to kryptonite shards that you can dramatically push away. For an outfit experience you simply will not forget, have a peek at our male Superman costumes, available right now at truly competitive prices! Do you want a Supergirl costume to go with your Superman outfit? If so, we have a wide selection of Ladies Superhero costumes.

Our mens Superman fancy dress costumes will transform you from human being to colossal superhero in no time at all - just look at that bulging six pack! The ladies won't know what's hit them. And you can be sure that no-one will be in any doubt as to who you've come as in that trademark blue and red suit. All our mens Superman fancy dress costumes are great for superhero parties, New Year's events or even if you're running a marathon and want to stand out from the crowd! You know you want to dress up as the coolest superhero of all time, so don't delay - check out our range of mens Superman costumes and choose the one that you like the best. Then you just have to avoid the kryptonite!

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Looked at loads of websites for fancy dress and I have to say yours is really easy to use and paying was really simple too! Good Work AFD!!

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