Let’s go back to the future and dress in true 80s style.
Get the Michael Jackson look or choose to be a Ghostbuster for the evening, whatever you love about the 80s you will find the fancy dress costume to suit your needs.

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It’s no wonder everyone loves to reminisce about the 1980s, what a great era of music, films and of course those awesome fashion styles that would make some of us cringe while looking through the old photo albums (especially those who sported the iconic mullet hairstyle!) Ladies went for big hair and heavy make-up, jackets with large shoulder pads, brightly coloured clothes and lots of accessories. They took inspiration from stars like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna who were the frontrunners of women’s fashion in the 80s. Madonna’s first album in 1983 brought her style to the masses and soon people were dressing in skirts worn over leggings, fishnet gloves, long beaded necklaces and headbands. Another look popularised by the film Fame and Olivia Newton John in her Let’s Get Physical music video was the dancewear craze which included brightly coloured neon leotards teamed with leg warmers and sweatbands.

For the men we saw a continuation of the punk trend, along with the New Romantic look which was a gothic style seen on stars such as Boy George and Adam Ant. The Miami Vice TV show had men dressing in pastel coloured suits with T-shirts underneath and attempting to grow a moustache Tom Selleck would be proud of! One star who influenced the eighties in a huge way was the king of pop Michael Jackson. With his fedora hat, dark glasses and sparkly glove he moonwalked his way into the record books as one of the most successful acts ever. The 1980’s saw some amazing music concerts including the Magic Tour by Queen in 1986 in which Freddie Mercury wore his famous yellow jacket and white trouser combo. We also had Live Aid in 1985 leading the way for charity concerts.

Not only were we treated to great music and fashion, the decade also brought some of our favourite films to the big screen. Who can forget classics like Back To The Future, Gremlins, The Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters, ET, Top Gun and the continuation of the Star Wars movies to name but a few!

Looking back the 80’s decade would make any fancy dress party a night to remember. There’s plenty to choose from and so many great costumes and outfits to make you feel like you’re truly back in the eightys!

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My friend ordered our costumes yesterday and she just called as they arrived at work this morning! Amazing! Just as well, as my fancy dress event is next weekend and I'd left it last min to order....will definitely use you guys again!

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