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If you’re of our generation then you will remember the truly amazing Michael Jackson video to the song 'Thriller'. This John Landis video was truly amazing and was more like a movie than a music video. Since that time in the mid 80s the vampire has become a truly powerful part of our culture. Classic movies like 'Day of the Dead' have huge cult followings, and even comedians have even turned their hands to making zombie comedies! 'Sean of the Dead' has to be one of the funniest films of the last ten years! And let's not fortget the upcoming release of the exciting new zombie film fest, 'World War Z' starring Brad Pitt.

Zombie Outfits and Accessories

Zombie costumes are a fun and creepy choice for Halloween, if you get the right outfit all you need to do is walk around with your arms out stretched and mumble and the look is complete. But if you want that extra authentic fancy dress outfit the most challenging part is getting the right Zombie costume, whether you are an adult, child, male or female then there is a huge range of options available.

It's no wonder then that zombie costumes have become so incredibly popular nowadays. The range of costumes is fantastic. You can now choose between the classic 'monster zombie' look, as well as some incredibly creative and downright scary looking 'professional' zombie costumes. The Zombie Nurse Costume looks truly terrifying, especially because it's a nurse outfit! And let's not forget the eye catching combination of the American Cheerleader Costume with the American Footballer Costume. To look ultimately scary we would recommend applying some white face paint, and some fake blood as well. Top this off with a pair of white cosmetic contact lenses, and let's just say you wouldn't want to look at yourself in the mirror for too long!

If you are inspired by the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ then you will certainly need to don some 1960’s clothing from tattered and ripped suits to flowered dresses. You will also need some serious dark make-up around the eyes to give you that seriously in need of a sleep look. The later film ‘Dawn of the Dead’ another hugely influential zombie film uses very similar fancy dress attire but this time with lots of added gore and perhaps the odd missing limb here or there!

There are no hard and fast rules on how zombies should look and act, so you can really go wild. Your zombie costume can be terrifying and impressive at the same time, and is fully customisable with a huge range of accessories.

If you would like to go for a slightly more recent zombie outfit then why not try a Shaun of the Dead costume, you can either go as one of the main characters including Shaun the appliance salesman (think white shirt, red tie and a cricket bat) or as one of the countless zombies from the Winchester pub.

One of the most popular zombie costumes is the grave groom zombie costume which is perfect for that Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ look, with its suave but tattered suit and top hat it is a great costume to dance the streets. Don’t forget to add that white and black face paint for that extra effective zombie look. An idea for all those wannabe women zombie’s, the zombie bride costume is a terrifying outfit which includes a full white wedding dress and a veil. This is a great couples costume in conjunction with the grave groom zombie costume making you both stand out at any Halloween party.

There are loads of other great alternative zombie fancy dress themes including the pirate and buccaneer zombie costumes; these add a different slant to your average zomb

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This site is amazing – going to get loads tomorrow for this months fancy dress fun! Great value too!

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