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The Tudor period is one of the most fascinating and magisterial eras of our British History. It gave us the larger then life King Henry VIII (with his retinue of wives) as well as the Virgin Queen herself, Elizabeth I. If it's Tudor Costumes that you are looking for you've come to the right place. We have the widest range of Tudor outfits in the UK, and offer something for all ages, sizes and tastes. As well as stocking mens and ladies Tudor Costumes we also hold a wide range of Tudor costumes for kids. The Tudor theme is very popular at the moment with primary schools as it offers a very rich historical period for children to study. So whether you need a fancy dress costume for your child, or for yourself (for a history themed party) take a look through our range. Just make sure that you don't get locked up in the Tower!

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Tudor Fancy Dress Costumes

The Tudor period ran from 1485 to 1603 , and gave us some of our most iconic figures in history, from Sir Walter Raleigh to William Shakespeare. It gave us the great Renaissance in art and culture and led to a reawakening of the human mind, spirit and intellect. Science also came into its own, and great figures like Sir Isaac Newton helped us to understand the forces of the Universe such as gravity (mind that apple Sir Isaac). With all this discovery and innovation is it any wonder that schools love to study the Tudor period as part of the curriculum? And let's not pretend that its just kids that like to dress up in Tudor Fancy Dress! Adults just love to wear those lush, elaborate Tudor designs! So whatever kind of Tudor Costume you are looking for, be it a Henry VIII Costume or a Queen Elizabeth Costume, you are sure to find the perfect outfit. So quick, put on that Tudor Fancy Dress Costume before the King find you and decides to chop off your head! If you're looking for more 'general' costumes then take a look at our kids fancy dress page.

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Hi - I just wanted to say thanks. I ordered the girl's Robin Hood outfit online yesterday for my daughter and it has just arrived and looks brilliant. It's a good quality costume for such a reasonable price!! Great service - will definitely recommend you to friends.

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