Prosthetics and Special Effects

Ultimate realism awaits you!! Shock all your friends and family with these amazing special effects, guaranteed to get everyone screaming no time at all. From the terrifying blood sucking leaches to the horrible knife through the head you'll find some incredible illusions that'll enhance the horror of your Halloween or scary outfit no end! And after all, if you want to be scary, you want to do the whole thing properly.

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Product Code: 11372
Snazaroo fake blood 50ml bottle.


Product Code: 11374
Water soluble spirit gum is the best way to attach fancy dress accessories to your skin! Bottle contains 2ml.


Product Code: 889997
This latex Broken Bone Scar is perfect for Halloween costumes (particularly zombie outfits) as well as a being a grizzly finishing touch to ...


Product Code: 889795
Grizzzly! This superb looking Slit Throat accessory is just the thing for making your costume even MORE scary! Great for Halloween!


Product Code: 889996
Now if you want to add a REALLY grizzly and scary looking touch to your Halloween costume then check out this grotesque looking 'Stitched-Up...


Product Code: 889994
Now if you really want to take your zombie costume to a whole new level of 'terrifying' then you really do need this Zombie Latex Kit! This ...


Product Code: 889995
This awesomely scary Zombie Make Up Kit includes facepaint, blood capsules and sponge.


Product Code: 889797
Add that extra fierce look to your costume with one of these gashes! Perfect for Halloween costumes or regular costumes!


Prosthetics and Special Effects

Create unrivalled authenticity and a fancy dress experience you won't ever forget with something from our great range of prosthetics and special effects! From the terrifying knife through the head to the blood sucking leaches (definitely not for the squeamish!), we have a great range of awesome accessories that'll ensure everyone remembers you after the party! Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or another occasion you really can't beat our prosthetics and special effects - they take every outfit to the next level, so if you want to become more scary than you ever have you know what to do! Scroll up and see everything we have to offer, then buy today at a great price.

These prosthetics and special effects are a great way to round off your fancy dress look. You'll love it as people watch in horror, and you'll be chuckling inside knowing you've got one over on them! So scroll down right now and see what we have to offer. With same day despatch and next day delivery options, you could receive your order by this time tomorrow!

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